The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


9. It's Time

Lucy was still lying in the hospital bed when she woke up. She was afraid to open her eyes. Scared that Dominic would still be next to her. She let her hand slide across the bed next to her. She carefully peaked out the croner of her eye. The bed was empty except for her. She climbed out of bed and staggered to her room in barefeet. Her body was still sore and aching. She took the next pair of clothes from the pile. It was a pair of black jeans, a belt, and a grey t-shirt. She pulled the same black boots on and walked down to the kitchen. Dominic and Allison were inside talking. Lucy spun around again and attempted to leave but Allison called her name. 'Dominic told me you were awake again but I don't think it's a good idea if you're up and walking yet.'

'I'm fine Ally,' she said and poured some cereal into a ball. 

'What happened yesterday anyway?' Allison asked her voice full of curiousity.

'Well um after you left these two vampires pretended to be cops and arrested us. They brought us to that mansion place and wanted me to tell them where the Light of Day is and I told them I didn't know. So the black haired chick took Jason and left and that other one the guy with the black hair-'

'Whoa, he really had black hair?' Allison interrupted

'Yeah, and the he bit me and I kicked him away and that kinda tore up my neck and then I used his tooth to break the plastic cuffs, and then I punched him and stabbed him and then I went into the room where the black-haird chick had brought Jason, but they were gone, and then some blonde dude came up behind me and I cut of his hand and then stabbed him and then I went out the door on the other side of the room, where there was like a balcony thing with  view over the living room - I think - and these two vampires with brown hair came running up the stairs and I threw them over the edge. Then I called Aaron and then Benjamin called, then the vampires came back up the stairs and I threw one of them over the edge again and then the other one punched me and I almost fell over the edge and then I stabbed him and jumped over the edge, and then I called the black-haired chick a bitch-'


'You called a black-haired vampire a bitch?' She asked incredulously, 'and survived?'


'Would you please stop interrupting me? Thank you. And then the vampire flew at me and I punched her and then...' Lucy hesitated a bit and then decided not to tell them about the voice in her head, 'annd then I cut off her hair and she totally freaked out, and then she got like really scared when I said my last name was Branwright-'


'No wonder there- sorry...'


'And then I threw her at the wall and hugged Jason and then I saw her heading towards us and I wanted to say something or move or anything but it was like I was paralyzed or something and then Ben came down from the cieling and this purple light shot from his hands and he saved us and then the vampire said that this was war and then I stabbed her.'

'Wait a second, Benjamin used purple magic for you?' Allison asked astonished

'Yeah, what's wrong with that?' Lucy asked confused

'His kind usually only use purple magic for someone other than themselves when they are in life debt. Using purple magic could make them loose their powers entirely if they hold on for too long or be fatal. It's really rare that they use it or even know how to use it... What kind of relantionship did you say yu had again?'

'Like I said before, it's none of your business,' Lucy repeated.


'Anyway, you had no trouble doing all that?' Allison asked her eyes wide her mouth gaping open,


'No it was actually kinda... fun. Anyway why was she so ultra freaked out when I said my name was Branwright?'

'Because only two people were ever capable of killing black.haired vampires by themselves before you.' Allison and hesitated before she continued, 'Micros and.... your mother, Abigail Branwright. She is feared and admired of every creature in this world....' 

'Oh,' Lucy said a bit surprised, 'uumm... and what's the deal with the black hair?'

'The hair colour mark their rank. The blond ones are newbies and the ones with the black hair are in charge and highly trained,' Benjamin said stepping into the room. Lucy smiled and hugged him, 'by the way, did you like the present?'

'I actually didn't have time to open it yet...' Lucy admitted

'Well go get it then, I actually want to see your face when you open it. Lucy ran and got the present from her bedside table and went back to the kitchen. 'Go on then,' Benjamin said expectadly. Lucy carefully unwrapped the present. It was a small silver dagger with a ruby at the end of the handle it had "Branwright" engraved on the side. 

'It's beautiful,' Lucy said gasing at the silver dagger,

'It was your mothers back in the day, she gave it to me the first time she came to me as payment. I thought it would be better if you had it.' 

'Thank you so much,' Lucy said and hugged him quickly, 'you really didn't have to get me anything at all,'

'Nonsense,' Benjamin protested

Allison grabbed the oportunity to ask Benjamin, 'You knew her mother? And what kind of realtionship is tít that you two have?'

'That...' Benjamin said and looked at Lucy, 'is absolutely none of your business,' he said and smiled

'There are two of them,' Allison said astonished. Lucy smiled and headed back to her room. She picked up the hair stick again and paced in the room. She pictured her other clearly and as she was ripped out of her body she saw her body falling to the floor and then she was back in front of the white building. She ran up the steps and back down the staircase where she had disappeared the last time. She ran down the hall and turned left where she had seen the man go the last time.

'Have you found Lucinda yet?' a male voice asked, it was the same voice she had heard in her mind at the vampire masion.

'Not yet, sir. But we are close, sir. It seems she has had a lot of activity lately, sir.' Said another male voice. It was the voice of the man who had been called "sir" the last time she was here.

