The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


1. Thomas

"Aaah!",screamed Bellatrix.The Sweat on her forehead was in damps.Another came and another.For a Brief moment they stopped.

"Come on,Bella.Come on almost there!"said Narcissa.There was another scream and the there was silence.A faint cry of Infant came and Narcissa.Held a Baby,wrapped in white cloth.

"its a Boy.. Bella.Its a Boy."gasped Narcissa.Bella took the Boy and said,"Tell our Lord that he can enter."

"I will"replied Narcissa.She stepped to the door and left Bella alone.Bella lay in a Four poster Bed.In the Riddle Mansion.The room was maide out of gray stone.

Suddenly the great lord Voldemort entered the Room.

"My Lord.I presentyou your Heir."she said.she held out the tiny Baby.He took it and looked at the child.It had a slender face and Large brown eyes.

"Tonight I Name you,Thomas Marvalo Black,My Heir!",he said.

Bellatrix looked at the scene playing of infront of her eyes.

He gave the Tiny Infant to Her and said,"This is my Heir.Thank you.Bella.I can not ask for more!You are truly my most Faithfull servant!"




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