Just Another Fairytale

This is a story about a girl named linzy Harper and when she met Luke Hemmings will her world be turned upside down find out in


2. Happy birthday lil' sis

Linzy's P.O.V

     It was Stacy's 17th birthday and I just got her a present I think she'll and I quote "love it" so much. She literally said she'd love it if she got to go to a 5.S.O.S meet and greet and concert so I had an extra $2000 laying around-I am so kidding I saved up since I got my job so she'd shut up-so I got some tickets for them. I just got home."Mom I'm home!!" I yelled when I opened the door. 

"Oh goody go and pickup the cake from the store" She replied making me groan and walk back out to my car. I figured that I might as well get a card so I have something to put the tickets in.this is what the cake looked like:

***skip to birthday party***

"OK now open your presents cause I gotta be somewhere" I said after she blew out her candles.


"Ok fine I'm opening your's last" she said like it wasn't gonna be good.


"OK saveing best for last I see" I said with a smile that she fell for. She then grabbed it and then stuck her tounge out at me. She opened it and her face suddenly lit up with excitement.


"How did you get these I thought they were sold out?!?" She asked


"Let's just say Sibreana really wishes you a happy birthday and I have to be super nice to Luke" I laughed.


"Your the best" she said then hugged me.


"Well I gotta go see ya later suckers" I said and left go Sibreana's house to tell her thank you for the tickets and to pay her back.

***skip to Sibreana's house***

"Here you go $1800 like we agreed" I said handing her the money


"The rest will be paid in smiles." She said. By that she meant pictures.

"What are you wearing to the concert" She asked


"I don't know​" I answered "we're going shopping tomorrow"


"OK well see you tomorrow" She said as I was leaveing.


"You too, bye"  I relied and left.

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