3. The Party

Your hair and make up is done and you look in the mirror. You look very pretty. Wow! She really is a expert. "Thanks but why do I have to get so fancy, you ask? "Luke says it's a Surprise, she says smiling. You go in the bathroom and and put on the clothes Luke gave you, and walk out. The maid comes in and smiles. She takes you where Luke and his friends are. Once Luke sees you he smiles and walks over to you. "You look very pretty, he says. "Thanks, you say. He continues looking at you. "Lisi  I'm going to have to turn you into a vampire, he says. "Why, I ask? "There are a bunch of bad vampires that want to harm you. It's best if I  turn you so that you could defend yourself. You sigh and nodd. "Okay, you say. Luke smiles. "Cool but I'll turn you after the party, he says. "What party, you ask? "Let's just say it's a party for cool kids, he says smiling.  He goes upstairs and comes back two seconds later. "Here so that people won't mess with you. Especially vampires, Luke says. He puts a vampire neckless around your neck. It's super pretty and has purple diamonds. "Let's go, he says taking my hand. We get in Luke's car and his friend drive us to the party. We get down and Luke takes my hand. It's a creepy place and looks very scary. "Don't be frightened they will love to meet you, he says. Luke rings the doorbell bell. A minute later, someone opens the door. It's a girl. "Hey Luke, she says. "Hey Jessy, he says. "Who's this, she asks with a smile? "Lisia, he responds. "We're going to be great friends, she says nicely. She was very pretty and looked very young. You  smile. "Cool. She takes your  hand and you guys  go inside. She then shows you around. Once that is over we sit down in a chair. "So.. Lisi I thought we could be friends since I hardly make any friends. Well Luke has always been there for me since the first day people were making fun of me, she says looking down. "It's okay. You're nice, pretty, and have good taste in clothes. We'll be really good friends, You say. She looks up and laughs. "Thanks, she says smiling. Your welcome, You say. Where on earth is Luke. He's leaving you with a whole bunch of vampires that want to suck your blood. Jessy gets up. "Im going to get a drink. I'll be right back, she says leaving. You  sit down and wait for her. "Hey, someone says. You turn around to find five boys. Your guessing that they are vampires. "What do you think your doing at a vampire party, one says coming up to me. "Um.. I came here with Luke, you say. "To bad Luke isn't here to protect you, he says grabbing you by the waist. He smirks. "Leave me alone, you say. "Why baby, he says beginning to kiss you. He continues this a little longer until you get a pencil and stab it in his back. He stops kissing you and looks at you. "Is a pencil going to hurt me, he says leaning in again. "Get away from her, Jessy says holding up two steaks. The vampires don't move away from you but just ignore Jessy. "Go back to where you came from nerd, the boys says. "Boy don't talk to her like that. He looks at you and smiles. "Okay, he says winking at you. He still was holding you close. Then Luke comes. "Whats going on,he asks? The boys freeze and don't say anything. Luke walks over and punches the boy in the face.  He starts to hold his nose because now he has a nose bleed. They others  are too afraid so they run. Luke looks at you and gives you a look. "Are you okay, he asks you in a nice way? You smile. "Thanks, you say giving him a hug. You look at Jessy and give her a hug after. "Jessy. If you want you could come over my house with Lisi, Luke says smiling. Jessy smiles. That would be great, she says. 
When you guys leave the party, you get in the car and drive to Luke's house. You guys go inside Luke's house. "Lisi I'm going to have to turn you now, Luke says. "Okay, you say. He sighs and his eyes turn red. His fangs come out. "This will hurt a bit, he say. He runs vampire speed to you and bites your neck. You could feel yourself feeling dizzy. You thought if he bit your neck you wouldn't be dizzy. When Luke is done, the dizziness is over. You feel way different. Like something changed you. Luke smiles. "It's over, he says. "Good, you say smirking. Your phone rings. You had forgot that you even had it. It says It's from Anthony. Why is he calling you ?  You thought you had already explained that you didn't like him. "Hello, you say. "Omg! Lisi are  you okay? You had been gone for like a week. I love you, he says. "It's only been three days and you could live without me. And I thought we've been through this. I don't like you anymore, you say hanging up. You look at Luke. He'd look so cute with his hair back. "What's wrong, he asks? "Nothing. I'm just really hungry, you say. "Okay let's go feed, he says holding your hand. You both run vampire speed into the alley way. You spot a bunch of humans. "Okay wait here, you tell Luke. Luke waits for you while you make your move. 


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