Heart of Fairy tail

Their ounce was a girl who dreamed of being in Fairy tail her wish cam true but it came with a price....her life


10. Visiting home

Natsu's pov-

             I went to look for a cure but I stopped at Lucy's old house. "Happy look around for something that could help us." he nodded and flew off well I walked to her desk. Her keys were sitting their along with a book. "A book?" I was a bit puzzled but then I remembered she had been writing a book and she finished it finally and gave it to Levy to read so then why was their a book here. I took a peak and saw that it was her diary of all the things that had happened in fairy tail.

             I made sure Happy wasn't looking and put the book and the keys in my  bag. "Find anything Natsu?" Happy asked as he walked out of another room. "No, Nothing. Let's just head home." I went out the window. "Aye sir!" Happy yelled and followed me.

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