The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


7. Sitting at an odd place.

Thomas was left standing in the empty hallway.Draco left him to join the  rest of his group!..

Thomas started to walk to a cabin.Suddenly he saw a girl with long hair brown and readng a book.Next to her sat a Red headed boy. .And across of him sat a raven hared Boy....Harry Potter!Then the red haired boy must be Ron weasley.And The girl must be  Hermione Granger..Danger!

Thomas 's toughts was interupted by Hermione that yanked the door open and asked,"What do want?"

"UHm...Just a place to sit?..";he said

"Hold on a minute,will you?"

"Yes sure!"he said and hermione closed the door.

He could se hermione asking ron and Harry.Harry seemed to understand but ron was mot so keen on the idea!Finally Hermione came to him and aid in  a much friendlier voice,"You could come in!"

Thomas gone to sit with the golden trio.

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