Just Another Fairytale

This is a story about a girl named linzy Harper and when she met Luke Hemmings will her world be turned upside down find out in


6. Concert part 2

Luke's P.O.V

"Why'd you bring me up here?" She asked kind of annoyed. Honestly I had no idea why I brought her up here so I thought about what I could do. I smiled after a couple of seconds.


"So I could do this" l said kissing her lips. At first she had no idea what was happening and was just standing there but a second later she was kissing me back. She pulled back and whispered in my ear


"Is that all 'cause I feel a jab in my thigh" then she laughed. I looked down at the bulge in my pants and blushed.


"Dude you have a boner" Michael yelled making it obvious.


"Really, you wanna play it hard(bdun ch)let's get Stacy Harper up here" I yelled into the mic. You could see Michael suddenly get nervousness. Stacy walked into the stage. 'ok maybe I took it a little too far before the show Michael was literally freaking out cause he didn't want to mess up Infront of her' my subconscious was yelling at me but I was ignoring it.



Michael's P.O.V

"Let's get Stacy Harper up here" Luke yelled I all of a sudden felt something inside me become nervous. Stacy walked on stage as beautiful as ever. I immediately turned around faceing Luke.


"Luke, what the hell are you doing your gonna make me look like an idiot" I whisper yelled at him. He then mouthed the word "revenge" I then turned back around to face Stacy she walked up to me and whispered.


"What the fuck Clifford, I hate attention"


"I know I'm sorry" l said trying to play it cool


"Can I try something Clifford" she asked.


"Y-Ya s-sure" I said really nervous. She walked up to me and hugged me. That was it just a hug nothing more just a hug, but it was the best hug ever.


"Thank you" she whispered in my ear.


​"For?" I asked quietly


"Anything" she answered pulling away. She left a peck on my cheek and I immediately started to blush. Then she walked over to Luke and whispered something to him and he nodded she walked back over smiling.


"Ok so the next song we are going to be playing is a cover of teenage dream" Luke said as Ash, Cal, and I all gave him a 'what' look I mean we've played it before but we weren't going to play it at this show so it made no since.

~After song~

Ok so that was probably the most awkwardly played song ever. The entire time Luke was starting at Linzy, Stacy was enjoying the song, Calum was giving me confused glances, Ash was trying his best to not pay attention to any thing that had just taken place, and I, I was the worst there was one thing I knew and that was I liked Stacy so I was trying to not mess up which I did...alot and I was also wondering what the hell was going on.

~After Show~

"Lucas Robert Hemming I'm going to murder you!!!!!!!!" I screamed chasing Luke backstage.


"Oh really would Stacy wanna date a murderer" he yelled like a 2 year old.


"Leave Stacy the hell out of this you knew I fucking like her and then you gotta ruin it! I hate you!" I yelled trying to keep the tears back.


"Uh... Dude... What's on your shirt" Luke asked after I stopped running.


"Oh i don't know maybe it's sweat!" I yelled again.


"No it's black looks like ...your mic"he said and then I looked down.


"Aww shit" I said realizing I forgot to take it off.


A\N: hi sorry I haven't been updating I have been grounded the past few weeks more updates soon☺

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