Just Another Fairytale

This is a story about a girl named linzy Harper and when she met Luke Hemmings will her world be turned upside down find out in


3. Shopping

Linzy's P.O.V


     I was awoken by the smell of muffins and the sound of my sister's squeal's. "Shut the fuck up Stacy!!" I yelled down the stairs.


"No you shut the frig up" She yelled back to me. I Iooked at the time it was 8:00 A.m I smiled.


"We're leaving at 8:30" I yelled down the stairs. I finally got up and walked down stairs.

***at the mall***

We went to Rue 21 I tried on the first dress "I don't like it it's not pretty enough" Sibreana said.


"OK I'll try on the next one"  I put it on and looked in the mirror "I don't like this one I'm not gonna show you" I said


"K put on the next one" Sibreana said I put on the last one and walked out "you look ... Wow that's the one get it now." She said. It looked like this:

     We then went to JCPenney to find Stacy a dress. We looked around and found 2 she tried on the first one and didn't like it so Sibreana and I didnt get to see it she then tried on the second one and come out "It is perfect they'll love it" Sibreana squeeled and looked at Stacy. It looked like this:

     We then went to the food court for lunch and talked. "So I'm I the best for buying 5.s.o.s tickets for you??" I asked Stacy.


"OK first of it's pronounced '5SOS' get it right and, yesss!!!" She squeeled. I rolled my eyes at her. It was1:00 we decided to go home and get ready I just took a shower, shaved, got dressed in my dress, knee socks, and combat boots and, lastly I did my hair and makeup. I looked in the mirror and when I was happy I walked out of the bathroom. "Took ya long enough" Stacy said dressed and just needed for me to do her makeup and hair. I just laughed. When I was done she smiled and yelled "To the car"

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