The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


14. No



The boy opened his eyes. He was lying in a bed with a dark green quilt. Multiple beds were placed in a row next to him. The girl was lying in the bed next to him her long bright strawberry blonde hair straight down her back. Her eyes were closed and she looked very peaceful. There was a long table at the other end of the room with all kinds of leaves, potions and so on. Two people were standing around the bed their weapons held straight at him. One was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was slim and had long eyelashes and high cheekbones. She looked like a realistic doll. She was holding a battle axe. Or at least the handle of one. A boy was standing on the other side of the bed. He had the same blonde hair, blue eyes and long lashes. 'Who are you?' The boy asked holding his sword-handle ready to attack. 

'My name's Chase.' The boy said his voice trembling slightly

'Why are you here? Do you work with the Ravagers?' He demanded

'Hey, Aaron, calm down a little. He's still a kid.' The girl said firmly however not lowering her battle axe handle. She took a step closer, 'but my brother is right. We need to know,' she said soothingly.

'I... I-I don't work with Ravagers I swear!' He said frightened, 'is she ok?' He asked looking over at the girl,

'How old are you?' The blonde girl asked,

'I'm thriteen. Almost fourteen.' He stammered, 'how's Riley?' He asked concerned

'Is that her name?' The blonde girl asked. The boy nodded. 'She's... fine. We'll fix her up in no time.' She said and threw a threatning glance at the boy -Aaron-. They boy - Chase- sank back relieved. 

'Do you know why Lucy brought you here?' The girl asked.

'No, I never met her before - how long have I been here?' He asked

'Two days,' the girl quickly said sounding eager to find out more.

'I never met her before two days ago.' He said 

'Alright we'll leave you to rest,' the girl said and Aaron whispered something to her on the way out and she hissed something back.

Chase realised he had, had his hands balled into a fist. He opened it and heard a crumbling sound. He looked down at his hands. He was holding a small slip of paper. He unfolded it, 'Thank you for helping me, be careful who you trust,' he whispered. The note must have come from the girl. When the day had gone and he hadn't left the bed he did start to get bored. He ignored the aching as he stood up. He found a set of empty stairs and walked down. His steps echoed as he walked down. He found a big metal door with a cross for air at the top he stood on his toes but he wasn't tall enough. He leaned hopelessly against the door as it flung open. He stumbled a few steps back and just barely caught his balance. He was standing in a stone room. He turned around again his steps echoing again. Before him a woman with dark red hair was floating in the air. Her hair was pinned up with pearls. A vail was covering her face. She was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress. The moonlight shone in on her pale skin.

He let out an earpeircing scream. He heard the sound of someone rushing down the stairs and down the hall. The girl came to a halt next to him letting out a relieved breath. She put an arm around him and patted his shoulder comfortingly. 'Don't worry, that's just Abigail,'

'Just Abigail?' Struck with fear, 'just the Abigail floating in your basement, dead, wearing a wedding dress. Oh right I forgot I used to have one of those!' He said sarcasticly but still frightened.

'She's not dead. It's... complicated,' the girl said and pulled him out of the room and slammed the door shut behind them. She helped him up the stairs, 'oh sorry! I realise I've completeæy forgotten to intrudce myself. I'm Allison please excuse my manners.' She said.






As the days past Lucy couldn't stop thinking about her mother. And then a thought accoured to her. It had been two and a half years. She knew the time had come that she needed to at least ask him. Lucy knocked on the door to her father's office her half leather gloves squicking a bit as she balled her hand into a fist again and out again as she knocked. 'Come in,' she heard his voice. It sounded bitter and harsh. Lucy opened the door and stepped in. Her father was sitting at the desk, looking lost in thought. 'What can I help you with?' He asked 

'I was wondering if I might... if I might go see... see my mother at the Sanctuary-'

Her father looked up abruptly with a dead serious expression. 'Absolutely not!' He snapped, 'do you think I went trough all this trouble just so you could go back there and be tempted to stay there with your little friends! No, my dear! Now go to your room!' Lucy stumbled a few steps back, shocked. Suddenly she noticed that he looked a little different. Younger, more awake but yet angry and like... a monster of sorts. She slammed the door shut and rushed to her room. She waited until the sun set and opened her door again. Her father had put two guards outside. She stood up on the table and tried the ceiling. She loosened one of the plates and crawled up. She pulled out her flashlight and closed the hole again and crawled through the ceiling. She found a vent and crawled out onto the stairs. She ran up to the corner and crefully poked her head out. There was no one. Lucy slid around the corner and ran soundlessly over to the office door where she leaned against searching for noise. Everything was quiet. She looked through the key hole, the room looked empty so she tried opening it but it was locked.

