Carry on my wayward daugter

Once I lived a normal life, that was until these two guys showed up at my doorstep in a Impala.
Then my life just started to go south from there on.
Like now I have to deal with demons, Angels and pretty much anything else I never would believe had exited.
stuck with a sassy guy, rapunzel and a what i think is a gay angel in a trenchcoat. life can't get better than this


4. Jump the shark

When I wake up in the backseat am I slightly confused, but that’s probably because of the alcohol, Dean decided we had to go to a bar to get some money cause I have spent my Christmas money and all the money on my account on useless thing as he called.

So he decided to cheat in pool and drink at the same time, I convinced the bartender to give me some too without the guys looking, and the last thing I remember is Sam dragging Dean to the car, and that I didn't want to go.

But I haven't drunk enough to have a hangover I realize happy when I step out of the car and go over to Sam that stands against the hood of the car brushing his teeth while looking over the sea. He hands me my toothbrush and I yawn loudly before starting on my teeth’s too, we just stand there quietly until we hear Dean mumble and look at him almost falling out of the car,, I  am hungry, let's get some breakfast” Dean groan while ruffling up his morning hair looking at us drowsy.

,, where? We like 2 hours from anything” I ask pointing around us to show him what I mean, he complains that he's hungry now, and Sam tells him that there are some sandwiches left.

When he opens the bag we clearly see that they must be old and nasty tuna by now.

I hear a phone rings while I move towards the sea to spit the toothpaste out.

When I come back both of them look at each other with a face I can't describe.

,, what's wrong?” I ask concerned, with this guy everything could have happen.

,, out brother just called” Dean say looking at Sam without even glancing at me.

,, brother? You have another one?”

,, no we don’t” Sam mumbles before taking me by the arm and almost throw me into the backseat.

I ask them where we going but both of them just sit there quiet with a dreadful and wondering look.

And Dean just looks like he wants to kill this so called brother.

We drive to a town called Windom I'm Minnesota.

Sam and Dean talk about him being fake, Sam thinks it can be true when Dean just want to shoot they guy thinking it is a trap. And I just stand there and don’t really know what to do else than telling Dean that he can't just shot the guy on the open street.

Dean pull the chair up to him, making me sit beside him, angry over Sam just keep talking about this guy must be real. When the waiter comes over, he snarls at her, making her throw the menu cart on the table before walking away. I ask him why he replaced the fork and knife and the water and he tells me that is so he can see if he's a shapeshifter or a demon.

Both me and Sam roll our eyes, what is with him? I think confused looking at Deans sour face.

He keeps mumbling about how low it is to use their dad as bait, Sam tells him about the case that their dad had in the town nine months before the kid where born, Dean just shrug it off.

Sam points at the two torn out pages, Dean ask him angry if he believes that bullshit, and Sam tells him about the girl that are grateful for being saved. Making me think both of them have tried that a couple of times themselves.

,, Mary if it's comes down to a fight, are you going to take the back entrance” he says looking at me with a stern look that clearly is not up for discussion. I tell him that it won't be necessary, but in the same a guy walks through the door looking around.

,, Adam?” Sam ask making the guy look towards us, Sam waves him over, I look down and see Dean clutching his hands and put my hand on his knee given it a comforting squeeze.

I understand him, I would have taught the same if someone told me that my dad had a kid beside with my mom. But Sam is right, their dad probably didn't live as a monk.

,, you Sam” the guy ask slowly coming toward us, looking at all of us, I smile and wave when Sam introduces us. Adam nods sitting down looking rather uncomfortable asking how we know his dad.

Sam says they worked together, while Dean sends evils eyes at him.

,, how did he die?” Adam mutters looking down at his hands.

,, on the job”

,, he was a mechanic right?” Adam ask looking at me, I look down doesn't really know what I shall say because I didn't know the man. Or rather I don’t remember him.

