The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy,the father of the dark lord,but what happpens when he befriends with his father's Enymy?Thomas embarks on a journey in the 5'th year of Harry Potter,Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger's life,keeping his father at bay about sectrets he is never to tell.....


5. Thomas's wand

It has been 2 weeks since Thomas got his mission.His trunk was already packed and all that now was needed.His suplies.

Aunt Narcissa was taking him to diagon alley.They went threw the shops pretty fast.Until they came at Ollovander's.

Mr. Ollivander stood behind the counter as they entered and he looked up.

"Aah miss Malfoy  Veela hair yew wood 12 inches.Great for dueling.And what could I do for you today?"

"A wand for my youngest!"lied Narcissa.

"Aaah of course!"he exlaimed walking to one of the walls and pulled out a smaal box

" Bassilisk horn.11 inches  the wand of Sallazar Slytherin!"

"Wow!",is all that Thomas could say.

He took it from the box and gave it a wave.Green smoke whirled out and formed snakes of smoke.It surouded him.Warmth spread threw his body Green sparks flew in all directions.

When it came to a stop.Ollivander said."It is yours.11 galleons  and 24 knuts!"

Narcissa paid and left.

Authors note:

Hey!I am the snow owl!I want to tell you please coment and follow me.

I saw on Wikia Harry Potter  that Basilisk horn is in the Wand of Sallazar slytherin

I Hope you all like it andplease be on the look out for the next chapter...



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