'That's offensive!' She muttered, 'it's like he doesn't trust me!' she pulled out her kindjal and cut a small mark under the handle. She heard the lock klick and slid through the small space left from the door and the wall. She pulled a chair around and stepped up sliding her fiingers through the air. The silver sparks started showing up but it was slower than usual. She heard footsteps outside just as the portal took it's full shape. She heard the door open as she jumped through the portal and landed on her feet on the hard pavement naxt to the road the led down to the church with the familiar graveyard. Her steps echoed silently through the streets as she approached the gate. It screached as she opened it. She looked out over the graveyard. She had always wondered what happened to the people visiting the graves through the invisible wall leading to the stairs down to the Sanctuary. The grass crumbled under her feet as she reached the wall the sound of crumbling grass turned into high-heeled boots hitting against solid rock.

 As she neared the door she felt as if something sharp was trying to push up her throat, but she swallowed it. She lifted her hand, remembered Allison's face when she had been at the wedding and then let her hand fall half-way back down again, but then lifted it. She knocked on the door, but she was struck with fear and turned to run away, but the door flew open after she had reached five steps. She froze hoping not to be seen. 'Lucy?' Mark's voice asked quietly, almost a whisper. Lucy slowly turned around and looked into his bright eyes. A crooked smile spread on his face. He looked worried.

'I'm sorry, it was probably a mistake coming here I-'

'No it's fine really, I'm glad to see you,' he said, walked up to her and pulled her into a hug. His muscles were hard as rock.

'Whoa do you grate carrots on here or something?' She asked. Mark didn't laugh. 'What's wrong?' Lucy asked

'It's Jason,' he said. Lucy felt a lump in her throat. 'Lucy he's going to kill himself,'

'What?! Where is he?!' She demanded

'In the basement,' he replied, Lucy slid past him and ran down to the basement throwing the doors open looking for Jason. As she was about to close one of the doors again which was made of solid metal she opened it again. Her mother was floating in mid air. Lucy felt her lips seperate but she closed the door again and found Jason two doors down. He was holding a dagger over himself. Allison was sitting next to him trying to talk him out of it. They looked up as the door opened.

Jason was lying on a bunch of hay and there was a small window over him from which the sun had almost finished setting and the moon was about to appear. Jason dropped the knife in astonishment and Lucy was surprised to hear what Allison said next after her expression at the wedding, 'oh thank god you're here!' She exclaimed her voice full of relief. 'You have to stop him,' it was first now that Lucy realised Jason was covered in stained blood and his sweaty hair was sticking to his forehead. His shirt was torn apart and so were his jeans but not quite as much.

'What the hell happened?' Lucy asked and fell to his side. 

'He was bitten.' Allison said

'Bitten? As in vampires? What the hell were you doing with vampires?' Lucy demanded

'Not vampires... werewolves.' Said Allison.

Lucy moved a little further up to Jason.  'Look Jason, you can't kill yourself. Think of your mother and sister. They need you. I need you.'

'This is why I'm doing it. What if I hurt you? What if I hurt them? I couldn't live with myself!' Jason groaned painfully

'If you died, - now or any other time - your death, I couldn't survive that, please... please don't do this...' said Lucy and put her hand on his in which he was still holding the dagger over himself. 'Please...' she begged desperatly. She slowly moved her hand over to what was left of the handle from the dagger and closed her fingers around it. Gently and slowly she pulled it out of his losening grip and threw it to the other side of the room.

That's when the full-moon raised and shone straight through small window over him. His eyes turned bright green and he sat half-way up and roared and the fell back down into the hay, 'it's... starting... you... have... to-' he roared again, 'go...' he groaned. Allison had already left when they started talking.

She crawled over to the knife and threw it into the hay next to him. 'I hope you choose right and if you do I hope you learn to love yourself as what- who you are,' she said, went out and sealed the door behind her. She leaned against it and slid down the side crying softly. She heard the sound of tearing clothes, then a roar and then something heavy smashed against door. Lucy screamed and crawled away.  

