The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


8. Second Toughts about it

"So Thomas ,Who 's your're father?"asked Harry

what now!What about the truth.Must I tell!What will their reaction be?!

"Uhm,Harry ..Will you hate me if I tell you about this?""asked Thomas

"Well turns out who you  want to be.",stated Hermione.

"Well then here it goes:I am the son-of-lord-Voldemort-and-bellatrix-lesrange!"

The cabin was dead silence,then Thomas spoke,"And I'm a Death eater!I do not know why i chose the dark mark.I do not know if i really really want to be on.I-I-I ......"he explained

Harry spoke at last,"Are you cunning?'

"No!I was never!"

"Are you brave,daring,chivalry?"

that 3 are the chareterictics of  giffindr!He his brave is Chivalry!He A GRIFFINDOR!

"Yes,....I'm a Griffindor.I'm a Griffindor!

Author's Note:

 S we kind of have bit of a weird comination.

1.Thomas's Owl is Sallazar named after Sallazar Slytherin

2.Thomas's wand is sallazar's wand

3.He is a griffindor!\

Weird.What isThomas's House then?

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