Carry on my wayward daugter

Once I lived a normal life, that was until these two guys showed up at my doorstep in a Impala.
Then my life just started to go south from there on.
Like now I have to deal with demons, Angels and pretty much anything else I never would believe had exited.
stuck with a sassy guy, rapunzel and a what i think is a gay angel in a trenchcoat. life can't get better than this


3. Everyone is saints around chirstmas time


I can't help but get excited over the guys actually said yes to hold Christmas with my dads parents in Bozeman on their ranch.

Sad, mom and dad couldn't make it, but still I will hold Christmas with some of my family, and Dean and Sam will see what a real Christmas actually is. All the way down to the bad songs. Mom and dad had told them that I was on a trip with some of moms friends sons because they couldn't understand why I wasn't home with them. And then they heard we weren’t really far from them, when Dean finally agreed to let me talk to them to assure I am still alive.

At least for now.

Over the past week I have shared emails with them asking them to buy me some stuff and get the money from the account mom and dad have made for me.

After the showdown with Lilith we haven't stayed one place more than 4 hours for Dean to sleep before we were on the road again. Dean is very, I wouldn't call it careful but. He doesn’t like someone touch what he calls his wife or baby. So Sam can't drive, and I almost got killed asking if I could try. I sit in the back of the car looking at the familiar landscape while we drove up to their house. Dean wasn't sure if they had to bring anything even though I kept telling him it wasn't necessary. But in the end I bought bucket roses to grandma and a whiskey to grandpa.

Dean and Sam have shaved for the occasion and are both in whites shirts ironed and under their jackets. I sit in the warmest of the stupid dresses my mom packed for me.

A baby blue long sleeved yarn dress that sits tight around my figure, leaving nothing for the imagination. Dean had to buy me some long black winter boots because my shoes didn't do it in this kind of weather. Finally I see the familiar house down the road, and the horses running around in the snow like they were foal again.

,, damn that's some crazy horses”

Dean mumbles looking at them with a frown.

,, they just excited Dean, horses can be like children when they are happy” I laugh too happy to even give him a lecture about saying such things of the horses I use to ride on in the summer vacations.

When I see the old Victorian house I almost jump on the backseat making Dean yells at me to stay still, I see grandma stand outside with a big smile waving at us in her yellow summer dress.

I roll the window down and wave enthusiastically back.

As soon Dean stops the car I jump out and run right into my grandma’s arms yelling grandma.

She give me a tight hug that always had made feel safe since I was little while I breathe in the scent of straw and apple-pie. Mom had learned to make it from grandma cause of the plantation behind the house. I hear the doors get open and turn around to see two guys with toothpaste smile walking over to us. ,, hello Mrs. Hallow, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean” Sam says shaking her hand with the big smile that also Dean has that kind of begins to freak me out.

,, please call me Lizzie” she says with a big smile hurrying us into the house.

Few moments later are we all sitting in front of the fire drink cacao and apple pie.

Or more precisely Dean is eating apple pie.

God that boy can eat pie like it was some kind of competition I think smiling of the face he makes with each bite. And I know grandma is happy over someone eating her pie with such delight.

Grandpa had examined the guys since he walked in, like he’s trying to find something about the guys that are wrong. But right now they just seem like two men eating pie and drinking cacao.

You can't really see that they chat with demons and angels and one of them had been to hell.

Nope, they wouldn’t probably not believe me either if I said it. Or believe that I had talked with one of god's angels not matter how much he suck.

Or that some crazy ass demon bitch it on my ass for no reason anyone can see.

But hey that’s how life is now.

I take a sip of my cacao smiling over being in surroundings I know and love.

This is like my second home, and I have always loved to come up here, and spend some time with my grandparents. Do they know I am not their real grandkid? Or do they think I am theirs?

No, they must know, I was like 4 when mom and dad took me in Dean told me.

I we sit like that a while without talking until grandpa says he could use some help with the horses and if I'm up for the task.

I gladly follow him with Sam after me because grandma kidnapped Dean to help her with the food, so it’s ready tomorrow.

We give the horses their food out on the field while cleaning their boxes.

Sam and I talk a little about what the guys did when they were little when it was Christmas.

And it’s not a nice story.

Their dad was never home, no present or food. I thought it was bad but not that bad.

When we finish the boxes and let the horses in.

I go over Bilbo with a carrot smiling, grandpa gave him to me when I was little.

Had read the hobbit, when I got the little black foal.

Now 7 years later he is a beautiful stallion, a father to many of the foals on the farm.

