The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


4. The Hair Stick

'What is Valentine real too? And Clary? And Jace, Alec, Izzie, Luke?' Lucy asked

'No, no, I just like the TV show,' said Allison

'Oh ok, because that helps!,' said Lucy sarcastically,

'Lucy who's your mother?' Allison asked suddenly,

'what?' Lucy asked confused, 'what does that have to do with anything?'

'Who is your mother Lucy?!' she insisted

'Uh ... uh ... Abby, Abby Brown.' she studdered

'Abigail Branwright?' Allison asked 

'What?' Lucy asked

'Could it be Abigail Branwright?' she asked

'I guess, I mean she lied to me about almost everything else, so why not that?' 

'It fits,' Allison said 'Abigail Branwright, was the first to get away from The Ravagers. It's a group led by Micros,'

'My mom has been held hostage by Micros before?' Lucy asked

'No,' Allison shook her head, 'No she was one of the leaders. Of course she didn't realise what Micros's true plan was, but when she did she ran away. Many had tried before her. But she was the first one to succeed. Still, only few succeeded after her. Abigail Branwright has been hiding from The Ravagers for almost 10 years.' 

'Tell me more about her, maybe I'll recognize soething from my mother.' said Lucy

'I don't know anything else. She was a very private person. She rarely told anyone anything. And the ones she did tell somethig won't betray her because they know she trusted them more than anyone. No one has been able to find out anything about her for centuries. But, there was a rumor, a rumor that said she had a ... a daughter. Anyway it doesn't matter we have to tell Dom and Aaron.' She said and jumped up from the bed, with Lucy at her heals. Allison burst into Dominic's room. He was in the middle of training. 'Oh, sorry,' Allison said. Malec grabbed a shirt and quickly pulled it over his head,

'Don't worry about it,' he said, 'so what's up?' he asked. Allison handed him the note Lucy had given her. Dominic wrinkled his eyebrows and took it. His expression turned more and more serious every minute.  'And you're sure about this?' he asked and Allison nodded. 'We have to inform the Imperium!'

'No, no absolutely not!' Allison protested


'She could be executed!'

'Don't scare her! We both know it's not very likely,'

'Oh, right my bad, she just has a note from Micros and she is now the first one to find out and she appeared out of nowhere, we can't explain anything! Do you really think they won't consider the fact that she is a traitor or works for Micros?'

'Do you? Do you think she works for Micros?'

'No, if she did she would have probably killed us all or tried to persuade us to join him, and she definitly wouldn't have saved Aaron. Listen, Dominic my point is that we don't need more trouble right now. We already had enough trouble because of the unauthorized mission you carried out saving her!'

'What? So I was supposed to let her die?' Dominic snapped 

'No that's not what I'm saying!'

'Then what are you saying?' Dominic asked

Allison hesitated before she answered 'I'm saying we should ignore the Imperium.' Dominic looked surprised, but then a small smile spread across his face, 

'Breaking the rules now are we? That's new,' 

'Oh, and before I forget, I think her mother is Abigail Branwright.'

'The Abigail Branwright?' he asked his eyes widening, 'you've lost your mind!'

'Think about it, it would explain why she didn't know she was a Demonhunter, plus the rumor!'

'It's a rumor for a reason Ally, rumors are rarely right,'

'Buzzkill,' Allison said grumpily, 'I' gonna go talk to Aaron, you can help her train or something,' she said and nodded to Lucy who had just been standing there awkwardly waiting for them to finish. 

'I'll go change then,' said Lucy

'Meet me in the training room when you're done,' he said and walked out. Lucy sighed and borrowed some gym clothes from Allison, then went out to the training room. She dumped her bag in the corner.

'Alright were going to start with the swords,' he said and pulled two of the rock-like things from a shelf by the wall.

'I... I have two of those,' she said

'What? Why do you have two of these? And where did you get them?' he asked surprised, 

'My... my mother had two in some sort of secret drawer in her closet,' she said and pulled them out of her bag. She heard a clinging sound but still couldn't see any blades. 'Is it normal that I can't see the blades?' she asked and looked up at Dominic who nodded,

'Let's what you've got in you then,' he said and made a move against her. Lucy quickly blocked it. She heard the high pitched sound of metal against metal and she felt the pressure of Dominic's sword against her's. Blocking the attack felt natural. Like she had practiced before. The swords in her hands felt like an extention of her arms. 'Did you go to fencing as a kid?' Dominic asked surprised that she was able to block his attack,

'No,' she breathed surprised. Dominic continued but Lucy blocked his every move until he distracted her and stretched his sword out between her arm and ribs. 'Damn,' she cursed. 

He stood behind her, 'May I?' he asked and stretched his hand out to put his over her hand. 