,, a car fell on him” Dean says looking at to see how he react, the waiter comes back greets Adam putting a glass in front of him, Dean takes it with a smile saying he's very thirsty. The waiter glance at him before smiling at Adam asking if he wants the usual, he nods and she walk away. He seem like a nice guy to me, but I can't really tell the differences on acting like a human or being a human. That is something I will leave to the boys. But perhaps it would be best to leave it to Sam in this case because Dean have already set his mind on his a treat.

We all look at Adam for something to happen when he takes a sip of the water, but nothing happens. So he's not a demon, that’s a relief.

Sam ask him when the last time he saw john was and Adam says it have been some years, I feel something is going on with Dean and see him pull carefully his gun out under the table.

Of fear he will shoot him right here, I put a hand on his arm, and whisper “don’t”

He tells us that he didn't know who else he should call, that he's the only family he got.

He says his mom is missing.

Sam apologies and ask how long she been gone while I still have a tight grip on Deans arm while trying to act like nothing's wrong. ,, it's tragic really, but if you're johns kid. How come we never heard of you?” Dean ask with a wondering tone, even though even Adam is beginning to realize what Dean feels about him. he tells us that they didn't really know each other until a few years ago.

Sam ask what he means, and Adam says that his mom never really talked about him, that he only knew some stuff. I ask him concerned what stuff he's talking about, maybe he knows about them being hunters.

He tells us that his mom is a nurse and john came into the hospital pretty torn up, probably from hunting accidents making the guys exchange a look like that’s not new.

And the only thing he knew what his dads name.

John Winchester.

Dean shrugs asking Adam when he finally meet him, he says that when he was 12 years. While he tells about his mom having one of his old numbers I see Dean point the gun at him, not knowing if I should push him or do nothing I just sit there digging my nails into his arm trying to tell him through my actions that he shall not kill the kid. He says that he begged her to call him and she finally did, and when he heard he had a son he raised to town. That he dropped everything and drove all night.

The waiter comes with Adams food ,, well that’s heartwarming” Dean mutters looking down like he doesn't like what he's hearing, but what I know Deans dad wasn’t exactly the father of the year. And hear a guy he doesn't know that tells him that he is his brother speaking so warmly about his dad probably makes him sad cause he never knew that side of him.

Or at least not in that way.

When Adam reaches out to his silverware I hear the safety trigger get pulled off and tug his arm hard. But he ignores me, and just look at Adam with a stern look. I look at Sam for help but his eyes are also glued to Adam.

Adam begins talking about their dad swinging bye once a year, and called when he could. When Adam begins to eat I see Deans expression drops when he realize the guy is real. This is not a trick, my heart bleeds for him right there. Dean always act so hard, but he is probably the person of us three that feel the most.  Adam just keeps talking about him learning poker and pool and him buying him his first beer when he was fifteen, not realizing the change in atmosphere. He just keep talking about all the things they did together, I take Deans hand, and feel him holding it tight like he still doesn't know what he should do about all of this.

,, - he had this beautiful 67 impala-“

,, arh this is crap, you’re lying” Dean grumbles making Adam saying he doesn't. “ oh yeah your are!” Adam look at Dean with a irritated look, not seeing how mad Dean are. ,, I'm sorry, but who the hell are you to call me a liar?” Adam ask looking at Dean like he's a idiot for not believing him.

,, we are John Winchesters sons. WE are his sons” he insert putting at himself and Sam that just look at Dean, not knowing as me what to do.

Adam and Dean look at each other for a long time before Adam looks at Sam to see if he can see if it's true. Clearly he sees that Dean tells the truth with what he says after.

,, I got brothers?” he looks at Dean with awe, pissing Dean of even tough at this rate I didn't think it was possible.

,, no you do not have brothers, I don’t if you are a hunter or what game you're playi-“

,, I have never hunted in my life” he interrupt, making Dean look at him while pulling me up from my seat saying to Sam we are leaving.

Hallway down to the door I hear Adam shout.

,, I can prove it”

I don’t know what happened next, because Dean asked me to go back to the room, staying indoors so some demon coming by don’t catch my scent or how they do it.