'Not good enough. I want her found, and I want her found now!' he hissed with an icy cold voice.

'Sir, yes, sir,' the other voice said and the door opened Lucy hid behind a bookshelf and to her relief the man walked the opposite direction. The floor board creaked under her foot and the man spun around. He walked over to Lucy and stood right in front of her. For a split seconf Lucy though he was staring at her but then she realised he couldn't see her. He could hear her but not see her so she held her breath and stood as still as she could. He shrugged and walked away. She jumped over the floor board that had creaked and walked over to the door of which the man had come out of. The door opened and she ducked aside. A man stepped out. He was in his late thirties or beginning of his forties. He was a man who had once been very handsome, and still was for his age. 

'I'm sorry it had to be like this my love,' he said through the door, closed it and walked away. He had high cheekbones, dirty-blonde hair, pale green eyes and was wearing a black suit. . He's crazy, Lucy thought. Lucy waited until she was sure that he was gone and carefully opened the door just as much as it was necesarry for her to glide through it. Her mother was lying an a kings size bed with white sheets. She was wearing a beautiful long white wedding dress and a vail. She was holding a bouquet of flowers on her stomach. Her eyes were closed and she was breahing heavily indicating that she was sleeping or unconciouss. Her beautiful dark red hair was put up with white pearls at the top of her head. Two strips of curly hair was hanging out on the sides.

'Mom?' she whispered and walked over to her mother. The dress hand lace sleeves which where attached to her fingers at the end. It had spirals on the top of the dress by her chest and there was a white ribbon around her waist. The silk of the dress was seperated at the bottom but there was still white silk under it. She was wearing matching white heals which were about five or six inches. The dress itself was stunningly beatiful but her mother was breath-taking. She had always admired her mothers beauty but she had never known her to be this beautiful. No matter what she did her mother had never been able to look anywhere close to ugly. The vail was attached to a small white diamond encrusted diadem placed on her head with great care. Lucy realised that she had never seen any wedding pictures of her mother yet her parents had been married.

'Stunning isn't she?' someone asked behind her. Lucy froze with terror and then slowly turned around. The man who had left the room just before she entered was standing in the door. 

'You can see me?' she asked

'But of course. I made that hair stick for your mother back in the day. That is wha you used to get here isn't it?' Lucy looked down, 'that's what I thought.'

'You're Micros aren't you?' Lucy asked to her surprise her voice wasn't trembling.

'Smart girl,' he said and smiled, 'just like your mother,'

'Don't talk about my mother!' Lucy snapped

'Oh, don't worry Lucinda. I'm not going to hurt her.... for now.' he said and inhaled deeply, 'do you have the Light of Day yet?' he asked

'Not yet.' Lucy said, 'But when I do, I'll come here, I'll get my mother, and I will kill you,' she said with tears of anger prickling in her eyes.

Micros chuckled, 'bloodlust, I see,' he smiled, 'I'll give you 12 hours. If you don't have the Light of Day by then and given it to me. Your mother dies,' he said with an icy voice, 'it's a shame really, she is a terribly gifted Demonhunter. But as it is, I need the Light of Day.' he put a small piece of paper on the shelf next to him. 'Take it,' he said. Lucy didn't move. 'Stubborn too. I'd take the paper if I were you. It has the address and the time of the meeting for the trade.' he said. Lucy quickly took the paper. 'Don't be late,' he said and glanced at her mother, 'it could be fatal,' he snapped his fingers and Lucy was returned to her body.




Lucy sat up. Her head hurt from the fall. Jason was kneeling next to her, 'oh, thank god,' he said, 'you were so pale, so cold, like ice - where you going?' He asked. Lucy had jumped to her feet and was on her way out.

'I don't have time to explain,' she said and ran into the kitchen. Benjamin was gone but Allison and Dominic were still there. 'Where's Ben?' She asked immediatly

'He left about an hour ago, didn't he say anything?' Allison asked, 'I thought you two were so close.'

'Did he go home?' Lucy asked

'I think so,' Allison said. Lucy ran out, 'Whoa, where are you going?' She called after her as she followed Lucy. 

Lucy got her leather jacket from her room and walked to the door, 'Ben's,' she said quickly and ran back out to the street where the cars drove past them. 

Dominic and Allison were following her. 'What, why?' Allison asked as a taxi pulled over and Lucy got in. 'Let me guess, none of our business?'

'Exactly,' Lucy said. Dominic and Allison follwed her into the cab and Lucy gave the address to the driver.

'Well we're coming,' Allison said as the engine roared and the cab started to move.

'I can see that,' Lucy said, handed a ten dollar bill to the cab driver shortly before they arrived and jumped out of the car right before it stopped. 

The door flung open before she was able to knock, 'I saw you coming,' Benjamin said and led them inside. 'Wait out here,' he said to Dominic and Allison as they reached the door to the living room again, 'Lucky fro you,' he said and disappeared and came back shortly after with a tray of chocolate-caramel cupcakes, 'I just made these, I'm afraid you got me quite attached.' he said and handed her the plate

'There's no time,' Lucy said.

Benjamin put the plate down, 'there is no time for chocolate-caramel cupcakes?' he asked astonished, 'this must be urgent.'

