The Edge

Heather Meza was perfect. She had a perfect family, perfect friends, a perfect house, a perfect life.
She was known for her brains and beauty, and her long, brunette hair, sharp blue eyes, and slim figure never hesitated to turn the heads of male or female.
But Heather Meza wasn't happy.
Soon, she met Nathan at a very unexpected time and location. Her heart beats faster when she's around him, and she has never felt this way about anyone before.
What is this feeling she has?


1. Chapter 1

My feet dangled over the edge of the cliff. The sky was clear, helping me see into the open fields below. It was crazy to think that there wasn't always a cliff here, that it was flat ground once upon a time.

That was many years ago, though. When Grandfather's farm was up here, just beside our house. But there was a tornado... and it was swept into the air, all the fruit and veg, the animals, and parts of the ground I now sat on.

I sighed, imagining what Grandfather would say now if he was still with me.

Sometimes I liked to think that the fields below, the fields I was looking at, were Grandfather's. I had dreams about it.
But they weren't. How could they be? There was a tornado; and my Grandfather... My uncle and my aunt... My eyes prickled with familiar tears.

I blinked them back. I couldn't cry, not now. It was the weekend! I was supposed to be happy. But, I felt like something was wrong.

I sighed again, and fell on my back, my feet still dangling off the edge. Birds filled the sky; some were singing beautiful songs, others were just making noises. I closed my eyes. I wonder what they were thinking.


I snapped my eyes open, sat up and turned around.

"Mummy said you have to stop daydreaming all the time!"

It was my younger brother, Roy.

"And she said you're not allowed to sit there, anymore."

I rolled my eyes at him and turned around again. He grabbed my hair.


"I'm telling!" He said, letting go.

"Okay, have fun,"

"Fine... I won't." He decided.

I sighed at him. This would go on forever.

"...If you let my play on your phone."

"I have no games, Roy."

"Yeah, but you have texts..."

I noticed he was holding my phone, scrolling through something.

"ROY! That's private!"

"Ooh, who's Nicholas?" He squealed, tapping on something.

I grabbed my phone from him and stood up, blushing.

Well, there goes my minutes of "me time".

"No, just go tell on me instead," I sighed, rolling my eyes.

I noticed how much I have sighed in the past few minutes and smiled a very fake smile instead.

"Fine," Roy whined. "If you insist."

Just then my phone beeped. It was a text from my friend Natalie.

Party at nine. Hanna's place. Be there.

I didn't reply. My heart began to beat faster again.I got the familiar feeling that some of my friends, aren't really my friends.

I am quite popular at school, and have good grades, I've been told I have good looks, and I'm treated respectfully by my schoolmates.

Sometimes I get the feeling my friends are just with me for "the fame".

I shake off the feeling. There's a party at nine. Yay. I fill myself with fake enthusiasm. I have to go. Yay. It'll be fun. Yay.

I switch off my phone and walk into the house. Now I have to persuade my Mom to let me go.

She was cooking dinner at the counter.

"Hi, Mom,"

"Hi, Heather," Mom replies, "What do you want?"

"Erm... Well, my friends are going to Domino's at nine..."

"Nine? Isn't that a bit late?"

"And you need money?" She turns around to face me.

"No. I was wondering if I could go," I inform her.

"But you're getting pizza...?"


"Then..." She sighed,"I have some spare change."

"So you'll let me go?"

"Yes, just be home by midnight, okay?" She dropped the spare change into my hands.

"Midnight?" If she thinks nine is late, why is she letting me out until midnight?

"Yeah, I know how annoying it is for your mom not to let you go to something. You know, back in my day- there were discos-"

"Yeah, you've told me."

"I know."

I feel annoyed. I was hoping my Mom wouldn't let me go. But nooo. Strict Mom is gone for tonight!

I mumbled thanks and went out of the kitchen. It was seven. Plenty of time to get ready. I groaned quietly to myself.



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