Next Door~C.H

"This time the neighbors next door we trying my patience..what's all that noise anyway???"
I woman up to finally see what it is
I knock on the door with a tall blonde Boy with blue eyes.
" may I help you?" He asks
I stand there in silence...


3. Chapter 2


"Hello??" The blond boy waves his hand in my face. There were other boys but all I could see was him.

I snap back into reality "oh, uh-um you guys were making some noise and I was wondering if you could keep it down?"

"Uh, sure we'll try." He closes the door.

I exhale "man he was gorgeous." I couldn't stop thinking about him, his beautiful piercing blue eyes, and his lip ring, the curly hair..everything about him just...ugh

It was later that day, I get a knock from the door. "Wonder who that is.." I look through the peephole and I see a honey blonde boy with long shiny hair.

I open it to see one of the boys from next door.

"Hi, I'm sorry we weren't introduced correctly..I'm Ashton.." He smiles with the cutest dimples.

"I'm Kingston.." I shake his hand

"So you just moved here?" He asks "yeah, about two weeks ago."

"Cool, my other friends are in the living room, would you like to meet them?"

"Yeah, just let me change."

"Ok." He walks back to his apartment.

I wore a simple led zeppelin shirt with black skinny jeans and some converse. I left my curly hair out. To compliment my brown skin.

I walk to their apartment. The door already open.

I see one boy with black hair and one with brown curly hair with blonde highlights.

"Hi I'm Calum and this is Michael." He points to black haired boy.

I wave looking for that tall blonde boy.

He walks out with a girl with medium light brown hair and some highlights.

"Arz you're hilarious." He laughs "oh, hi you again.." He says "hi I'm Kingston the girl next door." I internally face palm myself "no duh he know your next door idiot" I say to myself

He laughs "hi I'm Luke." Luke that's his name

"And I'm Arzaylea, his girlfriend." She out his head on my chest.

I fake smile "hi." I already didn't like her.

"So what brings you here?" He asks

"Your friend Ashton invited me."

"Oh, cool." He nods.

We hang out, I admit it was awkward with Asparagus or whatever her name is, she's really mean to Luke.

"Well I'm gonna go..but it was fun talking to you guys, bye!" I say as Calum walks me out.

"It was fun." He said "thanks for coming over."

"No problem, I enjoyed it.." Half lie

"Hey it's ok I don't like her either.." He whispers to me.

I laugh "bye Calum."


So Calum and Kingston? Whaddya think?

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