I just sit at the bed nervous about what is happening, have Dean decided to kill Adam anyway, did he really have proof? And if he had, what proof?

I decide to watch some television and a hour after they show up, I look at Dean that just grunts he's telling the truth before going over to his guns, a thing I have noticed is when Dean needs to think he cleans his guns. And there are plenty of reasons for him to do so, when Sam gives me a resume of what happened at Adams house. ,, so it sound like she got killed in there. But what did?” I ask concerned over I sound so nonchalant over someone is dead.

Sam tells me that they don’t have a clue else that they have taken some dead bodies like last time when their dad were here. I take up a gun and decide to help Dean cleaning them while Sam turns on his pc to try to find out what it is.

Half a hour after, I decide to leave Dean to his gun and take a shower, half done I hear yelling from the room and put a towel around myself deciding to check out what is going on. I peek through the door see Adam stand there yelling about his house turning into a crime scene and the guys bailing before the police shows up.

He looks like he's about to cry, Sam and Dean doesn't say anything until he turns to Dean. ,, cops didn't know where to look for my mom, but you did Dean. You did. I heard you two talking about grave robberies.” I see his eyes turn towards the gun and decide to open the door making them all look at me. ,, okay guys, you all need to cool down” I say looking at each of them trying to sound like my mom when she told me something serious and wanted me to listen.

,, I know you are not mechanic, I just want to know what's going on. please” he says looking at Sam cause he know Dean won't tell him squat. While Sam tells him about what they are, is Dean throwing my clothes over to me. I decide to leave the room not wanting to change in front of the guys, but still let the door stand a little open if something happens and I need to save Adam.

After Sam had told him all, or at least all I know Adam just sit at the bed in a couple of minutes trying to take it all down, I try to act calm while brushing my hair, but it is big news. And not everybody will take it well.

,, okay so, basically you saying that, every movie monster, every nightmare that I ever had. That’s, all real?” he says looking at Sam, like he isn't completely sure what he just said come out of his own mouth, can't blame him. Sam nods and then Dean snorts ,, Godzilla is just a movie”

I push him and give him a “ come one” look, he rolls his eyes looking away from me.

Sam looks shortly at us before telling Adam that we hunt these monsters, and so did their dad. We all just sit there looking at Adam taking it all in.

,, okay”

,, okay?” Dean repeats, I must give Dean right. Who the hell say okay after all the shit they just been told. ,, ,, what am I supposed to say?” he ask looking at Dean like he doesn't see the  problem.

,, that were liars, we crazy, nobody just say okay” I nod in agreement.

,, your are my brothers, you would tell me the truth right?” he says looking at Sam, before Sam can answer I can't keep my mouth shut anymore. ,, seriously? I'm with Dean on this one. Any normal person would think were some lunatic driving through the stats in a old rusty impala” Dean shout hey and glare at me for insulting his baby. ,, I believe you” me and Dean roll our eyes, there is something wrong with this kids head,  even though he's older than me. “then what took my mom? “

,, were not sure, something in  town is stealing bodies, living and dead. But we don’t know what” Sam says with a look of sadness over he still hadn’t figured it out.

,, there is a long list of freaks that fit the bill” Dean say looking at me fighting with my hair, he rolls his eyes and come over to me, brush it a couple of times before putting it up in a ponytail.

I look surprised at him and he tells me he used to do it when I was little, and he hadn’t forgotten how. Sometimes I forget that they must have been the one nursing me when I was little, a little creepy in some ways. But somehow, also comforting.

,, you think she maybe is still alive?” Adam asks, he doesn't sound too hopeful, but when Sam and Dean doesn't answer and look down the little glimpse of hope in his eyes fade away.

