Next Door~C.H

"This time the neighbors next door we trying my patience..what's all that noise anyway???"
I woman up to finally see what it is
I knock on the door with a tall blonde Boy with blue eyes.
" may I help you?" He asks
I stand there in silence...


2. Chapter 1

Listen to the video before you read lil moons!! ( *it connects to the story :)


"And that's the last of it..phew!" My best friend Karli plops the box onto my kitchen counter.

"Thanks for being so careful." I say sarcastically

"Whatever.." She says "I'm just so sad that I'm leaving you.." She pouts her lips bringing me in for a hug.

"Aw karli, I'm gonna miss you so much, promise you'll call me everyday??"

"Promise." She smiles "oh! It's almost time for my flight I gotta go I love you!!!" She pecks my cheeks running out the door.

"Love you too!" I gently close it letting out a deep breath.

"So much to unpack..might as well get to it." I say as I put up my big curly locks up into a loose ponytail.

*hours later*

I plop onto my bed in relief that I finally finished unpacking.


I go on my social platforms checking what I missed..

A little later I slide on my pjs and snuggle up in my bed.

"You never let me down, bed." I turn my lights off drifting off to sleep until a muffled sound starts to play. (Be sure to listen to the video before you read!!)

🎶don't talk, let me think it over

How we gonna fix this?

How we gonna undo all the pain?

Tell me, is it even worth it?

Looking through a straight line

Taking back the time we can't replace..🎶

I wasn't very bothered with it because it was the first day so hopefully they'll stop.

It was four boys, all with very nice voices..still didn't know who they were.

I nod my head to the beat making me fall asleep way faster.

*hours later*

I wake up in the middle of the night hearing my photos fall from the walls and my stuff fall down off my counter.

"What in the world??.." Then I realized it was those people next door..

I scoff will putting my head over my pillow..


I woke up to a bright sunny morning, thinking that I actually made it through the night with all that noise.

I stretch out the bed getting up to do my morning yoga.

I roll out my mat reaching up to inhale and slowly exhaling. As I do my next pose, it's completely silent. "Thank the Lord...they left."

When I finished my yoga, I put my clothes I wore a nude colored knit crop top with some high waisted light wash jeans with splits on the knee and a long white chiffon cardigan with some white adidas.

I headed back to the kitchen to make my breakfast..until I hear them walking back into their apartment.

"Oh Gosh.." I continue making my omelette

I hear a boy saying "1! 2!..1! 2! 3! 4!"

🎶It started on a weekend in May,

I was looking for attention

Needed intervention

Felt somebody looking at me

With a powder white complexion

Feeling the connection

The way she looked was so ridiculous

Every single step had me waiting for the next

Before I knew it, it was serious

Dragged me out the bar to the backseat of a car

When the lights go out

She's all I ever think about

The picture burning in my brain

Kissing in the rain

I can't forget my English love affair


I'm seven thousand miles away

The movie playing in my head

Of her king size bed

Means I can't forget my English love affair

My English love affair🎶

"I was so fed up with it so I woman up to tell them to cut it out."

I walk to the room beside me and sternly knocking on the door.

It opens up to a tall blonde boy with blue eyes

" may I help you??"

I was in silence.


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