Heart of Fairy tail

Their ounce was a girl who dreamed of being in Fairy tail her wish cam true but it came with a price....her life


13. Moutians and spells

Natsu's pov-

            We traveled to the mountains and got red Lilly and purple moon drop. "Okay Happy let's go!" Happy picked me up and flew me back to the village were we went to a village elder. "Can you make a cure to wake sleeping beauty?" I asked the old man. "I can young man." He said and I smiled giving him the ingredients needed. "Lucy it's really happening. Were going to wake you and go on more adventures."

            A couple hours later he came out of the back with a vile with the cure inside. "Have her drink this and she will wake.How ever to activate the spell you need true loves kiss." I nodded and looked down taking the vile. "I'm coming Lucy!" With the cure me and happy ran out of the village. 'I swear that this time were coming to save you. The spell will brake soon and we can go on quest together and laugh at the guild hall. Just like old times Lucy!' I thought and started to cry again but I stopped my self. "No I shouldn't cry any more. Lucy will want to see happy faces." I told my self and kept running resting at night fall to sleep.

Lucy's pov-

Day 110: I'm sure of it now. Natsu is my true love. My heart races when ever he's around me. I wish I could tell him about my feelings. Sadly I don't think I'll get the chance. Carla say's tomorrow I'll die but my friends will live on. I may be dead but my friends will live on. That's good enough for me. Natsu if you find this and read it when I'm gone. Know that I love you...

Natsu's pov-

            I smiled at the last sentence she wrote and saw the photo we had all taken in front of the guild hall on her first day here. "Yeah, Lucy I love you too...More then you could ever know!" I said to myself and fell asleep with a warming feeling in my heart for ounce.



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