Carry on my wayward daugter

Once I lived a normal life, that was until these two guys showed up at my doorstep in a Impala.
Then my life just started to go south from there on.
Like now I have to deal with demons, Angels and pretty much anything else I never would believe had exited.
stuck with a sassy guy, rapunzel and a what i think is a gay angel in a trenchcoat. life can't get better than this


1. one step closer to hell

I was sitting outside my house like any other normal day, waiting for mom and dad when I see an Impala drive into the runway.
Two handsome men steps out and walk over to me, I straighten up in the chair and smile, it's not that uncommon that people comes to visit. Mum says it because of dad's old job that they come to ask advises.
What his job was I don't know because they won't tell me, but it must have been something important since people come all the time.
"Hey, we are looking for Clint and Katrina" the shorter one says smiling at me.
"They aren't here at the moment, but you are welcome to wait"  I say and look at the two other chairs.
The big one sighs and sits down, and starts looking at me with a searching look.
"What's your name?"
"Marianne, but people call me Mary,"  I see their faces freeze "Yeah,  I know it’s an old name but my moms moms name was apparently Marianne, but they decided to just call me Mary. What's yours?" the small ones clear his throat.
"This is Sammy and  I am Dean"  I ask them what they want from my dad, but they won't tell, instead they use the rest of the time to just staring at me making me very aware of myself.  When dad comes home he look surprised at the guys that quickly stand up and look at him. "Clint we need to talk to you, it’s important” the one with the name Dean says.
Dad shushes me up to my room and takes the guys into the living room.
An hour later I hear mom calling me down for dinner, and I see that the guys are still there sitting on the couch drinking beer. Dean sees me and stands up smiling, "Hey Marianne, eh Mary, your mom told us she's making you favorite dish, what is it?”
"That’s steak and potatoes. Oh and probably some kind of pie after dinner, she likes to make them” the ecstasy the man gets on his face, is something  I  never have seen in my life before, maybe the time  I caught my friend doing it, the face of that guy she was doing, can't quite cut it, but it's close.
He almost runs into the table with Sam after him, shaking his head.They both eat with a delighted face likes it's a long time since they got a home cooked meal.
Maybe it was, I wouldn’t know.
I realize that both guys sneak a peek at me from time to time, and it makes me very confused and uncomfortable over why they are so interested in me. But I don’t say anything, dad seems to like them, and he literally tried to shot the last guy that showed me some interest. So I keep my pie hole shut. Dean eats the apple pie so quick, like there wasn’t any to begin with.
Moms laugh and tell him she will make sure to make some for them when they leave tomorrow.
"Tomorrow?” I ask, she nods and tell me they are going to sleep in the guest room. But my bedroom is right beside the guest room, God I’m not going to sleep at all tonight.
I run up to my bedroom to get away from the guys, and they stayed with mom and dad.
Later I hear their whispering voices in the hallway and hide under my covers,
But the guys just go into their room.  I hear mumbles from there, but soon it's quiet. I’m so tired after a long day in school that I eventually fall asleep.
I wake up by the sound of someone walking in my room and a whisper of curse word. My loft lamp turns on and a girl with brown hair is standing there looking confused.
"You are much prettier than the other ones, but I need to find the Winchesters.  I know they are here” the very thought of screaming like a little girl occurs to me but I just shake my head.
"There aren’t any Winchesters in this house. We are all Hallows here” I mumble looking at her, she sighs and sends me an eye that sends chills down my spine.
"I am not in the mood for lies, where are they, or do I have to-“suddenly my dad burst through the door holding a flask of water? What good would that do on an intruder?
He splashes some in the girls face and I look terrified at the smoke that comes from her body, is it acid?!  I think while my dad keeps splashing the girl until she vanishes in thin air. I scream horrified and look at the spot where she just stood.
Sam and Dean come running through the door with long white silvery blades in their hand making me scream harder.

