Just Another Fairytale

This is a story about a girl named linzy Harper and when she met Luke Hemmings will her world be turned upside down find out in


4. Meet & Greet

A/N : ok guys its official im 5sos trash 


Linzy's P.O.V

***At the meet and greet***

We just walked into the meet and greet room. I walked up to the group in the middle-that I think was the band-and noticed a blonde that was taller than me, I was surprised that he was so tall "Hi I'm guessing your Luke?" I asked not sure who was who.


"Your right, but not to be rude or anything do you even know who we are?" He asked with a chuckle.


"Nope no idea who you or anyone else in this room is" I said completely serious but he just started to laugh. "What's so funny?" I asked.


"Oh nothing just why would you buy meet and greet tickets if you had no idea who we were?" He laughed.


"Cause this pain in the a-butt won't shut up about it" I said pulling Stacy over to me.


"H-hi L-luke" Stacy studdered. 


"Why hello what is your name" He said getting down to her level.


"Stacy, Stacy Harper" she said "and this is Linzy my sister" she said.


"Well help me out please and get me your pretty sister's phone number" he said smiling. I then blushed.


​"You heard the man, give him your number! "She said.


"Why don't you go over to Michael?" I asked and she sighed.


"Do you even know how Michael is" Luke asked me.


"No but i'm guessing that's him" I said pointing to a red haired fellow.


"Yep and that's Calum" he said pointing to a tanned boy.


"So that means that's Ashton?" I asked pointing to a boy wearing a bandanna.


"Yep" He answered.


"But uhh give me your hand and I'll give you my number" I smiled and looked to find Stacy she was now talking to Calum.


"Here you go" he said giveing me his hand I wrote it on his wrist so that it looked like a bracelet. "Aww it looks so cute thanks" he said .


"Welp call me when ever OK?"I said.


"Ok" he said with a grin on his face. I walked over to Stacy who was smiling like an idiot.


"Ready to go???" I aasked her


​"Yeah" she said with a sigh 


"Wait I almost forgot." I walked over to Luke "Can I get a group pic for my friend?" I asked


"Sure, Mikey,Ash,Cal, this is linzy she wants a group pic OK"


"Ok" Calum answered. I took the picture and then left.

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