The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy,the father of the dark lord,but what happpens when he befriends with his father's Enymy?Thomas embarks on a journey in the 5'th year of Harry Potter,Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger's life,keeping his father at bay about sectrets he is never to tell.....


6. The journey to The Hogwats express

The morning of the first september  was a morning of Choas.

"Come on Thomas let's get you to the manner!"Said his mother.

Lord voldemort came flying own the steps to bid his son goodbey.

"You are leaving!Just cauth at the nip of time!!",Voldemort whipped

"Yes father we are leaving."

"Then bid me goodbey.", he said huggin his son.

"BEy dad!"

"Good day son."he said Thomas stepped into the fireplace and yelled,"Malfoy mannor!!"flames whirled up and he dissapeared.


"Ready draco?Thomas wil be here any minute!"said Lucuis

"Yes fathe-"but draco was interupted by the fireplace roaring and a sudden figure steppe out!Thomas was full of ash.

Lucuis waved his wand and cleaned the poor boy."

"Now the Taxi wil be here in a minute.There was a sudden toot at the door.

Well then that must be it then."said Narcissa.

Lucuis bid the three of them goodbey.They took their bags and Thomas 's new owl Sallazar to the door.But instead Lucuis took the owl and said.

"Hogwarts!" and the bird fluttered out.


As Thomas leaped out of the darkness he saw the blach steamtrai,The hogwarts express!

Thomas and draco leaped onto the train with out a bother!


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