The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


10. Mike

The door fell shut behind Lucy and it echoed through the warehouse. So did her steps as she walked further in and turned left through some bookshelves. She walked through the path it built out onto a bigger space. Mike was standing there. Her mother was floating at his side. 'Do you have it?' He asked

'No, my mother destroyed it,' she admitted

'Very well then,' he said and turned

'But...' she said. Mike turned renewed interest in his eyes. 'I have another trade. Me.'

'You, what?'

'Me for my mother. I know you want me.' she said

'And why would I want a moody teenager?' He asked

'Because I'm a good soldier.' She replied

'How good?' He asked curiously

'Better than any of yours. I took down two angry black-haired vampires almost by myself.'

Lucy thought she recognised a glimt of proudness in his eyes, 'Did you really?' He asked. Lucy nodded, 'two?' Lucy nodded again. He smiled as if he were proud of her. 'I trained you well Lucinda.' He said.

'You didn't train me,' Lucy said, 'Dominic did,'

'Oh but I did.' He said, 'Abigail had wards put up in your mind didn't she? Did you ever wonder why you couldn't remember a lot from the first ten years of your life? All the inportant parts gone? Your first father-daughter dance, do you remember that for example? That's right. Abigail hid you well. Despite her efforts it wasn't good enough.'

'No,' Lucy said short before tears. 'No,' she repeated

'Yes, Lucy.' He said and nodded, 'That's right, I am your father.'

'No,' Lucy said again a single tear rolling down her cheek, 'No, no, Chri... Chris is my father.'

'No, Lucy, I am. Come here,' he said and stretched his hand out towards her. It was like he was attreckting her with a magnet. She took his hand and pulled her to him. There was an old mirror behind him which he turned to. 'Do you see it?' He asked. The rsemblance was undeniable. He might have dirty-blonde hair but they had the same nose and the same pale green eyes. 'The nose,' he said and touched it, 'the eyes,' he let his fingers glide over her eyelids, 'the same high cheekbones,' he wiped away a tear that was rolling down her cheekbones. 'You have my bloodlust for the people who did you wrong. And you are stubborn. Just like me and your mother,' he took her hand and let the ring with the sunset glide off her finger. He held it up. 'This is her wedding ring.' he said and pointed to his left hand. He was wearing a matching ring. He turned to her mother. 'That's what she wore the day we got married.'

'That's why she cried when she took it out. That's why she never really loved Chris. She never stopped loving you.' Lucy realised

'And I never stopped loving her.' Lucy wanted to scream and cry, ' though it breaks my heart to let her go now I will. We made I deal, and we had years together. We only had ten. You deserve to know your real father.' A million thoughts rushed through her head. She felt home. Right now with her mother and father. She didn't understand it. He was so gentle now. So loving and caring. So kind. He was exactly mom's type. She didn't wonder why her mother had married him anymore. She realised the sacrifice her mother had made for her when she left him forever. What had happened to him? Lucy backed away. 

'Dominic! Allison!' She called.

She heard their footsteps come running. 'Take my mother, and go.' She said not turning around to look at them. Mike pushed her mother towards them. Lucy caught her and put a hand to her cheek. 'I love you mom.' She said, 'I love you so much,' Lucy slid her further back and Allison caught her. 

'Come on Lucy,' Dominic said, 'you did it. You found the Light of Day and got your mother. That's what we were supposed to do, let's go.' He said

'I didn't find it,' Lucy said the tears streaming down her cheeks. 

'What?' Dominic asked, 'how did you get your mother then? Lucy are you crying? Lucy?' He took her shoulder and looked at her and wiped away her tears. 'Come on, we gotta go.'

'Tell Jason I love him. Take care of my mother for me.' Lucy said

'What?' Dominic asked confused

'Take my mother and go!' Lucy hissed aggresively. 

'Don't cry, babygirl.' Mike said and held out his arms. She wanted to run over to him. Hug him. Feel her father. Know that he was real. Lucy started to walk over to him.

She turned to look at Dominic. 'Go!' she said.

Lucy could see him realise what was happening. She flet like something broke inside. 'You betrayed us! You were a spy weren't you?' He asked, 'I let you in! I... I cared about you! We took you in! Aaron was right about you,'

'No Dominic! I didn't! He gave me a deadline! My mother destroyed th Light of Day! I traded myself for her. I'm sorry,' she said and contiued over to Mike.

'I'm gonna kill you Micros! You already took almost everyone I ever cared about in my life I'm not gonna let you take her!' He ran toward them.

'Dom! No!' Allison screamed.

Lucy took her swords out and stood ready in position for him. 'His name is Mike,' she said

Dominic stopped two metres away from her, 'Lu?' he breathed but then his expression turned ice cold. 'I'm doing this for you! I want to help you!'

'If you really want to help me... you'll take my mother and go with Allison now. I can't let you kill him.'

'Lucy, let's be realistic, you can't win. I taught you everything you know.' Dominic said

'Not everything,' she replied


'I was already good before you helped me. I was good enough to defeat you. But my work was sloppy. You just perfectioned the details.'

'What do you mean, where would you have learnt anything?' He asked

'I don't remember much from the first ten years of my life for a reason Dominic!' Lucy sobbed. Dominic approached. She held up her swords threatningly. 'Go!' She called over her shoulder to Mike.

'I have faith in you, Lucinda.' Mike said

'She doesn't care about your faith!' Dominic snapped

'We'll see about that.' Mike replied, 'you know where to go when you're done her Lucy. You'll feel it. You'll feel it deep down. You'll know where to go.' he said and stepped through the mirror.

Dominic approached her again, 'Stay! Away!' She yelled

'Lucy he's gone it's alright-' he said and looked at her confused. 'Lucy what's wrong with you?'


'I made a deal with him! I keep my promises no matter what!'


'Yeah, well you promised never to hurt me!' Dominic screamed


Lucy felt a hard sting in her chest when she said, 'I never did that,'


She saw the pain in his eyes and looked down. 'Lucy what's your deal? You act like you're attached to him! He kidnapped your mother!'


'I am attached to him Dominic!' She said and looked back up.


'What?' Dominic asked, 'No,' Dominic tried approaching her again. 'You're not attached to anyone Lucy! You haven't been for as long as I have known you, not even to the rules or any form for oders!'


'Yes, I am! Just stay away from me! Stay away!' She she warned whilst backing up. Kicked the mirror without turning away from Dominic so it shattered. Lucy kept her arms stretched out as she backed out of the opening beside her. 'I'm sorry! Please, take care of my mother! I love her more than anything! I'm sorry Dominic! I have to do this!' Lucy screamed and jumped over the tall metal fence behind her like it was half a metre tall.

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