When my dad had calmed me down and told me that they weren't some crazy murders that had eaten with us, he says that the girl in my bedroom was a demon. And he doesn’t know why he would contact us because he hasn’t been in the business in 17 years.
"A demon, like you know, red horns, tail and Lucifer? Dad we don't even believe in angels!" I say, on the edge of hysteria.
"Big mistake, they quite real, and complete douche bags” Dean says with a snort.
If I believed in them I’m quite sure that angel would be kind and good.They tell me all about hunters and what that lures in the dark.
First I thought damn my dad is crazy, but then some of the things make sense, like why he didn't want me out on full moons, and why we never camped. All that kinds of stuff.
But then they threw a bomb I wasn’t prepared for.
I touch the scar that still feels hot and Sam looks concerned at me.
"Why are you touching you scar?” he says and lean sligthly forward "It feels kinda ho- wait how do you know about my scar?” I growl and move back, no one but mom and me know about it, and of course dad know of the scar. It is a big scar right across my belly up to the right chest.
I have never worn a bikini because of that, people would ask questions  I couldn't answer because  I don’t even know how I got it.
But here we are, and some guy I just meet talks about my scar I have been hidden in over thirteen years. He looks like he said something he shouldn't and look over at what I now know is his big brother. "'Cause we were there when you got it” Dean tells me and look at me with a serious face, dad sighs, and mom looks like she's about to cry.
"What do you mean you were there? It happened when I was little.”
"Yeah  I know, you were only 1 years old at the time, it was a hell hound that did it, that's what our dad thinks. They had come to get your mom, and somehow you ended in the middle and got scratched by it. We came too late to save your mom, but we did manage to save you”
They decide to tell me what is going on after I almost choke the life out of Dean, when he won't answer my question, but then he begins to talk.

I look up when dad comes through the door, he shortly looks at Sammy that lay softly snoring in his bed, "Dean we have to go, I have heard about an attack that will happen tonight!”
He turns around not even looking if I’m coming, but he knows I am.
I take one last look at Sam before running after dad.
the first thing we see is all the blood, and then we hear the crying, dad runs into the bedroom where we find the body of a woman, or that's what  I think it is. Even though I have seen a lot, does this still make me want to hurl. The screaming comes from under the bed and dad pulls out a little girl, not more than a year old. She’s covered in blood, and we realize that some of it is hers. Dad takes off her clothes and we see the claw marks over a belly, it's deep but not so deep we have to get her to the hospital.
"What do we do dad?”

I see Sam awake in on the couch when I came into the room with the girl in my arms.
Dad had stitched her up the best he could with the stuff in the house, packed a bag and sent me back to Sammy while staying back looking after clues for family members were we can drop her off.
"Who’s that? and why is she covered in blood?” he ask confused and take a closer look at her, she looks back with big green eyes, he looks back at her with a little smile. ,, come on kiddo, we have to clean her up, she got blood in her hair and when it solidifies it will be hell to get out” we clean her up the best we can with a screaming child that don’t know what’s going on and just want her mom. 

She’s still screaming when dad comes back with an annoyed look.
"What I see is she has no living relatives.” he takes her up trying to get her to shut up by rocking her, but that just make her scream more trying to get out of his grip.

In the end he hands her to me and says he will take a walk, while I try.
Sam looks bewildered at her, and she’s almost turning red from all the crying.
I sit on the bed rocking her while making comforting sounds like  I did when Sam was a baby, but she just keep screaming,  I understand why she's doing it. She must have seen some horrible things when that thing that killed her mother ripped her apart.
And she is probably in pain because of the wound.
Desperate  I begin to mumble the song mom always song for me, she stops screaming and look at me,  I start singing higher and she goes quiet and just looks up at me.
When I stop she giggles and take a hold of my necklace, I pull it out of her tiny hands and sigh relieved.  Sam comes over to me and look at her and touches her chin, she giggle and grab his finger.  I shush him over to his bed and quickly realize how tired I am myself.
Gladly it seems like she is to. Cause she soon fall asleep in my arm.
I lay down with her by my side, her hand reaching out and take a hold of my finger. When dad comes home he finds me and her lying like that sleeping.

