The Heir of Him

Thomas is a boy with a mission for his father voldemort.But what is Fernir Greyback up to.........


2. 11 years later

Thomas grew up  in the riddle mansion,most of the time.He was at his 11'th birthday a fine boy.With a pale Face and slender body.He looked trough his window.The dark sky lit with stars.The Full moon was shining bright.

That means that Bloody Greback will be huning tonight!He hope the wolf does not find his way in.Altough his father wil kill it without batting an eye.Suddenly he saw a  owl  comming  in for his window.It was brown and big.Its masjestic wings flapped up and down.He opened the door.Standing aside  to letting it in.It flew in and dropped the letter on the floor.Turning without resting flying trough the window,up in the night sky.He looked at the letter.It is a Hogwats letter!

He opened the envelope and read the letter.As he finished the last sentence ther was a knock on the door.

"Yes.Who is it?", Thomas asked.

"You're father wants to see you in his office.Now!",said Bellatrix trough the door.

"Thank you mother.I will be there in a second!",he repleid

"Remember your manners!You're father is in a bad mood!",said Bellatrix.


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