“ how can I help”

,, you can't” Dean say looking at him with a stern look, like no way in hell you will get a knife or a gun. ,, this thing killed my mom, If you are going to hunt it, I want in” he looks at Dean with a serious face, but Dean look just as serious when he says no, Sam tries to tell Dean that Adam should come with us because it is his mother, and that they know how that feels like. But Dean cut him off by saying,, why do you think dad never told us about this kid Sam? Why did you think he ripped out the pages?-” ,, because” “ -because he was protecting him!” ,, dads death Dean” “ it doesn't matter! He didn't want Adam to have our life! And we are going to respect his wishes!” Dean yells throwing his dads journal on the bed,, do I gotta say in this?” Adam asks looking at both of them.

Dean yells no while Sam says no turning towards Dean, but then just look at the shortly before going towards the door,, where are you going?” I ask standing up confused and rather bothered over the guys is fighting. Something I never seen like this before,, I'm going out!” he yells taking his jacket and slams the door. I quickly grab my jacket following him out to the impala, he glances at me like he want to send me back in. but before he can say anything have I placed myself at the front seat, looking out at him like “ are you coming?”

When the old priest when the tomb, do I quickly regret I didn't take Dean up on his offer to stay in the car. It's old, a stank of something rotten fill the air, and there are cobweb all over. Not exactly a place I am used to be at.

,, this tomb was built in 1926, 4 generations was laid to rest here” we look at the open stone graves where there used to be a corpse, I can't believe who the hell would steal a old corpse.

,, they don’t build them like this anymore” Dean says looking around the place on all the open graves. ,, tell me, have you two taught about where you might like to spend eternity?” the priest ask looking at Dean, Dean just look at him before turning around muttering ,, all the damn time”

The priest quickly put the card back in his pocket,, so three bodies is missing. Any idea who did it?” Dean ask going further into the tomb. I gulp the salvia that have hopped up in my mouth before pulling down my dress to follow Dean in a suit. We are supposed to be FBI, and I am the newbie on the job as Dean said to the priest when we meet him. Personally do I not think a dress and high heels are the best thing to wear with some kind of freak running around kidnapping people and dead corpses. But I am sure that Dean will protect me.

Dean squats down looking at something slimy beside the grave, he take some up to his face before quickly pulling it back when the smell kicks in. ,, this isn't blood. What is it?” The priest tells us that they didn't just take the bodies, but cut them up.

,, oh my god I gonna throw up!” I yelp holding my hand to my mouth trying not to do it down Deans back. He quickly helps me out into the fresh air.

The next thing I know is that we are on some bar, the bartender give us a beer each telling us that the first one is on the house for cops and FBI people.

She ask us what we are doing there, while Dean talks with her I try to calm myself.

I have been with them for 3 weeks now, but this is the first time I have been working on a chase with them. Usually they put some witch bags in the room, demon proof it or get Castiel to watch over me while they take the hunt. Still, it been some time since I saw Castiel, last time I saw him was Christmas, I know that he have seen Dean about what he needed him for that day but Sam and me have he avoided. I reach towards my beer and get an empty glass.

,, what the hell?” I snarl looking at Dean with a blaming look, he put his own half empty glass down smiling at me. ,, newbie’s doesn't get to drink” Clearly telling me that he still holds it that I shall not drink.  For a time we both just sit there chatting about my old life.

I tell him about my old school and my friends, about my hobbies, he can't help but laugh of them.

,, archery with guns? And gymnastic?” he snorts looking like he's about to laugh his ass off. ,, yeah, I have had many hobbies trough the years, dad was very persistent that I needed to learn to fire a gun. And let me just tell you Dean, that if I one day decided to diss your ass. You would never catch me. I have a friend that have taught me a little about something called parkour too”

I joke pushing his arm while I'm winking, he smiles he's charming smile that will get every girl weak in the knees while he brushed some of the whipped cream from my cheek away the bartender gave me after Dean asked if she could make something without alcohol for me.

I look surprised at him when he even without nothing it lick it off his finger before talking about the time he learned to fire a gun. This man is so used to flirt with women he does it without realizing it anymore I think while asking into the times he was out hunting with both his dad and Sam.

,, maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on Adam” I say after Dean comes back from the bathroom, he looks at me with a face that clearly tells me that he doesn't want to talk about it.