I look at him with big eyes. My mom was killed and Dean and his father saved me.
They probably gave me to mom and dad because they couldn't have me on the run.
"So mom, dad. You aren't my real parents?”
"No sweetheart, but we love you like you were ours” dad says and hug me tightly, I hug back, I don't care if they aren't my real parents. They are the only one I know.
"But that still doesn't explain why that demon was in the house” I say confused and look at Sam, she talked about Winchesters, that must be them.
"She was looking for us” he says, yeah  I got that part, but why was a demon looking for a hunter? Hunters kill demons. Or that's what dad said.
"If you splash me one more time  I will rip your lungs out” someone says behind me, everybody jumps up and  I look, the demon from before stands there looking rather angry. My dad takes a gun out from under the table and points it at her.
"Get out of my house you bitch from hell” he screams and shot, she vanish but then shows up behind him, kicking him in the back. Before anyone can react I jump on her out of rage.
No one touches my dad.
She growls out of rage and try to push me of her by tugging my hair.
I punch her right in the face before someone lift me off her.
"Whoa, whoa as much as  I love a girl fight, isn't this the time for that”  I hear Dean say and realize it is him that holds me.  I try to get out of his grip but he just holds me tighter.
Before the girl can jump at us Sam goes in front of us.
"Ruby that’s enough!”
"Me? I’m trying to save your life! Hell even that bitch's life!  I was the one that said you had to come here” she yells and spit out some blood.
my mom takes the gun and points it at her, Sam steps between the gun and the demon.
"Don’t, I know it sounds weird, but she is on our side.” He pleaded, looking from 'Ruby' to my mother.
"But she’s a demon, and what do she mean, she sent you?” my dad nearly yelled.
"Lilith is having demons looking at this place,  I have found out why. She wants her dead” she says and points at me. They want me dead? but why?  I think still trying to get out of Dean's arms.
"Who wants me dead? Why?”  I ask and finally Dean let me go,  I walk over to my dad and see that he’s okay. "Lilith, a big powerful demon. Why? Well I don't know, but now when you two are here it will not be long before she attacks. You've got to get her out of here” she says and looks seriously at Sam.
"I can handle it” dad says and look at me with worried eyes. Ruby laughs maliciously 
"It will not be one demon,  I saw 11 out there.  I don't know why but it is important for her she dies. The only way you all survive is if she gets out of here.”
"And go where?”  I ask irritated because the she-bitch talks like I’m not here.
"With us, we can protect you” Sam says. My dad yells that he won't allow it, my mom cries and hugs me. And I just stand there completely lost. Yesterday I didn't even know demons existed, and now some big one wants me dead. After some yelling my dad gives up and sends mom up and packs me some stuff.
I try to talk them out of it by saying I don't really know them. But no one listen. And a hour after mom and dad hugs me crying and I sit in the back of the impala driving away.
We stopped at a motel, arguing about if I should have my own room or not.
And of course I lost.
I sit on the one the beds growling while looking at Sam and Dean that sits on the computer talking about some Case they apparently had found while I slept in the car.
"It sounds a lot like ghost sickness, the heart attacks, the scratch marks." Sam said.
"Argh, that's just great” Dean mumbles and take a sip of his beer.
I look at them while they talk about how they should find this ghost, I can’t believe it, this is my life now I think frustrated and think about mom and dad.
I hope they are alright, that these demons left them alone after I was gone.
I stand up and they look at me, I ignore their looks and walk towards the door when Dean suddenly stands in front of me.
"Where you think you're going?” he ask and cross his arms.
"Out, you know getting some air?”  I snarl and try to get around him but he keeps getting in front of me. "You can’t just get out, it's dangerous” Dean argues impassive.  I feel the anger rise in me and look straight into his eyes.
"Fine, then you go to a store and get me something! I’m a girl Dean, I have some things I need. Or you rather want me to get you a list instead of getting it myself?”  I ask smirking, he rolls his eyes looking at Sam for help.
"Keep me out of it” Sam laughs softly, looking away from his brother.
I roll my eyes and try to get past Dean, when I open the door Ruby stands there.I jump back cursing and almost step on Dean, Ruby comes in, close the door and look at all of us.
"Seriously, Lilith is on your tail and you decide to work a case?” while they argue about this Lilith person  I sneak out, the motel is right beside a bar and with nothing else to do  I decide to check it out. Not my greatest idea this year.
Not long after, I got me a stalker trying to convince me to follow him outside to the dumpster.
Even though I tell him I will rather eat dog food he won't leave me alone.
"Come on love.  I pay you real good” he says and put a hand on my knee, I smack it off and try to ignore him. I take a sip of my water not paying attention to the door bell ringing.
The guy tries to grab me between my legs,  I stand up throwing the water in his face and give him an uppercut roaring, "Don't touch me you piece of shit!” he looks angry at me from the floor and  I realize that that wasn't the greatest idea.
I try to flee but he grabs my leg yanking me down. Before I can react someone kick him in the face and another one grab me from behind and yank me up on my feet whispering
"Two seconds and you are already making trouble." He sighs.
I realize it's Dean that kicked that guy when he turned around looking like HE would kill me right there if there wasn't any witnesses. I smile sweetly, like  I haven't done anything wrong trying to get out of Sam's grip knowing that this is something I’m gonna hear about for a long time.

