Lost in the Middle

He is the son of a devil. She is the daughter of an angel. And in a few seconds, they ruin each other's lives- and then leave each other to pick up the pieces.


1. The Perfect Weapon to Kill an Angel

Ruin her.

That's all I have to do. 

I've never been entrusted with anything this dangerous. Humans, I have killed. Humans are easy. You are so soft and fragile- so easy to break. But angels? Not so much. They are made of titanium. Titanium and fire. Not the kind of fire you find in the depths - a terrible, white kind of fire, that burns at your very essence.

I'm sorry if my comments seem offensive. But then again, I'm not. I'm a devil. I don't care how offensive I might seem. I just do what I am told. And now I am being told to ruin an angel.

I'm not afraid. Hate doesn't feel fear. We cause fear in others. But an angel? This is more than I have ever tried to fight. But if I fail, then the punishment...

I shudder. My last task didn't go so well. I was warned that I would spend a night in liquid silver if I failed again. Liquid silver- the blood of angels- burns at me almost as much as the white fire does. Angels are built to destroy us. But hate can overcome anything. I can overcome her. 

I walk through the darkness. I do not live in a specific place- more in a darkness between. I prefer it to the fire. It doesn't hurt me- but the fire is where he is. The lord of hell. My father. The one who has ordered me to kill the angel. To ruin her. To destroy one of their weapons.

Can I do it? This is my chance to prove myself.

I hold my hands out in front of me, and rip the darkness open. A massive room appears before me, expanding until I stand in the center. The walls are coated, floor to ceiling, with weapons. The armory. Only I am allowed unlimited access to this room. All others- the lesser devils, the demons- all need a password, or permission. Not me. I am not seeking to overthrow my father and become the next lord of hell. 

I search the weapons. Darksteel. The fell metal- forged to slay angels. These will burn at her pretty little essence until she is nothing but a shriveled husk. 

I smile at that thought. The death of an angel. The most important thing I could do. 

I hate angels. Anyone from the depths feels the same way. Angels are everything that we were created to hate. They contain us- force us into silver prisons. But they will never catch me. I am too powerful. I will break them. Starting with this one.

In the center of the room, a beautiful and horrible sword sits upon a pedestal. Silverblood. This weapon ended the greatest of the angels- Aurelia herself. What better weapon than this? I lift it, and hold it up to the non-light around me. It glows with darkness- an opposite to everything that the angels are. Perfect.

"Silverblood, you name has lived in fame. You are ruin embodied," I whisper. "The perfect weapon to kill an angel."

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