,, I know you think it goes against your fathers wish, and it probably does, but Dean. His mom is dead, his dad is also death. He doesn't have any family expect you and Sam.”

,, and you”

,, what?” I ask surprised and look at Dean, he looks at me with a smile.

,, maybe you can't remember it Mary, but you too once was a Winchester, and maybe you don’t go under the name Mary Winchester as you did before dad left you at your parents. But for me are you still family even though you can't remember it” I feel a warm feeling spreading through my chest when he tells me that he still consider me his family. Maybe I can't remember that much, but they can. Dean was 15 and Sam was 11 when they found me, for them the memories are clear, while I was only 1 year old and was with them to I was 4. Sometimes I really wish I knew more, cause sometimes the thing the guys do or say suggest they know more about me than I know about them.

Like when I didn't even need to say I didn't want onions in my burger, because my stomach can't tolerate it. They know almost everything I like and what I don’t like.

,, yeah, but he's also family Dean, we don’t share blood but you still see me as family, you are sharing blood with him. At least try to see him as family. I know it's hard, he has the life you wanted right?” I question softly knowing it is a hard subject for him, and as I anticipated he tense up, he looks at his drink thinking over what he should say.

,, as a wise drunk old man once told me. Family doesn’t end with blood” he mumbles smiling softly at me, I take the hint and let it go. We sit there awhile, Dean drinking his beer, me drinking my cacao thinking why of all things he decided I should have a cacao.

And then I remember it, my favorite thing when I was little was cacao, I would throw a flip if I didn’t get it. He remembered that even tough is so long ago?

He keeps surprising me.

We decide it's time to go back to the others, and even though I kept telling him to let me drive because he have so much to drink is it still Dean sitting in the driver seat.

God, when did I get so soft I think confused, these guys kidnapped me from home, I am now on the run, I don’t actually know them even though they know me.

And now I giving free advices out, trying to stop Dean shooting some kid. And are actually worried about them? Castiel angel aura must have rubbed on me.

Mom would die of a heart attack if she knew how good a girl I have been the last couple of weeks. And that would probably test me with holy water, he used to say that I could make the devil cry and go back to sleep when I was at my worst. And here I am, like a freaking little angel. I'm actually scaring myself a little.

We drive up to the motel and out of nowhere I hear Adam scream Sams name.

Dean speed up and we see Sam laying on the ground in front of the car struggling, Adam scream for our help and we both rush over and grab a hold of Sam.

Sam scream in pain when we got him dragged away, Dean quickly shoot the shotgun under the car he had with him. I look worried at Sam, but all in all he looks okay.

We all just sit there looking at each other not sure what just happened.

Dean drive the car away showing a open sewer, Sam drags me back while Dean move closer with the shotgun in his hands. Ready to fire if something shows up.

,, what is that?” I ask horrified when I see the black stuff on Deans hand.

,, I winged it, did you see anything?” he says while coming towards us, Sam says he didn't get a got look ,, what the hell is this thing?” I question out in the open cause I know none of the guys know either. Adam ask if we should go after it and Dean tells him that it is long gone.

,, alright we don’t know what it is but we do know who it goes after” Sam declare looking at the sewer. ,, Jo Barton, Adams mom-“

,, and Adam, it was under his truck, just waiting for him”

,, and we walked right into it” Sam groan with a sour face.

,, it doesn't matter,-“ me and Adam just look at the sewer not sure what to do while Dean explain what we have found out to Sam.

Clearly it wants revenge as Dean says, it was revenge on their dad.

The next thing I know is that we are in Adams home and Dean tells him to grab some stuff, cause we gonna hit the road.

Great not only have I been dragged into going on the road thing there have going on. But now is Adam too.

Sam says we shouldn’t leave and Dean joke about staying where his mom got killed is a great idea. Sam says he's serious and Dean look just as serious when he says ,, no, we gonna take the kid, drop him off at bobby’s with Mary. And then you and me are gonna come back here and finish what dad started” I start to protect but none of them are listening.

