Next Door~C.H

"This time the neighbors next door we trying my patience..what's all that noise anyway???"
I woman up to finally see what it is
I knock on the door with a tall blonde Boy with blue eyes.
" may I help you?" He asks
I stand there in silence...


4. Chapter 3


After that tremendously awkward 'meet n greet'

My chances with Luke were at a complete zero, so I just gave up.

"Your just gonna give up???" Karli says in the computer screen eating her ice cream

"What Else is there to do, I'm not the one who steals girls boyfriends." I shrug.

"I'll hook you up..I got you."

"No please your blind dates are horrible."

"This one will work this time."

"Ok k-"

I get a knock from the door.

"Karls, I'll call you back."

I ended the call and walked over to the door.

I open it to Calum.

"Hi Kingston."

"Hi, what exactly are you doing here?"

He lets himself in "well, we're neighbors..and we're gonna be living next to each other, also I'll be seeing you around so why not get to know each other?" He plops on my couch

I chuckle "okay well go ahead make yourself comfortable." I join him

"So why'd you wanna live out here in the lovely Australia?" He flips through channels

"Well, I've had too many bad memories in the USA so i just came here."

"Are you comfortable telling me what happened?" He eyes turn into concern.

I hesitate "uh-um..." I think to myself "why not? your not gonna live it again." "Yeah sure I'll tell you."

"I'm all ears." He puts his hand on his face looking at me.

I chuckle "well, I lived in New York, Brooklyn to be exact..and I lived in a foster home also the oldest, living with 9 other was such a rough life, being the oldest and responsible..I was only 15, a year later, my foster mom I was the new mom...I couldn't control it and I got myself into trouble..trying to find love in the wrong place.

I met this boy, his name was Mari..he had the prettiest eyes and lightest of skin, he swept me off my feet, saying that he'll buy anything I want, take me anywhere..but all that was a lie, he kept me locked up in a hotel room, I'd ask him everyday if we could go to Manhattan, and go shopping..every time he would say 'soon'. I stayed in that hotel for 3 years until I realized that I was going nowhere..I was 18 still in 10th grade..he wouldn't let me go to school or even try to read a book, I had t-" I hesitate

"You had to what.." He gestures his hands to keep going.

"I-I can't.."

"What do you mean?" He says

"This is too much, can you go?" A tear starts to roll down my eyes

" me when you're okay...please?" He says walking out the door.

I gently close the door sliding down upon it.


Are you ready for the next part??

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