The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


4. Thomas's Mission and his answer

Thomas gasped.He coun't believe his father.

"Could you please ellaberate."Thomas asked

"You doubt me,Thomas",asked his father icy.

"No,no.Not at all.I just want to know what you ask of me?"

"In that case,... I will arrange the meetings around youre school work..I would not Crucio you in meeting neither curse you.But..I will take care of you afterwards....."

'Oh..In what manner?"

"Like I said,Thomas.I wouldnot Crucio you or stun,hex or curse you."

"Thank you.Father.I aprecate it."

"Thats's good...Your see I give you a mission.You are going to get Harry Potter's Map.The marauder's Map!"

"Father how?.",gasped Thomas sinking into a chair.

"That is for you to decide.But I do give you your Great Great grandfather's cloak of invisibility."

His father said levating  a silver cloak to him.

"you are dismissed."said his father.


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