,, how, we got no leads, no witnesses, but we do have what this thing wants” me and Dean look at Sam like he's a whole different person.

Did he just suggest we use Adam as bait?

and apparently Dean taught the same cause he ask Sam with a what the fuck attitude. ,, maybe it will come back, we can train Adam. Get him ready” ,, we can die Sam” ,, we can all die Dean! Even if we do kill this thing, is there tons of other freaks that wants revenge” he snarls “ on that dad, on us. What If it find the kid instead, what if he's not ready”

,, whatever It takes I will do it” we all look towards Adam that stands in the door looking serious at all of us. And here we are, out in the woods shooting on a old no trespassing sign with a sign on it.

While Sam tells Adam how it's done, is me and Dean standing by the car.

This kid is going to shot one of us instead I think when I see how bad at it he is.

,, Mary do you wanna try?” Adam yells at me, then it comes up in me again the thing I taught I have lost. The devil as my dad would say. ,, sure, but I have never done it before” I mumble nervous taking the gun from Adam, before Sam can starts his lecture have I shot the target in the middle three times. I hear Dean laugh softly and look at both Sam and Adams surprised faces. ,, beginners luck” I smirk pushing the gun at Sams chest before going over to Dean.

Later is we all sitting at Adam, while Sam talking about some of the cases they have done. Adam make the mistake of calling it a job, and Sam lecturing him about it not being a job but a life.

And that you gonna have to leave all behind, friends, girlfriend. Everything.

That it is weaknesses to have it. That it will just put them in danger, getting them killed.

,, - there is only one thing you can count on. Family”

,, Sam. Can I talk to you?” both of them leave letting me and Adam behind, I smile shortly when he looks at me but don’t say anything. I won't end in the middle of this, I'm gonna shut up and take a run for it if they decide to wrestle about this, we just sit there in silence. ,, Mary do you have a boyfriend?” I look surprised at Adam.

,,Do I have what?” I mutters not really sure if I heard was right, cause he couldn’t be asking me if I had a boyfriend. Right? ,,Do she have what?” Dean growls entering the room. ,,A boyfriend, do you have one”

,,She's family! Don’t you dare think of her in that way! I will kick your ass if you touch her!” Dean yells moving towards Adam like he wants to punch him for even saying something like that.

,,so she's like a sister?” Adam question looking at Dean like he can't understand what all the fuss is about. ,,Exactly!” I begin to grin making them all look at me.

,,What? So I should call you big brother or something Dean?” I say jokingly until I look at Dean and see his cheeks have turned red and he won't look at me. ,, Did you just blush on me? How cute” I smirk making aww noises, Adam laugh softly and Dean looks at me red in the head.

,,Shut you cake hole!”

,,Why are you guys yelling like that?” Sam ask coming into the room with a confused look, Dean stand between us like he's not sure who he should punch in the face first.

,,I found Deans secret kink” I giggle looking at Sams confused face.

,,Mary shut up! And come with me!” he says dragging me after him with a furious face.

,, am I gonna get spanked?”

,, Mary for god’s sake, just shut up”

We drive back to the cemetery and open the tomb. It's pitch dark and Dean is the only one having a flashlight, so I can assure you I hang on Dean like a flea would with a dog.

We look at all the broken coffins trying to find something new, apparently they had argued and Dean wanted to prove something, so now I am here, on a cemetery.

In the night.


Suddenly Dean sees a brick that is moved out of the wall and try move it more, showing us a tunnel. He looks at me and I pull away ,, you are not going to get me to go down there!” I say with a high pitched voice. Dean takes the flashlight and begin to crawl in.

,, really Dean? Wow my hero!” I yell tripping seeing the light fade out the longer he get in. I shiver and take a deep breath before following him.

The stank of rotten meat, and the water making my clothes wet doesn't help on it being creepy already.  Dean helps me out when we get to the end and we realize we stand in another tomb. Probably building on top of the other one.