I sit in the back of the car looking out of the window.
Dean shoved us out in the car right after we got back from the bar, afraid that the police would shove up asking questions why two men was with a young innocent girl like me.
And he was probably afraid I would scream kidnapping to get away.
Sam looks back at me with a surprised face. "Why are you pouting?”
"I feel like I’m being grounded, and  I haven't done anything wrong”  I mumble not looking at him,  I hear Dean snorts.
"Cut the crap Mary, you know dam-”
"Dean  I need to talk to you”  I look beside me and a guy in a trench coat is sits there.
I scream loud moving away from him and making Dean almost lose control of the impala.
"Dammit Cas! How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t just show up” Dean Yells trying to get control of the car again.
"Is he also a demon?!”  I yell trying to get as far away from him as possible.
"No, I am an angel of the lord” he answers with a frown.
"God, angels, demons, ghosts. Let me guess the next thing that shows up is a sparkling vampire?”  I ask calming down when Sam and Dean doesn't react on the uninvited visit.
"Vampires don’t sparkle” the so called angel says looking at me with confusing like it is me that just showed up out of nowhere.
"Gosh I’m sorry, my bad”  I mumble.
"Don’t mock the angel Mary” Dean says looking over his shoulder at me.
"Wait, he IS actually a angel?!”
"That’s what I said” The angel said, looking confused.
"Mary don’t poke him” Sam says when he sees me poke the angels chin, he looks at me with his blue eyes. He smiles at me making me fall back over the sudden showing of emotion.
Nobody talks the rest of the way down to the other motel, Castiel as the angels name is, is just looking at me creeping me out. Dean singing along to some old classic rock singer.
Sam sitting with his laptop trying to figure out who this person is, that causes what they call ghost sickness are. So I am left with the creepy angel with the blue eyes.
Out of irritation I begin to kick the seat, first small bump until I start to really kick out of frustration.
"Hey!Hey!Hey! Don’t hurt baby alright!” Dean yells and stop the car to look angry at me. I have a sudden urge to smack him. But it is probably not the best idea.
My mom always said she never has understood why my urge to get in fights come from.
Can’t say I’m the goody goody two shoes girl.
More like the kind that get good grades but still pisses the teachers off by coming in late and talking back. Can’t count the times my mom had sit with me in the teacher's room telling her they don't understand where this anger comes from.
But I do know when to keep my mouth shut so I look out the window, ignoring the hateful look I get for Dean mumbling about hurting his baby.
"God! Where is that cute little girl that would chase me around” he mumbles starting the car again.
"I don't know, maybe she decided to raise her standards.”  I say snarling.
"She got you good Dean." Sam laughed looking at his brother.
"Shut up Sammy” Dean snapped and sends him the evil glare.
"I don't understand” Castiel says with a frown looking at all three of us for an explanation.
Sam tells him it's nothing, Dean grunt, I laugh.
Dean said they are douche bags but I would rather say it's more like a child learning the way he talks to the guys and they have to explain almost everything.
It's actually kind of cute, if he would stop staring at me like that.
Why is he staring at me like that? Does he know why this Lilith person want to get me?
All four of us sit in the motel room looking at each other without saying a word.
Dean keeps looking at Castiel and Sam keeps checking on me, probably to make sure I'm not gonna do something stupid. But I am not quite in the mood for that, angels, demons, hell hounds and ghost.
I feel like my live suddenly turned into some bad movie.
"Well Cas you said you wanted to talk to us?” Dean says breaking the silences.
"Lilith Is looking after her, you have to get her to safety”
