2. Taken

When you get to school the next day, you see Josh and his girlfriend. He says hi to you and continues talking to her. You smile and walk over to your locker to put your things away. Anthony comes with his friends over to your locker. "Hey Lisi, he says giving you a hug. Luke and his two best friends come over to you. "Hey, Luke says coming next to you. You give him a weird look. You just ignore him though. Boy if you don't get away from me there's going to be issues. "So do you have plans tonight, Luke asks? What kind of pathetic question is that. "Yeah with someone else who's not you, you say smiling. Luke looks at you in a surprised way. "Oh...Who, he asks? "Is that any of your concern after what you did to me yesterday, you say. Luke rolls his eyes. "A little kiss. Come on! That won't hurt, he says. You look over at Anthony and smile. Anthony was totally confused about what was going on. But he knew what Luke had did. So he just plays it off. He walks up to you and puts his arm around your waist. "Yeah we have plans tonight right babe, Anthony says. You smile at Anthony. "Yeah, you say giving Anthony a pop kiss.  Luke smirks. "Ok I know where this is going. Lisi you may be a good actress but it's not working. You guys can stop pretending to like each other, Luke says. You give him a look. "Who's pretending. I actually really like Anthony. I've have feelings for him for a long time now. He's actually way sweeter than you, you say. Anthony smirks and can't  believe You just said that. Anthony turns you around so that You could be face to face with him. He smiles and begins to kiss you. You  never knew that this would happen. But it did. "The only thing I have to say is.  We're a couple right, he asks? You smirk. "Yes Anthony, you say. Luke gives you a nasty look. "This isn't right. You  guys aren't a couple because I say so. This relationship is fake, he says. "The only thing that's fake is your relationship with  Emily. You actually brought her in to make me jealous. You never really like her. I remember when you kept on talking trash about her that she was too ugly. Yeah good luck with that. You hold Anthony's hand. "Excuse me but we have to go to class, you say smirking. All you heard from behind you was the boys saying "Ohhh" You left him speechless. When you get to math class, you can't stop thinking about Luke and what he'll do. He's really mad. And when he's mad, you'll have to do what he says. Anthony doesn't have the same class as you but Luke does. You looked at Anthony's schedule and he has Gym, which stinks. You overheard Luke saying that he has math too. You sit in the back. Once people start showing up, you see Luke. He smirks and sits next to you. You smile and get up to sit somewhere else. Then Luke's friends stop you. "Your not going anywhere, they say. "Oh yeah. Are you in charge, you  say moving them out the way and start to walk away. One of them grab your wrist. What the?? You look at everyone in the class to see if they're watching this. They must be blind. They're to busy paying attention to their phones. Luke smirks and gets up. They take you to the locker room. You try to run but their grip is to tight. They lock the Gym doors. Where are the teachers. Luke should be expelled for what he's doing. They sit you  on a bench and hold you there. "What's going on, you ask? "What does it look like? We told you that you're not going anywhere, one boy says. You look at him. Shut up! Luke smiles and looks at you. "What should we do with you, Luke asks? "Nothing you should let me go, you say. Luke smirks and walks over to you. He covers your mouth and begins to sniff your neck.  "I wonder what it feels like to turn into a vampire. Oh wait should i bite you, Luke asks? You shake your head no. He begins to kiss your neck. His eyes tun red. "You blood smells like... Sweetness, he says. As he's about to bite you, the Gym doors open. Anthony and his friends come in. You look surprised. He runs vampire speed and pushes Luke across the floor. Josh and his friends come in also. What is everyone doing here? But it's good. Wait Anthony's a vampire!! Omg! This whole time you  thought he was a human! It's like twenty against three. Luke and his two friends. Luke just smirks and and gets up. "Do you know who I am, Luke asks smiling? He snaps his fingers and instantly your  next to him. Luke's two friends run vampire speed to Luke. Luke snaps his fingers again  and your away from the school. Far far away. You're in the forest. No one will find you and no will see you. When you arrive at Luke house, it's very big. There are flowers and roses around the house. Luke opens the door and you guys walk inside. It's so pretty inside. There are maids cleaning. Once they see you, they wave and smile at you. "Why am I here, you ask Luke? "Luke just smiles at you and points to one of the maids. One of the maids come over to us. "Get her washed. Do her make up and hair. I left her clothes on the bed. The boys take you to a bathroom. Then they leave. "Go take a shower.      I'll wait for you outside. Your clothes are in the bathroom. You go inside and lock the door. You take a shower and bathe yourself and wash your hair. When you are done you put on a robe. You look at the clothes Luke gave you. What the? There's a leather jacket with your and Luke's name, white flow-ie shirt, and black jeans. How does he know what size you  am? You  unlock the bathroom and walk out. The maid takes you to a room where there's a girl in there.    She smiles and the maid leaves you in there with her. "Okay Lisi. I'm going to do you hair and make up. I'm a expert at this stuff. Luke wanted to hire a vampire instead of a human. Don't ask why because I don't know, she says. Why are we they  trying to get you pretty? But you just smile and walk over to the chair.

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