The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


3. His Father's Question

"Enter!",said a Voice

The door opened and Thomas stepped in.

Lord Voldemort was in a Leather chair  at a gaint window.Behind his desk.
His white face shone in the candellight.His nose less face wasn't scary at all.

"Thomas,you have been acepted at Hogwarts!I have mission for you.",said his father.

"Whatever the mission is I acept it.",Thomas exlaimed

"Are you Sure.Its a rather difficult one!"agreed his father.

"Yes fathe,I am sure.Indeed I want to know what it !!",Thomas said exited.

"Calm down.Be patien.I will tell you in a minute.At next thursday I will let you into our ranks.You will be a Death eater.Do you exept my offer?...." asked the Dark lord


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