The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


3. Micros

Aaron's mother? Allison raised herself back up and walked stifly out of the room. Lucy staggered after her, 'Allison, wait. I thought Aaron was your twin?'

'He is,' 

'But Charlotte-'

'I got my family into trouble when I was nine. My mother abandoned me.' Allison said dryly

'Oh, I'm so sorry,' Lucy said

'Don't be. She never liked me anyway. I was never good enough for her. Just a silly waste of space. She was just looking for an excuse, and she found it. Anyway, I'm glad I got rid of her. To be honest I don't know why you're so obssesed with getting you mother back. She ust be very different.' Allison said and started typing on one of the screens they had set up. 'She is,' Lucy said

'Tell me about her,' Allison said, turned from the screen and started walking again.

'She's kind, funny, incredibly beautiful. I always admired her. She always took care of everyone else before herself. She was so happy all the time, so cheerful, so supportive. She always supported me. Through everything. No matter what I did she was always there to help. My friends always used to wanna hang out at my place because they loved the energy my mother spread. She was an amazing cook too. I used to wonder if there was anything she wasn't good at.' Lucy said day-dreaming. 'I'm sorry your mother wasn't like that,' 

Allison looked down and inhaled, 'Yeah, well, we aren't all as lucky as you,' she turned into Aaron's room. A handsome, tall, muscular man with dirty blonde hair and pale green eyes was standing by the side of Aaron's bed. A smile spread across Allison's face, 'Mark!' she said and swung herself in his arms. 'I missed you,' she said

'I missed you too angel,' he said and turned to Lucy, 'talking about angel's,' he said, took Lucy's hand and kissed it gently, 'I'm Mark, Mark Stanton. I'm Allison and Aaron's brother,'

'Well you can see where Aaron get's his charms from I assume,' Allison said and smiled, but that smile disappeared just as fast as it had come when a woman cleared her throat behind them. 

'Mother,' Mark said,

'I didn't know you where here Mark,' she said

'I came as soon as I heared that something had happened to Aaron. I didn't know you were here either,' Charlotte walked over to them and hugged Mark. Allison grimaced.


Someone knocked on the door and Lucy turned. It was Allison, 'can I come in?' she asked

'Of course,' Lucy said and put the photoalbum away. Her mother had given it to her on her birthday, and she had carried it around ever since. Allison looked at the open album and threw a glance at Lucy,

'May I?' she asked and stretched her hand out to the album

'Sure,' Lucy said. Allison picked it up and started to look through it, 

'You were right,' she said, 'your mother is very beautiful, not that big a surprise that you are so pretty. You look just like her. You both look so happy. Who's this?' she asked and pointed to a man in one of the picture's. He was tall and had black hair with soft dark blue eyes. 

'That's my dad,'Lucy said and looked let her finger glide over the picture,

'Where is he?' Allison asked

'He ... uh ... he died ... four years ago,' said Lucy

'Oh,' Allison whispered quietly, 'Let me guess, he was amazing too?' 

Lucy nodded, 'He was just like my mother, so self-less, so brave, always wanted to do what was right. He was a cop. He wasn't rogue or anything. He just wanted to do what was right, he wanted to protect the people. Then three years ago he died. They were so perfect for eachother.' 

Allison sat down on the bed next to Lucy and put an arm around her, 'did your mother ever re-marry?' 

'No,' Lucy said and shook her head

'Why not? The men must have been throwing themselves at her,' Allison said

Lucy scoffed, 'they did,' she said with a crooked smile, 'but my mother once told me when I asked; We didn't get a divorce. He died. We're still married. That's why she always kept her wedding ring on.' 

Allison tilted her head to the side and looked at Lucy, 'I- we owe you an explanation, to why you can do all of this, we're not sure but it's the most likely option, we're almost certain.' she said her expression turning serious. 'You're a Demonhunter Lucy,'

'A ... a what?' she stammered confused

'A Demonhunter,' she repeated, 'That's what we're called because we primarily hunt demons. We used to only hunt demons until other creatures turned out to be threats. This si the real world Lucy. Humans don't know it because we keep it a secret from them. All the mystery murder cases which were never solved? Usually demons. It was inhumane all of it. But of course the human officers don't believe in things like demons and demonhuters and vampires, werewolves, angels. But they're real. All of them. They all exist. We-'

'Okay, stop, right there. My head is literally about to explode! The lest two weeks of my life have literally been like an episode of Shadowhunters! We have the Demonhunters they have the Shadowhunters, and then there's this place and there's the mortal cup, in this case The Light of Day as you call it -why is it even called The Light of Day?- a ... a ... and there's this supernatural fight club, and these weird weapons, in Shadowhunters they just light up but here they don't have blades but they do, and my mother has been kidnapped by this super villain called Micros and-'

'Hold on,' Allison said and stopped Lucy, 'Your mother was kidnapped by Micros?' she asked fear flashing through her eyes. 

'Yeah, I just... I just said that,' Allison turned pale,

'Are you sure it was Micros?' she asked

'Yeah,' she said and grabbed the note out of her bag, 'He left this note,' she handed it to Allison. 'Who is this guy anyway?' Lucy asked, 'Is he like Valentine or something?'

'No,' Allison said and shook her head, 'He's far worse than Valentine. Lucy if Micros really is behind all this, you and your mother are in far more danger than you could possibly imagine,'

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