'Do I have a choice?' she asked,

'You always have a choice, but saying no could be fatal in the future. For you I mean,' he said and gently placed his hand on hers and took the other sword out of her hand, threw it on the ground and kicked it away. He pulled her hands across in gentle movements and then suddenly he pressed it firmly outward and then side-ways like he was blocking an attack, 'This is a special sort of sword, Lucy,'

'You don't say,' she chuckled softly,

'Apart from not having a blade I mean.' He said, 'this sword is alive. It can feel you're a Demonhunter and wants to help you. It wants to obbey you. It wants to help in any way it can. Still if you don't show it whose boss. It will become disobidient. It will have a mind of it's own.'

'We're talking about a sword, Dominic.'

'Don't underestimate any object in this world. After all you didn't expect there to be such things as angels, demons, werewolves, or Demonhunters, did you?'

'Good point,' Lucy admittet and looked over her shoulder at Dominic. 'Will you help me fid my mother? I know I barely know you and all and you already saved my life twice, but I can't bring Jason in this kind of danger, and I don't think I can do it on my own. Will you help me? Please?'

'I will help you,' he cleared his throat and pulled away, 'we will help you,' he corrected himself. 

'Why are you always like this?' she asked,

'Like what?'

'Like this, cold, distant.'

'Don't be ridiculous,' he protested

'See? That's exactly what I mean!'

'Do you want my help training or not?' he asked and crossed his arms stubbornly. 'Everyone always wants to talk to me, usually fight because I didn't follow the plan or something but not you... you just roll with it. Sometimes I think you don't want to talk to me. Do you?

'No I don't. I'm tired and I'm hungry we can try again tomorrow or something,' she said and went to bed.

'Tomorrow might be too late,' he said as she grabbed her bag and stopped by the door. She turned and looked at him,

'and why's that?' she asked

'We're Demonhunters. Not phsycics. We can't see the future. As far as we know there could be an attack tomorrow.' Lucy sighed annoyed and threw her bag back down, 'Fine.' They trained for another hour and then she finally went back to her room. She took the hair stick out of her hair and looked at it. It reminded her of her mother somehow. She pictured her mother clearly in her mind and then suddenly it felt like her soul was ripped violently out of her body. She landed outside a large white mansion with broad steps leading up to a pair of large wooden doors. She stood up and carefully set a foot in front of the other and climbed the steps. The door was unlocked and heavy. Lucy pushed it a little open and then slid through the gap. The floor was of polished marble and the walls of solid rock. Lucy turned to the right and climbed another set of stairs. In front of her was another set of stairs the led down and to each side was another hall.  Someone turned a corner at the hall to the left. Lucy ran down the steps and pressed her back against a wall.  

'We'll take care of that later,' one of the men said, 'Have you found the girl yet?' he then asked

'No, sir,' the other man whispered nervously

'What do you mean "No, sir"?' he asked annoyed, 'It has been three weeks. Three WEEKS! She has NO ONE! How can she escape you?!' he demanded.

'We... we don't know sir,' the other man stuttered 

'Have you checked her stupid friends house? Jackson?' he asked 

'It's Jason sir. And yes, sir. We were there an hour ago, sir,' the other man replied frightened.

'Jason,' Lucy whispered feeling the fear crawl over her like a blanket. She wanted to get out of here, but had no clue how, or how she came. She carefully looked around the corner. The men were just a few steps away so she ducked back behind the wall. 

'Alright then. Go find out more from that Milly girl and her friends. I will go report to Micros.' Lucy felt her heart racing faster and faster in her chest as their steps neared.

'Molly, sir,' the other man corrected,

'What do I care?! Just go!' he ordered angrily and turned the corner toward Lucy. She held her breath and pressed herself even harder against the wall. He passed her without noticing her. Lucy looked surprised after him as he walked. He hadn't seen her. How? She shook her head and quickly set after him. She had only gone a few steps as the ground softened under her and then finally she fell through.

'No! No! He's leading me to my mother! No!' she screamed as she fell

'Lucy!' a faint voice called, 'Lucy!'


'Lucy!' It called again, 'Lucy, it's me! Allison!' Lucy was sitting back in her body, on her bed, in her room. She abruptly dropped the hair stick and moved shocked back as she saw Allison, but then breathed heavely both relieved and devastated to be back. 

'What the hell is wrong with you?' Allison asked concerned and a little annoyed. 

'I... uh,' she threw a glance at the hair stick, 'nothing,' she said quietly deep in thought. What was that thing?

'You sure?' she asked, the trace of annoyance now gone.

Lucy hesitated but then said, 'yeah. Yeah I'm fine. I'm sure.'

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