'It is,' Lucy replied

'What's on your mind?' he asked

'Do you know anything about a hair stick?' Lucy asked

'This is the thing that as so urgent that you couldn't have a chocolate-caramel cupcake?' he asked

'It was my mothers,' Lucy said, realisation shot through his eyes. 'You know which one I am talking about don't you?

'No, no I do not,' he lied, 'alright maybe I do but I cannot help you.'

'Please it could save my mothers lufe I only have like two questions,' Lucy begged

'Alright you can ask but do not expect me to answer. The thing is concealed with dark magic.' He said and winced

'Did... did Micros give it to my mother?' she asked

'Yes,' he answered dryly

'When you touch it and you think of someone it brings you too them right?'

'Yes but it only works for-' He grimaced and then groaned. His face became tense like someone just stabbed him in the back, 'a few people,'

'When you go, there... is it.... is it... real? What you experience?'

'Yes,' he croaked

'Why are you acting like this?' She asked, 'you look like you are in terrible pain,'

'That's because I am,' he replied, 'most of my wards are different from yours. For example this one. When I talk about this I am in terrible pain. If I had been more clear and if I had widened my answers the pain would be unbereable. I would be begging you to kill me.' he explained

'That's horrible!'

'Yes, but a very effective way of keeping you safe.' He replied

'I need your help,' she said, 'to find the Light of Day,'

Benjamin laughed, 'I'm affraid I can't help you. No one can. Your mother destryed it.'

'What? Lucy asked struck with terror, 'I thought you said she hid it where no one could find it!'

'And she did. But then she detroyed it. She decided no one was safe as long as it exsisted and destroyed it.' Benjamin explained

'She just killed herself,' Lucy said tears flooding her eyes, 'she's dead now. No one can save her.'

'What's this all about?' Benjamin asked

'I met Micros, throught-'

'Throught the hair stick, that's why you came asking questions.

'He said, he would give me twelve hours to find the Light of Day and bring it to him or he would kill my mother.

'He can't-' Benjamin screamed and fell to the ground. His eyes rolled around so they were now only white. Lucy gasped. His whole body was shaking.

'Ben! Oh my god!'

'Kill... me...' he croaked, 'please...' he begged. Lucy shook her head. The door burst open and Allison and Dominic were standing in the doorway.

'What the hell is that?' Allison looked staring down at Ben.

'This is my fault,' Lucy said weakly, 'Ben I'm so sorry,' she put her hand gently on his arm. 'Please forgive me I-' he stopped moving and now looked normal. Lucy wanted to pull her arm back but it was like it was glued to him, 'I can't...' Dominic raced over to her and pulled her away from Ben. Lucy inhaled deeply. She suddenly felt so weak and tired. She fought to keep her eyes open. Benjamin crawled over to her, snapped his fingers and held his and over her. A faint purple light escaped his and and filled a shield around her body. Lucy started vibrating and then Benjamin released. Lucy no longer felt tired or weak. It was like he had pumped her with energy. 

'I thought she was lying about that part,' Allison said surprised


'Go! Lucy go! You might not have the Light of Day but you must save her!' Benjamin said, 'she saved you so many times, risked her life so many times, not just fro you but for the right thing. You must save her!' Benjamin said


'And I will,' Lucy said, stood up, and turned to Allison and Dominic, 'how long was I gone after I left the ktichen this morning?' she asked


'Like four hours,' Allison said


'And we left three hours ago, so I already used up more than half of my time. Come with me,' She said to them and ran to the door.

'Lucy!' Benjamin called, Lucy turned around, 'there's something you have to know about Micros. His real name is Mike,' he said

'Thanks,' Lucy said not knowing why. She ran out and caught a cab further up by the street. SHe gave the address and paid him twenty bucks to make it go faster.


'Where are we going?' Allison asked,

'That's not important,' Lucy said, 'but seriously Dominic you haven't said a word to me all day! I get this is awkward but this is just pathetic!'

'I'm mad at you!' He said angrily

'You're mad at me?' she asked incredulously, 'You're the one who kissed me! Not the other way around!'

'That's not what I'm mad about!'

'It's not?' Lucy asked confused

'No! You're in a relationship!' Lucy held a hand over her mouth and started laughing uncontrolably. 'What's so funny?' Dominic asked

Lucy shook her head, 'I'm not in a relationship!' she laughed

'But Allison told me-'

'I know what she told you,' Lucy said, 'but I am not in a relationship. I just have a deal with Jason, that's all.' Lucy continued to laugh,

'Okay, what's so funny now?' He asked

'It's not funny. I had just never expected it.'

'Expected what?' He asked confused

'You care about me!'

'I do not! Don't flatter yourself,' he protested, 'alright maybe a little...' he admitted. The taxi stopped and Lucy turned dead serious again. 

'Wait, here, this shouldn't take long' she said to the taxi driver. Dominic and Allison followed her out. Lucy stopped by the door of the wharehouse. 'Stay here, I'll be right back,' Lucy said

'But-' Dominic tried

'I can take care of myself! I'll call you in later,' she said, 'It's time,' she whispered and pushed the door open.

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