Lost in the Middle

He is the son of a devil. She is the daughter of an angel. And in a few seconds, they ruin each other's lives- and then leave each other to pick up the pieces.


2. The Perfect Makeup to Slay a Devil

Ruin him. 

A devil? Not even a full one, but the son of one? Pff. This is going to be the easiest thing I've ever done- except maybe that time where I charmed a human into falling in love with me so that I could kill him.

What? This one deserved it, I promise. 

Now, I normally don't like killing humans. I'm an angel. I was made to protect humans. But... some humans can't be saved. Then we have to eradicate them. So they can't hurt others. It all comes full circle, y'know? 

I study myself in my mirror. I have a whole mansion complex- with a lot of mirrors. I have to make sure I look fabulous all the time

Now, as an angel, I kind of look perfect anyways. Imagine your image of perfection- the most beautiful, hottest, most jaw-dropping girl. That's me. 

Okay, here comes another human correction! Everyone's opinion on 'perfect' is different. That's the beautiful thing about being supernatural. I can look pretty much however I want. The only thing I don't do is black hair. Black is the devil's color. Not that I've never done black hair. It makes me look rebellious. Dangerous. I don't like that. Black hair isn't me. I'm an angel. I'm perfect. I'm not rebellious. I don't fight. I do.

I click my fingers, and a plastic case appears next to me. I open it, smiling.

Now, I already look perfect, but sometimes, I want even more than that. That's what makeup is for.

I open it, and pull out lipstick first. Pink? No, this is a devil I'm slaying. Nothing but the best. Red it is! 

Another beautiful thing about being supernatural- I never make mistakes with my makeup. That's just how it works. I can put on eyeliner without a mirror, and make it look perfect. I just like using a mirror so I can see how beautiful I am.

No- I'm not vain. Angels aren't vain. But I like seeing my appearance change into one that could stun any human. Ah, humans. They're so funny. Put on a little makeup, and it's like you have your own personal spotlight. Remove it- and tone down your supernatural hotness a little- and you're invisible. These are good things to know.

Eyeliner? Or is that a little too much? I study myself questioningly. No, I want people to be drawn to my multicolored eyes. Especially that devil's boy. He's going to drop dead. I bet he's never seen an angel before.  

Does it have to be black? I search through the box again, and find white. I grin. Perfect. White. The color of purity. My color.

I apply the eyeliner with a practiced hand. Mascara goes after that. Black mascara? Ugh. Why do humans like black so much? Is there any white here?

I find it pretty much as soon as I think about it. That's the beauty of my magic makeup kit- it does what I want. 

Then of course, there's eyeshadow. Let's see. I think gold would go nicely with my complexion. 

You sure that won't look excessively showy?

I'm an angel. Nothing looks too showy.

I apply that as well, brushing it lightly over my eyelids. When I open my eyes, I smile at myself.


I'm gorgeous now. I mean, I was already gorgeous, of course, but now I'm even more gorgeous! This devil kid won't even stand a chance.

For an outfit, it doesn't take me long to pick. I'll go with my usual- a simple white dress. I'll be perfect.

All ready.

Let's go do this thing!

I've got everything. The perfect face, outfit, makeup... Especially the makeup.

The perfect makeup to slay a devil.

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