She got to her feet and ran down the hall but slowed when she came half-way up the stairs. She wiped the tears away from her cheeks. As she passed the door to the hospital wing she heared voices, 'will she wake up soon?' A boy asked

'I don't know. We can only wait and see.' She heard Mark's voice. Lucy opened the door and walked inside. A boy was sitting by the side of a bed in which a girl with soft strawberry blonde hair lay. Her hair was a bit wavy and her eyes closed.

She looked peaceful, helpless and weak but still she had some beauty in her not very visible in her body because she was so under-fed but she had high cheekbones and perfectly arched eyebrows with long eyelashes. 'I'm sure she'll wake up soon.' Lucy said reassuringly, 'she seems like a fighter,' 

'You're the one brought us here that night. You saved us. Thank you.' The boy said. He had taken a wash and was now clean. His hair was the same brown-almost-red colour and his eyes were almost black. 

'Um, Lucy can I talk to you for a second?' Mark asked

'Sure,' Lucy said

Mark pulled her outside and made sure to closse the door behind them. 'Lucy, Riley's not going to wake up,' he whispered

'Who?' Lucy asked confused

'The girl in there she's his sister. She's dead Lucy,' said Mark, still in a whisper

'What? We have to tell him! You can't keep lying to him!' Lucy hissed

'I can't have you seen the kid? He's thirteen! His sister's all he's got! We can't just rip everything he has left away from him!' Mark hissed back

'If she were my sister I'd want to know!'

'Yeah well she's not! You're an only child, your mother's in some sort of strange coma, and your dad's-' he suddenly cut himself off and just stood there looking at her.

Lucy looked down full of shame and anger, 'Micros. An evil, life-sucking, destroying monster. Message recieved loud and clear.'

'Lu, that's not what I meant-'

'Don't lie to me.' She said and pressed the handle back down, 'that's exactly what you meant,'  she walked over to the boy. Mark stood frozen looking after her as she kneeled down next to the boy. 'My name's Lucy.' She said gently her tone comforting and soft. 'What's yours?'

'Chase,' the boy said

'Chase...' Lucy stammered quietly. It was harder then she had expected, 'it's about your sister she-'

'Riley?' He asked his voice sounded full of hope.

'Yes,' Lucy said, 'Chase, she's gone to a better place,'

'She's dead?' asked Chase. 

Lucy nodded, 'she is,' she said softly. Chase's eyes filled with tears, slowly running down his cheeks. Lucy pulled him gently into his arms and he soaked her shoulder. Lucy gently rubbed his back comfortingly.



'How is he?' Allison asked as Lucy closed the door.

'He'll be alright... with time.'

'You think the pain's going to go away, with time?' Allison asked.

Lucy looked, 'time doesn't make the pain go away.' Lucy said, 'it just makes it easier to live with.'

They walked for a moment in silence and then Allison spoke again, 'it was a mistake for you to come here. Don't get me wrong, I care about you and all that but I care more about Dominic. Lucy you broke us. You broke him. And that's saying something after everything he went through in his life.'

'You think I wasn't hurt?!' Lucy demaneded angrily, 'you have no idea what I have gone through in my life! You know nothing about me! I gave up everything to save my mother! I even went to live with him! I killed innocent people cold bloodedly every single day! I did everything that... monster asked me to do! And it wasn't even worth it! He couldn't even have hurt her! And now she's stil basically dead! Did you ever stop just once to think about how I felt about this? What I sacrificed? I thought for a slipt second that maybe everyone had overestimated my... father and that maybe I had a father. But I was wrong. I was naive and stupid and tried to make the best of the situation. But there was no better in the situation. '

'I guess I never really thought about it like that...' Allison admitted quietly

'Oh really?' Lucy walked away into the music room and sat down at the piano and started playing the melody to "Wiser" by Madilyn Bailey, 'I thought that it was safe to die inside your arms. I let you in, I let you see this naked heart. Lesson learned sometimes love goes behind your back. I guess that's just the way we find out who we are. Was it all worth it? I'm wiser from the mess you made I feel no pain. Wiser from the storms I braved yeah want to say thank you, thank you for breaking my heart showing me who you are. I'm wiser from the waves you made. Wiser.' Lucy's finger's glid elegantly across the keys but she started to cry again and the melody trailed of. Lucy let her fingers stop, bent over the piano and cried. Someone sat down next to her and put an arm around her, she leaned her head against the person's chest and let the tears silently roll down her cheeks. The person stroked over hair, then pushed her away and then started to continue playing the melody. His voice clang through the music room. Soft, warm and familiar. It was Mark. Lucy rested her head on his shoulder watching his big and strong hands glide across the keys like a woman's. When he finished they just sat there for a while, Mark's hand on the back of her head. It was so relaxing that Lucy almost fell asleep but then Allison came in. 

