Angelina is sent off to spend her summer break with her aunt Becka. No one tells her why they are sending her away but that it will be good for her. As she rebels and acts out she soon finds out the real reason. And a nice boy she meets at a bad party will have her questioning her life decisions and future life decisions .


4. Chapter 4

The house was big and yellow, one I couldn't see from my aunts house because it was on the other side of the beach. I decided I would wear a black crop top and high waisted jean shorts. I wore my hair in big waves and my shoes were converse. I wore a bit of eyeshadow and lashes. Of course me and Rebecca got ready in her room and walked over to the party together. 
"So whose party is this?" I asked.
"Some guy that knows Alex". Alex is Rebecca's ex boyfriend. They broke up because they both cheated on each other...with the same guy, exacly. 
We finally got to this big yellow house with people outside and inside. I grabbed a drink and turned to see I lost Rebecca to the kid by the speakers. I walked around trying to find Alex , who told me knew someone that wanted to meet me. 
I finally saw him with three guys laughing. Only one of them wasn't drinking. I walked over " hey".
"Hey Lina! This is Adrian , the guy that wanted to meet you" Alex said excited as he padded his friends shoulder. I nodded and smiled and the guy said " damn".
The guy that had no drink in his hand , put his hand over his mouth and laughed to himself. I looked at him and he starred at me smiling. 
I quickly turned my attention back to Adrian. " So uh why did you wanna meet me?".
"Well I heard your fun and I saw a picture of your fine ass" he said as he looked me up and down. And I could hold it in , I started laughing.
"No" I said then turned around.
"What the hell you think your too good for me?" Adrian yelled as I tried to walk away.
I turned and nodded with a fake smile. " Ain't no one want your nasty ass anyways..little b**ch". 
No way in hell was I going to let a guy disrespect me like that so I turned around and punched him in the face and damn did my hand hurt afterward. The guy without the drink smiled big . 
I was so mad I looked up at him and yelled " what the hell is so funny? Your stupid asshole friend calling me that?!".
"No...just the fact that he thought he would get away with it" he laughed.
"Your all assholes" I said as I walked out of the house. I didn't want to go home quite yet because it was barely one in the morning. So I walked around the house and saw an ice chest and out some ice in a napkin and found a ladder. So I climbed up to the roof and kicked the ladder down so no one would know I was up there because the house was so big the roof steeped down a bit. So no one would see me up there. I took my shirt off and wrapped it over the ice and iced my hand. 
Within twenty minutes I heard someone coming up but before I could quickly throw my shirt back on I heard them say "hey".
I turned to see the boy that I yelled at earlier. 
" I wanted to see if you were okay...didn't know I'd see this much" he laughed as I quickly threw my shirt on. 
"Since when do any of you assholes care".
"We're not all assholes Yano...now let me see that hand . I brought ice".
He had a towel wrapped around ice and walked over to me and grabbed my hand gently and put the ice on it.
"Sorry...I'm Christian".
"I'm Angelina".
"Sorry we met this way...well actually it was pretty bad ass when you punched him" he laughed. I laughed too. 
" maybe a little crazy..." I looked down at my lap. 
"Yeah...crazy hot" he looked down and blushed. 
I laughed "thanks".
He looked at me and smiled then quickly looked back down to my hand. He was adorable. He had big beautiful green eyes and a perfect smile. His hair was a blonde brown curly perfect mess. And I was glad he was sitting there next to me. 

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