The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


8. Vampires Aren't Nice People

'So what did you find out?' Aaron asked as they walked back to the sanctuary.

'Well for one, I found out my mother's real name is Abigail Branwright. Benjamin is the one who set up the wards in my mind and it's a good thing we didn't let the Demn retrieve the rest of my memories because I would have died and my memories with me.'

'Uh, well that isn't true Lucy, I didn't let them retrieve your memories, you wanted to die trying.' Dominic interrupted. 'So what was with all the hugging and "cupcake"?' He asked

'Like I said, that is personal and absolutely none of your business. Anyway he's gonna call me when he has everything he needs to retrieve my memories. He can't however, retrieve them all. So anyway what is the Light of Day?'

'It's said to be a sword.' Allison said, 'no one knows for sure but they say you'll know it when you see it.' Lucy felt the cold rush and they walked down the long staircase.

'You wanna go train?' Dominic asked as they reached the door.

'Sure I'll just go change,' Lucy said and went to her bedroom. There were gym clothes among the stack Benjamin had given her. It was pants with a green camouflage pattern and a matching green tank-top and black sports shoes. Lucy pulled her hair up into a bun and ran to the training room with the two swords in her hands.

'Ready?' Dominic asked

'Ready.' She confirmed sent a sword out toward Dominic who just barely blocked the attack.

'Nice,' he said and sent out an attack. Lucy danced out of reach. They continued like this for a few hours. 'Good,' Dominic said eventually and put down his sword. 'Now let's try with a battle axe. You're going to have to be able to use whatever you can reach in a battle.' He pulled out two battle axes and handed one of them to Lucy and placed the other on the table. He teached her some techniques.

'I have to go back to my apartment,' Lucy said

'What?' Dominic said full of surprise and dropped the axe.

'I could have missed something. Something that'll lead us to the Light of Day.'

'No way,' he said, 'I'm going to take a nap now, and you should too but don't sleep to long it's almost 5 am.' Domino said and left. Lucy grabbed her swords and ran to the room where Jason was sleeping.

'Jazz,' she whispered into his ear and held a hand to his mouth. 'Jazz wake up,' he woke up his eyes full of shock. 'Ssshhhh relax it's just me,' he relaxed and she took her hand away.

'Lucy? What's going on?' He asked sleepily

'Jazz, I'm going to the apartment, I thought you might get angry if I didn't at least ask you to come.'

'Damn right, I'm coming give me three minutes I just have to get dressed. He jumped out bed and quickly changed into jeans and t-shirt. 'Alright let's go,' he said upbeat. They snuck over to the door. Lucy grabbed the cold metal handle.

'Going somewhere? Whiteout me? Tsk tsk tsk tsk,'

Lucy spun around and glared at Allison, 'Why do you people keep doing that?' She hissed annoyed.

'Where you going?' She asked

'To my apartment and you can't stop me-'

'Sounds fun!' She said and smiled, 'I'm coming,'

'Wait, what? Dominic was so angry when I came up with the topic-'

Allison interrupted again, 'Dominic has been so tense since you got here so cautious, the old him would have been eager and jumping up and down with excitement. Besides, we'll just not tell him. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. Come on,' she said and slid through the door. Lucy looked at Jason who shrugged and followed her out.


'Here it is,' she said as they reached the familiar building building sprayed full with graffiti. The walked down the narrow path through the tunnel and through the small garden which belonged to their neighbour; Kate Stevens. They went around the back and climbed up the fire escape. Lucy spotted a heart that said: LB + JS. Lucy Brown- Branwright and Jason Smith. Lucy smiled. 'Remember this? We were six,' She asked Jason and pointed to the heart.

'Of course I do, as far as I remember we never called it off.'he said with a smile

'What's that?' Allison asked

'It's from when we got engaged,' Lucy said with a chuckle.

'You were engaged?' She asked unbelievably

'Still are,' Jason replied.

Lucy held up her left hand and pointed to a small silver ring, 'if we're not both married by 26 we're getting married.'