'There you are!' She exclaimed. Lucy looked up still resting her chin on Mark's shoulder. 'I never asked, what did you do with Jason? How is he?' 

'I left him in there. I think he's decided not to kill himself.'

'Great, what did you do with the knife?' She asked, Lucy didn't answer. 'You didn't! You left a hurt and suicidal teenager alone in a room with a knife?!'

'I love him okay!? He's like my brother! Do you think I want him to die? Of course I don't! But I don't want to be the one with the fault of him being unhappy. Feeling lonely. Wanting to die. Hating who he is. I know you think suicide is selfish Ally but let me ask you this, what's more selfish, commiting suicide or forcing someone to stay in a world where they are so unhappy?' Allison stood for a while searching for the answer, 'that's what I thought. Now can we please stop fighting and be friends again? I'm not very good at being friends with other girls - you're the first one - but I'm willing to try if you are?' Lucy looked at her questioningly,

'Okay,' she finally agreed

'Thank you,' Lucy said stood up and bumped into Dominic outside



'I'm not halucinating am I?' Dominic asked

'No, it''s really me. So how's... how's your wife?' Lucy stammered

'Leila?' He asked sounding a little panicked, 'yeah, she-she-she's... she's good, yeah.'

'That's good,' Lucy said and smiled. She threw a glance out the window. The moon was a couple of hours from going down again, 'well, I should.... uh.... I should go... go check on Jason,'

'Yeah, yeah, you should,' Dominic agreed and Lucy left back down the steps to the basement.

She knocked on the door, 'Jason? You alright again? It's me. Lucy.'

'Don't come in!' She heard Jason's voice, 'Lucy don't come in it's a trap-'

she heard him undermine a scream. 'Jason?' She asked panic in her tone, 'Jazz? Jazz! I'm coming in!' she said, pulled out her swords and opened the door. The room was empty. 'Jazz?' She whispered. She heard a ratling of chains and then a shape came toward her. Lucy tried to block the attack but fell back and hit her head on the rock. Something sticky ran down the back of her head. She jumped back up to her feet. A woman was standing in front of her. She had chestnut hair and black eyes gleaming with rage in the dark. She had dark skin and wore a short black skirt with a matching top. 'This is for killing Julie and Caleb.' She said and hissed showing her pale, white, edged teeth. Hadn't she had enough trouble with vampires? Lucy heard a rattling of chains then a roar.

The vampire flew at her and then a big light brown wolf with black stripes jumped in the middle and howled with pain as the vampire hit him and dug her teeth into his fur. Lucy yelped and then leaped at the vampire, adrenaline in her veins. She reached her arms out as she flew at the vampire and her blades dug through the fabric and into her chest. Blood splattered out and covered Lucy's face. She felt the blood lust pounding through her body. All the hostility she had built up unwillingly and unknowingly inside over the past three years against vampires burning inside her like fire. She fell to Jason's side, pressing her hands firmly against the open wound. Jason's muscles relaxed under her fingers and he turned back into his human form. He looked up, smiled at her and held a hand to her cheek and whiped away the tears rolling softly and soundlessly down. 

'It's gonna be fine - HELP!' She yelled, 'just hold on, please, please Jazz just hold on.' She sobbed, 'please, for me... Help!' She screamed again. 

'I love you,' he said

'I love you too Jazz, just please don't die... please. I can't live without you please!' His hand slid slowly from her cheek and feel to the stone floor. 'HELP!' She screamed frantically. Lucy held two of her bloody fingers to his neck. The pulse was gone. 'No...' she said slowly, 'no. No. No. No. No. No. No! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! Jason! Wake up! Jason please! WAKE UP!' Lucy heard the sound of someone running down the stairs and Allison stopped and grabbed the door frame. Her face truned pale. 'No...' Lucy said again and let her head rest on his stomach. The blood had stopped running and was now starting to dry. 'No, please,' she begged, 'please....' She started hitting him feeling the anger boil up inside. 'No! No!' She felt a firm set of hands closing around her waist and dragging her away. 'No! No! NO! This is all your fault!' She cursed at Micros wishing he could hear her. 'Everything is your fault!' She screamed as Dominic dragged her out of the room.

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