Just Another Fairytale

This is a story about a girl named linzy Harper and when she met Luke Hemmings will her world be turned upside down find out in


5. Concert

Linzy's P.O.V

***During the concert***

    They played a couple of songs and then Luke pulled out his phone "OK guys I got a girls number today and she's really hot so we are going to call her since she said I could call her any time" He looked at his wrist and typed in the number. My phone started to play 'She Will Be Loved' by Maroon 5 I quickly answered it before any attention was drawn to me.


"What do you want Luke" I said and realized he had it up to the mic so everyone could hear my voice


"Just callin' cause I wanted everyone to know how cool you are" He said into the phone and I blushed


"Keep the show going I don't think I'm the only one thinking you hot up there" I said and this time he was the one blushing.I laughed a little to loud and all attention was glued to me.


"Why don't you come up here so everyone can see how hot you are" he



"Nah I'm good down here" I laughed


"Oh come on nothing's gonna happen" he said one last time before I broke 


"Fine but I hate being the center of attention" said. I then pushed my way through crowds of people then a security guard was in my way. Luke nodded to him and he let me thru. I walked up to Luke "And why did you do this?" I asked


"So I could do this" he said smashing his lips on mine.


A/N: OK so I just listened to 'Girls Talk Boys' by 5sos and let's just say lmao 😂😂



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