"Two things, do you know why? And why do you even care what happens to me?” I ask crossing my arms and looking at the angel. Dean and Sam look at him to waiting for answers.
'Why she is looking for you do you not need to be concerned about, the only thing you have to do is keep yourself alive” he says with a voice that clearly tells he will not spill anything.
"That’s kinda hard when the apocalypse is around the corner” Dean shrugs and send Castiel the evil eyes. I look terrified at him.
"Am I'm hearing things or did you just say the apocalypse? The ,argh, 'the humans kill the earth'. Or 'shit god will smite us all' apocalypse? Please say the first thing." 
"You are not much into the bible are you?” Castiel ask me.
"Can't say I am.” 
"The last one. Right now Lilith has to break sixty-six seals and Lucifer will rise to earth. We are trying to stop that.” Dean says and tells me all about what have happened until now.
Even the part about the hell hounds, that dragged him to hell.
"So you pulled me out of the frying pan and into the fire huh?” I smiled, sarcasm dripping off my words. After half a hour arguing with Castiel Sam decided we might actually have to eat something sooner or later so he leaves and I'm stuck with the stubborn one and the flying trench coat.
And soon he leaves to.
Dean and I decide to watch some tv, and the first thing we both hear is the moaning.
I look up and see a girl strapped to the bed with a guy inside of her.
Before I even got the chance to ask what the hell he’s doing he turn it off and say.
"This never happened." Dean said his eyes wide, still holding the remote in his hand.          
'Oh yeah, watching porn with a girl that just started to get her pubes. Good choice”I mumble pulling away from him and go over and sit in the other bed.
"Don’t look at me like I'm gonna rape you.” Dean said rolling his eyes.
"How would I know if you would try?” I questioned.
"Because I have wiped your ass. You have nothing I haven’t seen before” he says and looks at me like I'm the stupid one. I raise my eyebrow and send him the look I use to send to dad when he taught he had won.
"Wow you must be so proud. Saying you have seen it all to the girl that think's you will rape her. You really do know what to say to a girl to make her trust you.” I narrowed my eyes at him.
He begins babbling about that that wasn’t what he meant but I ignore him and in the end he shut up. Sam comes back with beers and burgers, completely unaware of the events that just happened.
I reach for the one with bacon but Dean gets it first.
I scowl at him but then reach out for another one, but suddenly a burger his in my view. 
"You can have the one with bacon” he mumbles without looking at me. I take the burger with a surprised face, but not as surprised as Sam.
"You gave you burger away. Dean are you sick?” Dean looks away, from the burger. 
"Shut it Sammy” I reach for a beer, but Sam push it out of reach and put a coke in front of me.
"You're only 17, Mary” Sam says and take a sip of his beer like he's trying to rub it in.
"And that’s why you think I haven’t drank before… like you didn't do it before your 21 first birthday” I mumble and snatch it from him and take a slurp before he takes it from me.
"See? Not dead yet. No angels fallen from the sky in disbelief. Not even Dean’s boyfriend seems to have something to say about it” Deans almost choke on the beer and look at me with big eyes.
"What the hell Mary?” Dean gasped.
"Please, I saw the looks he gave you. He likes you” I say and take a bite of the burger.
Dean yells up about him not being gay, Sam says he kinda also see what I see and Dean get so angry over we know the truth that he doesn't say anything the rest of the evening.
Or that’s my guess about why he didn't even yell at me for bringing up that I need to go to a grocery store someday to get some stuff. And why he didn't say anything when I hijacked one of the beds and let them decide who get to sleep on the floor.

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