For Better Or For Worse...

Luke Hemmings stumbles upon a pregnant McKinley at the park and you'll never believe what kind of twists & turns they encounter together. It's going to be a wild ride once the baby's born but he doesn't care because with every second spent with her he is falling madly in love. Could she be the one for him? Will he complete her little family? Or will everything fall apart in a chaotic storm leaving nothing but ruin in its wake? Find out for yourself inside of For Better or For Worse... Please like/favorite this story if you find it interesting. It's also on Wattpad. Follow me on here and there for more stories to come. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of this because I love getting feedback and I can't improve as a writer without it.


4. The Room of Her Dreams...

(the bed in the first pic is McKinley's new bed, the room in the second pic is her new room but much bigger & baby blue instead of purple, and the third pic is the walk-in closet but much bigger)


*Luke's P.O.V.*

All I want is for this room to look perfect for her. I had the guys grab some of those lights that hang down & look like stars, some baby blue paint for the walls, a bean bag chair, & stuff to turn her walk-in closet into the closet of every girls dreams while McKinley & I were out shopping. They got here before us like planned & did the painting so that it would be dry by the time we were ready to begin. I texted Ash when we finished loading the SUV so they could have time to clean up any mess they made & be gone by the time we got there. Up until now, everything had gone exactly how I wanted it to. I love these guys to death, I really do, but they can be so frustrating. I have completely finished the actual bedroom, all that's left is the closet. All they have to do is build a little island that's going to sit in the middle of the closet, but they keep arguing with each other on what goes where.


"Guys we have been at this forever now. I wouldn't be surprised if she's out there asleep! Let's just stop being stubborn idiots for 5 minutes & just look at the directions. We honestly have nothing to lose at this point", I groaned from my spot on the bed. "I agree with Luke on this one, mainly because I'm starving at this point", Mikey whined/agreed with me. "Well tell that to Mr. Determined To Fail over here. I was ready to quit the guess work a while ago", Cal chimed in. "You guys are no fun! I almost had it figured out! For the record though, I'm only agreeing to look at the directions because I'm hungry too..." We all rolled our eyes. "Yeah, whatever, let's just get this done & order some pizza", I said sitting by Mikey & Cal.


It took another 45 minutes, but we finally go it put together, all of her shoes put in the shoe rack underneath it, & all of her clothes hung up. She doesn't know it yet, but the dresser we got was for the baby's clothes. We all high fived & hurried to go get her. She was asleep  just like I predicted, so I just moved her to her bed. Mikey was hanging up the  phone when I came back out.


"You guys...I think I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend... Am I insane? I need your opinions." They all just stared at me for what seemed like forever. "Well, that was unexpected. You haven't dated anyone since Aleisha...what changed", Cal asked. "I'm not really's like as soon as I met her, something just clicked. It's only been a day, but she's all I think about", I said smiling to myself as I stared at the floor. "Woah dude you got it bad for this girl! I say go for it, she makes you happy & that's all that matters", Mikey said. "I mean the baby will definitely complicate things, but you that already so the only question that needs answered is are you ready for all of that?" "I stayed up most of the night thinking about that. I may be really young & not a normal guy, but I honestly think I could be a good dad to the little cutie. So I don't think that will be an issue, I mean, I'm great with Ben's kids so why wouldn't I be with McKinley's?" "Well that's good enough for us mate. Go for it, but make sure you wait a little while before you do. Let her get used to you & adjust to her new life." "Well duh Ash! I'd be insane to think she would say yes & not get creeped out after only a day...but I am going to need some help planning that day out from you guys. We'll probably be on tour, so that will make it a little harder."


"Well you know we got your back no matter what Luke. We have to know something is it going to work out having her on tour while she's pregnant & after she has the baby? We all share a bus & it's not like we have daycare options...", Ash said with worry written all over his face. "Well...we always have a medical team nearby because of clumsy, accident prone Mikey...we could just add a baby doctor to that team for while she's pregnant & hopefully we'll be on a break when she has it. If not, I'll fly Mum out to come help out until our next break & we'll figure something out after that...we'll make it work like we always do." They gave me doubtful stares, but didn't get the chance to say anything because the doorbell rang, signaling food was here & waking McKinley up. "How long was I out", she asked, rubbing her eyes & sitting at the dining room table. "A couple of hours I think, but the good news is that you woke up in time for pizza", I said & handed her a plate with a couple of slices on it. "Did you sleep well? We got your room finished finally...sorry it took so long."


"Yeah I slept really well. I cant wait to see this room though...I bet it's awesome! Don't apologize Lukey, you guys were nice enough to completely redo a room in a few hours for me & I really appreciate that", she said smiling as she picked up a piece of pizza off of her plate & began eating. My smile at her nickname for me disappeared as soon as the guys started their teasing. "Awwweee Lukey! I think I see you blushing! Luke & McKinley sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-", Michael didn't get to finish his childish little rhyme because I smacked the back of his head. "Dude....seriously? Are you 5? Ignore my idiot mate over here McKinley...he hasn't outgrown that immature stage in his life yet. I like the nickname, but I need one for you now. How about....Kin?" She smiled, "I like that! Now you'll have to rewrite your little song Michael haha. While you figure out how to make those names work together, let's eat so I can check out my room." I swear this girl is the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with! She's the first girl I've introduced to these guys that can actually handle them. That fact alone makes her soul mate material. "You heard the lady mates, let's eat & give her the grand tour of the room of her dreams!"


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