,, wow he's a beauty” I hear Sam say when I comes up to me, I can't help but grin happy that I isn’t the only one thinking that,, he's name is Bilbo, I loved the hobbit when I was little” I mumble caressing him over his main. He nudge my ear and nipple my hair, I can't help but giggle.

When we come walk in the whole house smells of pie.

When we walk into the kitchen we see Dean covered in flour with a big smirk watching the oven with a proud face. Sam and I get to work with the potatoes for tomorrow Christmas dinner while Dean helps grandma with the rest of the work. Sam asks into some stories from when I was little.

Grandma decide to tell them about my first crush and I can already hear the long hours on the road Dean joking about it. The guy was named Derek and lived on one of the farms further down the road, he was 2 years older than me but that didn't stop me from daydreaming of him as grandma called it. She told them about the time I would like to act all grownup and almost got myself killed. Dereks dad was a hunter, and one time I pleaded him to let me go with him and Derek.

And when we was there and should kill the deer I felt so bad for it that I moved in front of the gun just when he shot, it hit my chin cause he just in time moved the gun so he didn't shoot me in the head. I was so much scolded and didn't dare to go near the farm again. ,, damn you are no hunter” Dean laughs pushing me with his shoulder, I grunt embarrassed and throw a potato after him, he jokingly avoid. When we are done with the food preparations, grandma finds the Christmas tree decorations making us decorate it. Sam and Dean go all in for it, and almost get into a fight about how much glitter there should be on it. I can't help but laugh of how childish they are and just enjoy seeing them not act so serious all the time.

When it's time to go to bed grandma ask me to find the cookies to Santa, Dean look confused at her and she tells him that you always leave cookies and milk to Santa and carrots to his reindeers. When we finally lay in our beds I almost can't wait for tomorrow Christmas morning.


,, Hey Mary! Wake up! It's Christmas!” someone yells beside me while I feel my whole body get shaken, when I open my eyes I look right into green eyes that glow of excitement.

I nod drowsy before pulling myself out of bed heading down in my pajamas, Sam and grandma is already sitting there, while grandpa is out feeding the horses.

,, good morning sweetie, merry Christmas” she says kissing me on the cheek, I feel the sleepiness vanish when she put the present in my lab. I hear a shocked gasp when grandma also give the buy a present, both of them look at it with wonder. ,, is this really for me?” they say honored like it was the holy grail she just gave them. She nod smiling urging us to open them, I know what's inside so look happy at the guys ripping up their presents.

Both of them pull out a knit sweater in red, grandma always knitting something for us, when it's Christmas. Last time I got socks and mittens. Both of the guys quickly take it on, when I see their happy face over it fit I am happy I looked in their clothes and send their seized to grandma.

I quickly open mine taking my long sweater on too, with a goofy smile.

,, welcome to the family guys. You are official a Hallow member, when you get one of grandmas sweaters” I laugh hugging grandma, when grandpa comes in I see that he also got a sweater, but his has a big snowman on it. Grandma push me softly pointing at two presents under the tree.

I stand up taking the biggest one and handing it to Sam.

,, wait, is this for me?” he croaked looking up at me, I smile nodding putting it into his lab waiting patiently for him to open it up. He gasp and I swear I almost saw a tear in his eyes when he pulled out the computer ,, sorry, I know it's not the newest model. But you got your old one stolen so I thought this was better than nothing” I declare feeling my cheeks turn pink, before I can do anything I am in Sams arms.

,,thank you so much” he muttered almost choking the life out of me.

Dean smiles happily over Sams excited face, and I dumb the other present in his lap

,, did you really think I forgot you?” I giggled. He opens it and look happy at all the different stuff, I wasn’t sure what I should buy Dean so I bought some different stuff I found out he liked.

Like all the Clint Eastwood's movies grandma could find, and some chuck Norris movies.

And what was most amazed over she could find, a autographed cassette tape with Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On" and "Traveling Riverside Blues." That must be some of his favorites song because I swear we hear it so much I probably could sing them in my sleep. This time I am sure I see a tear before Dean also tries to hug the crap out of me, I pat him on the bag giggling. I get a present from mom and dad, luckily for me it is cash, so I don’t have to loan from Sam and Dean even though they said they wouldn't mind it. I look up confused from my cup of cocoa at Dean that stands in front of my scratching his neck, I tilt my head wondering over why he looks like he would rather face a ghost.

He push something to my chest, I look down and see it's a little wrapped gift, I look up surprised at him ,, it isn't something big, but it is Christmas” he mumble before hurrying over to Sam, that are talking with grandpa about god knows what. I gently wrap it open to find a necklace with a blue crystal. I look up at Dean and say thank you, knowing he would die if I hugged him.