'Why 26?' Allison asked

'Because who want's to get married after 30?' Lucy asked and unlocked the backdoor. 'Damn it! It's stuck! Jason, if you please?' Lucy stepped aside and Jason crashed against the door with his shoulder. The door gave after and opened in ward. Lucy and Jason high-fived. Lucy walked through the door. The apartment felt so cold, so empty. She walked into her mothers room and let her fingers glide over the furniture. She sat down on the bed and garbbed the pillow. She hugged it tightly to her chest. She dug her nose into it. It smelled like her mother. She had never been able to explain the smell of her mother. She smelled like summer and spring. She smelled like freshly made bread and crackling fire. She smelled like love and kindness. She smelled like home

'You want a war? You'll get a war.' she said determindly to Micros with tears of anger in her eyes.

Jason sat down next her and put his arm around her, 'Don't worry, we'll find her.' he said comfortingly.

'I know we will.' She said, 'And when we do... I'm going to kill Micros.' Allison was standing in the hallway but jerked up when she heard a rattlign sound outside from the small garden. 

'Stay here,' she said, 'and stay on guard.' she went out the fire escape. A man and a woman came into the room wearing police uniforms.

'Who are you?' Lucy asked

'Lucinda Brown?' The woman asked, Lucy nodded, 'who's he?' she asked and nodded to Jason.

'Jason Smith,' Jason answered, 'what's going on?'

'Lucinda Brown, Jason Smith, you are under arrest. Anything you say or do can, and will be used against you in the court of law.' The woman said and they but plastic cuffs, on their hands.

'What?' Jason protested, 'what for? We did nothing wrong!'

'Shut up,' the man said and pushed Jason out. The woman pushed Lucy brutaly into the car.


The car pulled up to an old manshion. 'What is this place?' Lucy asked, 'This isn't the police station,'

'Shut up,' the woman said and led them inside. The windows were clothes and covered so no sunlight could come in from anywhere. The sun was starting to rise. The woman pulled a pair of metal bars and shoved them through. The other two quickly jumped in. They landed on a hard stone floor. Lucy quickly crawled away before the two officers could land on them. They pushed them further into the room and up a flight of stairs to an entry with marble floors and white walls. There was a wide staircase in the middle of the entry which they pushed them up and up another flight of stairs and into a room with six locks on the door. There was a table placed inside the room. The officers psuhed them into two of the chairs that were standing on one side of the table. Behind them there was another door. The two of them ripped of their police uniforms. Under them the woman was wearing a long pair of balck skinny jeans and a tight red tank-top with black healed boots. Her long, straight raven hair tied up in a pony tail. It was an outfit that would have done Allison proud.  The guy was wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. They sat down opposite them. 'We hear you know where the Light of Day is,' she said blotting her teeth. She had long sharp corner teeth. 

'You're vampires,' Lucy gasped both astonished and frightened at the same time.

'That's right darling,' the woman said letting her long painted fingernails walk slowly across the table. 'And we're about to get a lot less pleasant if you don't tell is where the Light of Day is.' 

'This is pleasant? I think we have to very different definitions of pleasant, in which ours defenitly doesn't involve being tied up in a dark room with two vampires.' Jason said his voice trembling a bit.

The woman turned away fromLucy and looked at Jason, 'il est drole. I think I want to keep him.' She said and looked at Lucy smiling, 'in fact... I think... I am going to drink a bit of his blood.... right....' she ran over to Jason so quickly that she moved in a blur and traced her finger along his neck. She cocked her head and looked at Lucy. 'Now...' she finished her sentence. Jason's hands were shaking,

'Don't touch him!' Lucy snapped aggresively

'Scary,' the woman said amused and chuckled. She pulled Jason up from the chair and pulled him towards the door. 'Are you going to tell us where the Light of Day is?' She asked smiling a sugar-sweet smile. 

'I don't know okay?' Lucy screamed, 'I don't know! Just please let Jason go! Please! Please don't hurt him!' Lucy screamed desperatly

The woman laughed a high-pitch laugh, 'oh, but where's the fun in that?' she asked and dragged Jaason after her to the door.