Skeletons is lying scattered around the floor, making the scenario even more horrifying.

,, home sweet home” Dean mutters, I punch his arm before taking a tight grip on it.


We stumble onto a more fresh corpse, also shattered on the floor, I feel the urge to puke when Dean takes some glasses of that are the only thing that are still intact when the rest of it are torn to pieces and of the look of it eaten of. ,, sloppy Joe” we hear a sound and Dean stands up putting his arms around me.  ,, what is that?” I whisper, he shushes me trying to find out where the sound comes from. He light down the tunnel and I look horrified while the brick is put back.

Dean shots at it but doesn't hit anything making the tunnel collapse, and I realize, we are captured where nobody know we are. With a rotten corpse, and the last person's face I will see is Dean.

Fantastic, I'm going to die in a tomb where no one is going to find me.

,, son of a bitch”

,, yeah that’s exactly what you are! What the hell Dean?! Now we are captured!” I scream at him punching him in the stomach out of rage and frustration.  Dean takes his phone up trying to get a signal, but without luck.  ,, oh my god, I'm gonna die a virgin!” I declare punching the wall instantly regretting it when the nasty slime now is one my hand, I dry it off on my pants swearing the best I can.  ,, Mary relax where are not going to die here, and you are not going to die a virgin, even if I am the one that have to do something about that” he yells trying to relax me, he looks around and we see a door, he looks shortly at me before running over to it trying to push it open.

Without luck.

He looks at me with a stern look when I am about to yell up about me kicking his ass until we are both dead. He looks around the room, I see a woman skeleton and think it must be Adams mom.

Suddenly Deans eye are caught on a coffin looking much newer than the rest of them.

When he begins to pull it do I look the other way, seeing enough dead people for one day. ,, shit!” I hear him yell, I look and see Adams face and realize what that means,, shit!” I croak thinking that we are not the only ones that are fucked. Dean begins banging on the door again with my help, but it doesn't work. He look scared for his brothers safety around looking for something that can help us.

I look up and see a dim light, I pull at Dean and point up, he turn the flashlight up and we see it's a mosaics painting of a girl.

Dean begins to look around he bolt over to a coffin and break the handle of with a kick. I begin to walk towards him but he tells me to step back. He breaks the glass that shatters down over him with all the grass and mould. I run over to him when he reaches out towards me, he puts the handle over it so it's stuck,, let me give you a horseshoe” he says squatting, I jump and get a grip on the handle and pull myself up, I look down at a surprised Dean.

,, gymnastic, remember?” he grins and pull himself up too.

We race over to the car and drive as fast that if the police saw us they wouldn't even have chance following, what is quite amazing for such a old car. When we get there is Dean already at the front door when I step out of the car. I hear the gunshots and when I get in the one of them is missing a head, I see Sam tied to the table and rush over to help him. Dean get tackled by Adams clone and get pushed through the swing door, I try to untie Sam while his blood is spilling into a bowl like some freaking horror movie.

But my life have become a fucking horror movie,, don’t worry Sam! I will free you!” I yelp dead afraid I don’t do it in time. I hear thing get shattered in the other room and get a glimpse of Dean trying to punch Adam skull into the floor. And then the sound when he bash his head in with a candle holder. ,, for god sake Dean stop!” I yell terrified over he keeps doing it.

He stops up and look over at me and Sam I have freed.

He gives me a napkin and tells me to press on the wound on his other hand as hard as I can. After we have lapped Sam, decides Dean that Adam shall have something called a hunter's funeral.

And we burn him out in the woods. We all just stand there looking at the flame.

I just listen to Sam and Dean talking about Sam being the same as his dad and Dean that worshipped him, dressing like him, listened to the same music. But that Sam is more like him that he will ever be. Sam says he take that as a compliment and Dean tells him to take it anyway he want. I just stand there, thinking over what my life have become.

I had never taught in a million years that this would ever happen to me, but I can now call myself a hunter. A thing I never wanted to be.


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