Master Character Questionnaire

I thought it might be useful if I posted my 'MASTER QUESTIONNAIRE DOCUMENT' on here for you guys to use. I've been creating this document over the past year and a half or so, and it's SO helpful. Seriously. Give it a go. Before you write, fill out this document for all of your characters. You'll be surprised how rich your writing will become :) And of course, suggestions are welcome!


2. Attitude



Daredevil or cautious:


Same when alone:


Greatest fear/ phobias:






Deepest darkest secret:


Why kept for so long:


Worst thing that could happen:


What would throw them into turmoil:


Best thing that happened to them:


Worst thing that happened to them:


What makes them happy:


What makes them laugh out loud:


What makes them unhappy:


Thing that embarrass them:


Things that upset them:


Pet Peeves:




Philosophy of life, if any:


Religious views:


Political views:




Highly opinionated about:


How they feel about self:


What would they change about their appearance:




Past failures they are embarrassed about:


Fondest memory:


If granted one wish, what would it be:


Quirks/ eccentricities:




Negative traits:


Positive traits:


What drives them on in times of struggle:




Special skills/attributes:


Favourite colour:


Divergent Faction:


Hogwarts House:


Favourite type of music:


Favourite genre of film:


Favourite book genre:


Favourite foods:


Favourite sports:


Favourite holiday destination:


Best holiday memory:


Dream holiday destination:


What do others think of them – positive:


What do others think of them – negative:


How do they speak:


How do they walk:


Act with peers:


Act with superiors:


Defining gestures/movements:


What is in your characters refrigerator right now?:


On their bedroom floor?:


 On their nightstand?:


 In their garbage can?:


Your character is doing intense spring cleaning. What is easy for them to throw out? What is difficult for them to part with? Why?


It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details:


If a song played every time they entered a room, what would it be:


Three words to describe them:

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