Heart of Fairy tail

Their ounce was a girl who dreamed of being in Fairy tail her wish cam true but it came with a price....her life


2. Dream

Natsu's pov-

            I saw a girl smile at me holding out her right hand to me. "Natsu look! I got my guild mark!" She said I a cheery voice. I found my self crying as the image  changed. "I'm sorry Natsu. This is going to be our last adventure together." I reached out to her in tears. Then I woke up my hand in the air trying to grab on to the memory.

            "Natsu are you okay?" I looked aorund my bedroom until I saw Happy. "Yeah, just had that dream again." I said and sat up wiping tears. The last time I had cried like this was when Igneel left and yet here I was crying again over a dream. "Come on Natsu let's head over to the guild" I nodded and followed him but every where I looked I saw the girl from my dream. "Who are you...?" I asked softly as I walked with Happy flying by my side.

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