1. The Breakup

You are at your best friends house and you guys are watching a scary movie on the couch. Josh and you are sitting on the couch together. When the scary part is on, you cover your eyes and lay your head on Josh's shoulder. Josh laughs because he thinks your cute when your scared. When the movie is over you were totally freaked out. "That was a good movie Lisi. You just laugh. You both know that you weren't really watching the movie because you were too freaked out. "Lisi do you want to get some ice cream, Josh asks? "Sure, you say. Josh gets the keys and you both get in the car to get ice cream. Just then your boyfriend Luke calls. You answer it. "Hey, you say. LISI  WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU!!! I'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU FOR TWENTY MINUTES !! YOU BETTER NOT BE WITH JOSH AGAIN, Luke says in a angry tone. You nearly get scared as you hear Luke screaming. You don't want to get on Luke's bad side when he's angry. Luke is a vampire and so is Josh. But you've never really seen Josh get mad  before. "I'm sorry Luke. My phone was on silent, you say. "ON SILENT NICE. WHAT WAS IT DOING ON SILENT? OKAY I GET IT. WHEN EVER YOU WANT TO TEXT OR CALL ME, IM GOING TO PUT MY PHONE ON SILENT, Luke says. Why is Luke acting like this? "Okay Luke stop screaming, you say. "ANSWER MY QUESTION. WHY WAS YOUR PHONE ON SILENT, he asks? "Because I was watching a movie, you say. "OKAY I GET IT.YOU WERE WATCHING  A MOVIE WITH YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND INSTEAD OF ME. OKAY ILL JUST WATCH A MOVIE WITH MY NEW GIRLFRIEND, Luke says hanging up. You are really mad. Luke is just being jealous and is having another episode.  You decide to just ignore it and not let it get to you. You and Josh have a great time enjoying ice cream and spending time together. We you guys are done eating ice cream, Josh drives you back to your house. You and Josh get off and you unlock the door. Wait you remember something. Maybe Luke is feeling way better. When you guys walk in you see boxes and your stuff thrown all over the floor. What the!! Luke and Emily come from upstairs. They are holding hands. "Whats going on, you ask? You look at Emily in a ugly way. "What's she doing here, you say pointing to Emily. Luke smiles and begins to kiss Emily on her neck. He then begins to kiss her. He pulls her close and moves his hand down to her butt. Gross!!  You could feel tears in your eyes. You can't believe Josh was seeing all this. You were there feeling so bad and worrying about Luke and this is how he treats you. What a jerk. You run upstairs to your room and lock yourself in. You get your suitcases so you could start packing. You never want anything to do with Luke. You begin to cry. You then hear a knock on the door. You don't answer because your too angry to even think about it.  Once you're half way through your packing, the door unlocks. Josh comes in and locks the door. You are surprised to see him. He could see that you were crying and now he feels bad. "Where are you going, Josh asks? "I might just move back to California, you say. Josh looks surprised but in a sad way. "Please don't move. You could come move in with me, Josh says. I give Josh a look. "Are u sure, you say. "I'm positive, he says.  You smile and give Josh a hug.  Josh looks at you and wipes your tears away. "You deserve better. How dare that little punk treat you like that, he says. You smile. "I guess he isn't what I expected after all, you say. "Well he's not a good boyfriend, Josh says. "That's true, you say.  You and Josh continue packing until your whole room until it is nearly empty. You sit down on your bed and and Josh sits next to you. You lay your head down on Josh's shoulder. "Josh, you say. "Yeah, he says. "I love you and thank you for everything, you say. You and Josh had a thing for saying I love you too each other. It wasn't like a boyfriend and girlfriend type of thing. "I love you too Lisi. And your welcome, he says giving you a kiss on your forehead. You smile and give Josh a hug. Your phone buzzes. It's from Anthony. "Hey, you say. "Hey gurl what's up, he says. "Nothing I'm just with Josh at my house, you say. "Ohh.. Cool. Where's Luke, he asks? "He's downstairs with Emily, you say. "Wait how come he hasn't been answering any of my text, he asks? You sigh. "I don't know Anthony, but I don't feel like asking him, you say. "Oh..  Did you guys have a fight? "Yeah and he broke up with me, you say. "Omg!! I'm so sorry about that. He's  a loser to dump such a pretty girl like you. You're smart,pretty,adorable,kind to others. Man I've always knew that he anger issues. But they've never gotten him this far. Boy!! You need to control it!! If I were him, I would at least regret breaking up with you and apologise. Wait did he, Anthony says. You  start laughing. Anthony had always made you  laugh when it comes to bad situations. Josh and Anthony had been there for you since You first went to Righer Middle School. "No Anthony he didn't apologise, you say.  Ew ugly boy!! You begin to laugh again. "I'm glad your having a good time at me making you laugh. "So do you want to go out for Dinner, he asks? You look at Josh. He was on his phone. You tap Josh on the shoulder. He looks at you. "Do you want to go to dinner with Anthony, you ask  him. "Sure, Josh says. "OK Anthony but Josh is coming too, You say. "Great the more the merrier, he says. "Good where do you want to go, I ask? "I don't know. You pick. Something next to your house, he says. You start thinking of restaurants next to your house. "Oh. What about The Cheese Cake Factory, you say. "That sounds good to me, he says. "Cool I'll be there in ten minutes, you say. "Cool, he says hanging up. "We're going to The Cheese Cake Factory, you tell Josh. "Ok. You both get up and get your suitcases. You then go downstairs and get your other stuff you need. You get your car keys and both of you leave. There was something about Anthony that you liked. He was cute and nice. He was very popular at school and he would make you laugh. But for some reason you had feelings for him. If you were to ever date him for som reason things would be way different. When you get to the restaurant, you and Josh go inside. You then see Anthony and some of his friends. Anthony sees you and runs up to you. He picks you up and spins you around in the air. Anthony's friends come behind him. "Lisi!! I've missed you so much. I couldn't stop thinking about you when I was on tour, he says still spinning you. When he puts you down, you could barely feel your stomach.  "Anthony. You FaceTimed me every day, you say smiling. You haven't seen him in literary three months because he was on tour. He looks way cuter. He picks you up and spins you around again. You smile. He really misses you. He puts you down. "I'm so glad Luke isn't here because he would of been giving me glares if he saw what I was doing to you right now, he says laughing. You laugh also. He smiles at you and winks. You could feel yourself blushing. "Oh Lisi my friends might be joining us also. Is that okay with you, he asks? "Sure, you say. Josh smiles. Even if Anthony is showing you a lot of attention he'd still be cool with it. After all, he had a girlfriend. You all go to a table and sit down. You sit next to Anthony and one of his friends. The waiter comes and you guys order your drinks. Anthony smiles at you and puts his arm around you. Anthony has been acting very weird lately. He's been acting very flirty around you. Maybe he likes you. "Are you ready for school tomorrow. It's the first day of school, you ask him? "As long as I see you then I won't complain, Anthony says smirking. "Aw your so sweet Anthony, you say. Anthony starts blushing and smiles. 

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