I ask grandma put it on me, and look amazed at it, it rest just over my chest, and feels like it always been there. Later that day Sam puts a gift in my lap when he walks by like it never happened.

He quickly vanish into the kitchen where Dean and grandma is about to prepare dinner.

I open it up and find a knit bracelet with a pentagram, silver bullet and a cross pendants, I take it up carefully and look at it with a smile, it's clearly handmade like the necklace but I still love it.

I quickly put it before running out to grandpa that needs help with the horses.

When we have ate, and I mean ate like there were no tomorrow are we all sitting in front of the fireplace just relaxing. Even Dean had in the end needed to stop eating pie and duck cause he couldn’t eat anymore.  Suddenly we hear a crash and a scream from the kitchen.

,, who are you?” I hear my grandma ask confused.

,, I'm an angel of the lord”

,, sure you are honey, everyone around Christmas is small saints so they can get their present” I hear her say when we break through the door. we look confused at Castiel that stands right there in the living room with my grandma, when he sees us he begins walking towards us.

,, Cas what are you doing here? it's Christmas" dean ask confused and tilt his head like to examine the angel. When my grandma realizes it someone we know she looks relaxed and begin washing up like it's normal that people just come into the house seeking their friends. ,, Dean I need you" Castiel say blunt.

we all look with big eyes at the angel, me and Sam with a smirk, and dean with red cheeks and a face like he doesn’t know how to tackle it. ,, did he just come out of the closet?" Sam giggles pushing dean on the shoulder making dean send him his famous glare. ,, I don’t know what you mean with a closet, but I need Dean" Castiel says with a confused look, look at each of us.

,, he didn’t just come out of the closet, he back flipped out of it with an accompanying mariachi band" I say laughing so much when I realize what Castiel stands under.

Dean also look up and jump back when he sees the mistletoe, Castiel looks more and more confused at us and I can't help but tiptoe up and give him a kiss on the cheek.

,, why did you touch your lips against my cheek?” he ask confused taking himself to the cheek looking at me like I have done something wrong, I point at the mistletoe and explain that, that it was you are supposed to do when you stand under a mistletoe, kiss the person nearest you.

Sam giggles and I join in, looking at Dean that just roll his eyes at us.

When I turn my head towards Castiel again I feel something warm pressing against my lips.

I jump back surprised taking me to my lips where Castiels just have been.

,, cas what are you doing?!” Dean yells making my grandma look towards us with a confused look, I smile like nothing has happened and push the guys into the living room.

,, she told me that that was you are supposed to do” he says nonchalant like he doesn't see what all the fuss is about. Dean yells at him that he can't just kiss a girl on the mouth like that, without asking her first. And that was told by a player that probably has done just the same as Castiel.

,, okay, okay, I didn't die did I? Would you mind not screaming of your boyfriend out of jealousy? Before grandma is coming wondering over what all the fuss is about?” I whisper trying to calm them down. Dean get red in the head, if it's anger or embarrassment I never find out before we all stand on a field. We all look confused around before turning our heads towards Castiel. ,, what the hell Cas?” Sam says holding around himself shivering from the cold wind, I snuggle up against Dean trying to cover myself from the wind. ,, Cas is winter, and it's snowing! It's too damn cold to stand on a fucking field” Dean snarls putting an arm around me rubbing my arm to get some warmth into me. Luckily we still have the sweaters on, or I would have died right there.

I hate cold weather, I can't take it.

Castiel takes a hold of my hand before snapping his fingers and we are standing outside grandma and grandpa’s house, I ask him if it can wait to when we leave because this will be the last time in a long time before I am going to see them again. He looks at me a long time, almost making me believe he will say it can't wait.

But then he nods and leave just as sudden as he shoved up.

We all hurry into the house under the warm blankets and are there shivering from the cold when grandma comes in, she looks around like she's searching for something.

,, where is your friend?” she asked confused looking at Dean, Dean smiles and tell her that he just had to drop something of before he had to go again. Grandma comes over to my sofa with her knitting set and start to knit, suddenly she takes me by the arm and say ,, that’s a beautiful pendant!” I look down to see what one she thinks of and feel my eyes grow big. Right between the pentagram and the silver bullet is a little diamond heart. How did it get there I think confused touching it like I'm not really sure it is there, then I remember Castiel taking a hold of my arm.

He must have put it there before vanishing, I think surprised.

The rest of Christmas are we just sitting there telling stories about our live before going to bed.

I touch my necklace while looking at my bracelet with a smile before falling asleep.

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