Angelina is sent off to spend her summer break with her aunt Becka. No one tells her why they are sending her away but that it will be good for her. As she rebels and acts out she soon finds out the real reason. And a nice boy she meets at a bad party will have her questioning her life decisions and future life decisions .


7. chapter 7

"Hello!" He said confidently.
"Hello, may I help you?".

"I'm here to pick up your niece. We have a date" he said smiling.
"Can you hold on for a second" she said.
Then she shut the door and walked over to me and whispered, "a very cute boy is here so go change into something nice".

I nodded and laughed to myself. I ran to my room and found a long tight skirt and right top crop top. I sprayed on perfume and did my liner then walked out and my aunt nodded. She had invited Christian in. He was sitting on the couch and the phone was on the counter, where I had snatched it.

"You kids have fun and be back by...what the hell , by one" she smiled.
"It's barely two pm" I laughed. Christian stood up and touched my hand like he wanted me to hold it. And I guess to make it look believable I held it.

"Have fun" she smiled.
We walked out and I let go of his hand and gave him a big hug, "you're a genius!".
"How did you put it down?" I asked as I let go.
"I guess I tele-ported" he laughed hard at his joke and I smiled.
"And smart idea about the whole date thing" I said.

"So will you...go on this date with me" he said.
"Fine, one date" I said.
He smiled big and we walked to his house. 

"Woah you are taking me to meet your parents on the first date?" I laughed.
"No" he laughed "we are just here to pick up the car so I can take you off this beach for a second".

He grabbed the keys out of the house and walked out smiling. The car was bright blue and beautiful. We got in and he started to drive off the beach. 

"So tell me where are you from?" He asked.
"I'm from Arizona".
"Insanely" I laughed and he did too.

"So where are we going?" I asked looking at the road.
"You are not going to play that clisháe card are you?" I laughed.
"You don't like clisháe?" He smiled slightly, but damn was it sexy.

"I don't have a problem with it, it's just fake. No guy ever does it and pulls it off. Or in my case no guy has ever tried" I said looking down at my lap.
"Well I'm here to change your mind".

"Here we are" he said as we stopped at a little diner.
"What is here, exacly?".
"This is the diner my mother used to take me before she got remarried and forgot about me" he said.

"Forgot about you?" I asked as he got out of the car.
"Yeah and it's not his fault, he's a good guy" he said as he ran over and opened my door for me.

"It's my mom, she says I remind her of my father. Who by the way is a great guy, my mother cheated on him and left him and he lost the custody battle and frankly I have no idea who he is anymore. Or if he still is a good guy. To be honest I don't even know if he's the same guy today" .

I got out and held his hand, "do you want to find him?".
"Of course I do, but I don't even know where to start" he said as he shut the door behind me.

"Well lucky for you, I do".
He laughed and we walked in the diner. 
He got a table and sat down.

"How do you know how?" He laughed.
"Well I have a lot of crazy friends" I smiled "and me and my friend found a website. You can find anyone. All we need is a full name and birthday" I said.
We sat across from each other. "I can get that".

"And we can find him" I smiled and he held my hand from across the table.
"So your not going to ask me about what I found on the phone " he said as he grabbed the menu and hid his face in it.

"Oh yeah!".
"Well not a lot sadly" but I found a text from a girl named Julie, who I am guessing is your mother" I nodded, " the text said make sure Lina doesn't know".
I looked down at my hands. 
"Whatever it is they really don't want you to know".

"I can tell" I said.
The waiter came and asked if we were ready and we ordered.
"This isn't the end" he said as he held my hand again, " we are going to figure this out".
"Thank you" I said as I held his hand back. 
"What's your full name?" He asked.
"Random" I laughed.
"Tell me".

"My full name is Angelina Marie Casares" I said, "and yours?".
"Christian Akridge" he smiled big. Damn did I love that smile of his.
After we ate he smiled big and stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Back to the beach?" I asked.
He shook his head " not yet".

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