Heart of Fairy tail

Their ounce was a girl who dreamed of being in Fairy tail her wish cam true but it came with a price....her life


1. The beging

Lucy's pov-

           It was the battle of guilds and Fairy tail had fought with all they had in them. We were winning for awhile with the help of other guilds. We didn't lose any one which was a relief. "We did it!" I heard my guild cheer in victory. Natsu jumped in the air excitedly. "Yeah, Don't mess with Fairy tail punks!" I smiled seeing how happy they all looked.

        How ever it wasn't over yet. The ground started to shake and we had a new villain to fight. "Let's do this guys." I yelled and the others cheered. Getting my keys ready I noticed it was a dark guild. 'This won't be an easy win...but I will protect my friends!' I told my self as the battle started. We fought long and hard but soon it was just me. I could feel my guild cheering me on so i gave it my all. "Lucy sacrifice me!" Aquarius shouted out to me as a beam of light came at me. I knew that if I didn't do anything my guild and friends would die.

         I looked at Natsu with tears. "I'm sorry this had to be our last adventure." Natsu looked at me with tears in his eyes and screamed for me stop but I didn't listen. I smiled at my guild for the last time and walked in front of them as I closed Aquarius gate and got hit with the beam. Natsu was the one that caught me as everything went black and the last thing that I heard was him talking. "I'll never forget you Lucy..." Then everything went black.

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