Heart of Fairy tail

Their ounce was a girl who dreamed of being in Fairy tail her wish cam true but it came with a price....her life


16. Fairy tail ending

Lucy's pov-

          I felt so sleepy but sill someone wanted me to wake up. My cheek felt wet but I felt so warm inside. "Na-Nat-Natsu..." I said softly as I opened my eyes. "Why...are...you...crying?" He looked at me and smiled through tears.

Natsu's pov-

            My name was being called so I looked up to Lucy was awake. I gave her a bit smiled thought I was crying. "Lucy you woke up!" I yelled happily. The rest of the guild came running side. I was pushed to the side as every one hugged Lucy in tears. When they where done Lucy came to me. "I thought you might like your keys back." I held them out to her and she took it with a smile. "Thank you Natsu."

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