'Jason!' Lucy screamed


'Jason!' Lucy stood up and tried to run after them, but the other vampire who hadn't spoken until now ran and held a hand out in front of her,

'You're not leaving are you?' he asked with fake disappointment and started to walk towards her. Lucy backed away until she hit the table behind her. The vampire kept coming closer and traced a finger across the veins in her neck. It made Lucy feel oddly relaxed. She wnated to hit him, bite him anything to get away, but couldn't bring herself to it for some reason. 'Just tell us where the Light of Day is,' he said softly still tracing his finger around her neck, 'and we'll let you go,'

'What's she doing to Jason?' Lucy asked

'Don't worry your little human friend is just fine, in fact I think he feels rather comfotable just about now. You're just gonna have to trust me.' He said leaning in. Lucy leaned as far back as she could until she felt the surface of the table against her spine. The vampire leaned after and was now leaning over her. She could feel his cold breath against her skin. Lucy felt so helpless and alone. She had such lack of training. Still what she did next felt completely natural. She relaxed and the vampire kissed the side of her neck digging his teeth into her skin.

'To bad I don't,' she said, pulled her legs up to her chest and kickked him to the other end of the room.  She swung her legs through her arms and got to her feet. The vampire raced toward her blotting his teeth. As he was close enough to kill Lucy quickly pulled her hands up so he tore the plastic cuffs in half. He froze and looked at her surprised. 'Thanks,' she said and threw a punch. He fell to the ground and Lucy pulled out a sword and dug it through his chest and right through his heart. Killing him felt oddly good. 'That was fun,' Lucy said and kicked the door in through which she had taken Jason, 'Jason?' she whispered. A floor board creeked behind her and she spun around instantly. 

Another vampire was standing in front of her, he reached out to hit her but she was faster and cut his hand of like slicing a piece of cake. They looked at the hand rolling across the floor and Lucy had to admit she was a bit surprised herself. Lucy used the moment of hesitation and aimed for his heart. She turned back to the room which was empty. She opened the door at the other end of the room which led out to a balcony with a wide staircase on each side. It had a view over the large living room where the vampire was walking with her arm stuck through Jason's. Another two vampires came running up from the staircases. Lucy spun the swords in her hand and kicked the first vampire away and dug one sword through tho other's stomach. The first one came back and ran straight into the sword which hit right below his chest. 'Well shit,' Lucy muttered and threw them over the railing. She slid her phone out of her pocket. 'Who do I call?' she remembered that Jason had left his phone at the apartment and quickly dialed his number.

'Hello?' Aaron's voice asked

'I never thought I was gonna hear myself say this but thank god it's you,' she said relieved



'Where are you?' he asked

'These cops - or so we thought - arrested us and brought us to this old creepy mansion place, funny story, turns out they're vampires looking for the Light of Day,'

'You're with vampires?' Aaron asked

'Yeah that's kinda what I just said,' Lucy said, 'are you even listening? We're at-'

'I know where you are, we're on our way.' he said and hung up. 

Lucy looked at the phone incredelously, 'he hung up,' she muttered. Her phone rang again. 'Hello? Aaron?' she asked

'No, it's me Ben,' Benjamin said. 

The vampires where on their way back up the stairs, 'Shit,' she muttered, 'Ben now is really not a good time, I'm kinda busy being attacked by vampires, so um if you could call again another time, that would be great,' she said and threw one of the vampires over the balcony again. 

She wasn't fast enough so the other one hit her in the head. Lucy lost balance and almost fell over the edge. 'Ow! That hurt!' She said ager boiling up inside,

'Like actually being attacked by vampires? Real, living, vampires?' Benjamin asked.

'Well one of them-' she broke off mid sentence and hit the vampire in the stomach, 'just hit my in the head and that flet very real, so I think so, yeah,' she said blocking another hit. She stuck her sword far through the vampires chest and pulled it back out again. The vampire fell to the carpeted floor with a thud.

'Hang on I'm on my way,' Benjamin said and hung up. The vampire had now reached the door with Jason.

'Oh hell no,' Lucy muttered, stabbed the next vampire and jumped over the fence and landed on the hard marble floor. The blood from her neck had soaked her shirt completely but she was so pumped with adreneline that she couldn't fell it and didn't care. She jumped to her feet, 'hey bitch! You going somewhere?' Lucy called after them. The vampire turned around and flew at her knocking her to the ground. Lucy punched her and rolled over. Always strike where your opponent is weak, a male voice ran through the her head. The voice sounded familiar but she couldn't quite place it. She searched up and down the vampire looking for her weakness until she noticed her hair. It was well taken care of and it looked like she spent many hours on it everyday. Lucy smiled satisfied and cut the hair unevenly. The vampire screamed with terror and anger. 'That's what you get for kidnapping a Branwright.' She said satisfied. Terror struck through her eyes when Lucy said the name Branwright. Lucy threw her against the wall. 'Jason,' she breathed relieved and ran toward him. Jason hugged her tightly and Lucy pressed her eyes shut. 'I'm so sorry I brought you along Jazz, I should have known better, but I never thought we'd end up with vampires,' she opened her eyes and was struck with fear when she saw the vampire heading towards them. She had to move! She had to say something! SHe had to warn Jason! She opened her mouth to speak but not a sound came out.

'No!' Someone screamed and fell from the cieling. Jason released Lucy. The person who was now standing in front of them held out a hand and a purple light shot from it his hand throwing the vampire back with great force. She recognised the figure immediatly, it was Ben. She ran past him swinging her swords in her hands. 

She held the vampire by th neck, 'this is war,' the vampire hissed,

'You want a war?' Lucy asked ice cold, 'you don't know what your asking for,' she stabbed the vampire straight through her chest. Blood escaped and some of it sprayed on Lucy's face. She felt the hatred forming deep down. She wanted to scream and murder every moving thing in the building except for Ben and Jason. They ran to the door relieved to see that the sun was shining outside. They were safe. Lucy felt the adreneline leaving her body. Lucy exhaled and fell into the grass. 

She felt her chest pounding and she started to chough blood. A van pulled up and Allison, Dominic, Mark and Aaron jumped out.

Dominic fell to Lucy's side, 'What happened?' he demanded looking at Benjamin and Jason.

'I don't know, I just arrived,' Benjamin said shocked

'I don't know either she looked like this whe she killed that black-haired chick.' Jason said,

'Lucy killed a black-haired vampire?' Dominic asked incredulously

'Actually it was more Raven, but yeah. Actually I think she killed two.'

'It's not helping!' Allison said helplessly looking down at Lucy

'Of course it's not helping you daft dimbo!' Benjamin said, 'Get her back to your graveyard place!' He demanded. Dominic carried her back to the van and once they were driving, Benjamin spoke again, 'Southwark! Give me your knife,' he said and held his hand out to Allison who looked at Aaron. Aaron shrugged. 'Well come on then! or do you want her to die?' Allison pulled out a small knife and handed it to Benjamin. He took it and cut a mark on Lucy's wrist. Lucy could her the faint sound of flesh searing. The mark that Benjamin had cut into her arm turned black. It was a spiral shape. 

'Hang on Lucy,' Dominic said his voice trembling slightly. 'We're almost there,' Short after the van stopped and Dominic carried her into the hospital wing.





'There's no heartbeat,' she heard Allison say. 'She's... dead.' Lucy heard Benjamin wince, other than that there was complete silence. Lucy wanted to move, say something anything to let them know that she wasn't dead. Or was she? Could she be? Could she really be... dead

Lucy forced her eyes open. The room was empty except for Dominic, who's head was lying on her stomach. His eyes were closed. They looked swollen and had a faint red circle under his eyes. Had he been crying? Her eyelids felt heavy and and she fell back to sleep. When she woke up again she could barely open her eyes. She glanced at the clock. It was nearly 00:40 am. Dominic was sitting in the chair next to her bed. He hadn't noticed that she was awake he was just staring out into the thin air. Lucy groaned. Dominic's eyes flickered toward her.

'Lucy?' he asked

'What?' she croaked

'You're... alive?' Dominic gasped

'No I'm coming back to haunt you, yes I'm alive-'

'Shut up,' he said, bent over her and pressed his lips firmly against hers. He tasted like mint. He became gentler and he held her face between his palms. Lucy dug her fingers into his hair and closed her eyes. He pulled away again but rested his forehead against hers, 'I thought you were dead.' he whispered

'Isn't that what you thought when I first got here,' Lucy chuckled and was rewarded with a sting in her neck. 

'You... I feel so protective of you. Like I have to keep you safe all the time. What's happening to me?' he asked

'I don't know,' Lucy admitted. Dominic crawled up into the bed and laydown beside her with his arm under her head and the other one wrapped around her. Lucy put her head on his chest.

'Why do you keep ending up here?' he asked

'I guess I'm just a sucker for pain and injuries,' she said weakly. She couldn't hear Dominic laughing but she felt his body shaking and fell asleep to the sound of his beating heart.




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