Death is part of everyday life, it makes everything work and allows order to fall into place.

But what if that order could be cheated? What if death couldn't take you and immortality was yours? Many wouldn't take the option if presented to them.

Alice Wilds isn't given that chance, she never was. It was a long time ago since her first death, and each year onwards, bitterness has taken over as she remains hidden in the shadows of society.

Now an old acquaintance has re-appeared into her life and brought some news that shakes Alice's world apart.

They're not the only ones to be affected by the immortality.


2. Chapter 1- Norway 2016

Alice Wilds looked out of the frosted bay window as weak winter light filtered through to illuminate her face, the shallow cheeks and iced grey eyes that sparkled like lapis lazuli under the right lighting. The alabaster skin making her seem sick as her hair almost mirrored it's whiteness, almost of pure as the snow that has started to fall outside.


Unfolding herself from the position she has found most comfortable, bones popped as she stretched, the long sleeved shirt riding up a bit and revealing the bottom of a large scar which disappeared further up. The grey joggers slipped off one hip and hanging baggily off her large frame. Only emphasising her height and long legs.


She padded barefoot through her house, the floorboards cool and creaking slightly, disturbing the quiet. The walls were bare, everything packed into boxes that were due to be shipped off soon, to where-ever Alice decided to go next, only a few hard chairs and some cheap cutlery remained.


Her house was very quiet, and small and void of anything personal. It reflected her current state, ready to give in, to be renewed somewhere else in another life. For that to happen, Alice Wilds would have to be gone, for now anyway. There was always a chance for her to come back.


Alice leaned against the counter, looking at the empty bottles littering the surface, the faint smell of liquor lingered there and she sighed, looking remorseful and rubbing her temple with one hand.


"I guess that I could do with less drink huh?" She murmured to the air, eyes closed in thought, shutting out everything for a brief moment.


"Sure could by the looks of it, jeez, how much do you drink?"


Alice spun around, eyes snapped open and hands out infront of her, ready to lash out. There stood a smaller girl, her skin faintly tanned and her accent tinged with French, hair dark and eyes a deep coffee colour. She dressed in a white blouse and tight pencil skirt, dressed for business though something seemed casual about it. A smile twitched at the strangers lips as she looked over Alice.


"L-Lena?" She asked hesitantly, eyebrows raised and shock making her voice waver. The other girl nodded.


"Good to see you again Aeldra, you've obviously not been great." Alice winced and rubbed at her face.


"I haven't gone by that name in a long time Lena. It's Alice now, though that will be changing soon." Lena nodded again, smile dropped, she knew the pains, what Alice was going through.


"Well, that might all change, there's something.... that you should know." Lena said, her voice confident, making Alice look up with curiosity.


"Aeldra... Alice... There are more people like us.. More people who live like us... People with our condition," Lena began, looking up at Alice with a smile, stepping forwards. "they want to meet us... They want to see what we've been through."


"Why should we go Lena?" Alice snapped, stepping towards the smaller girl and glaring, though it only made the other girl smile more.


"They found out what causes it, Alice," Taking a deep breath and holding Alice's slender hand. "they want to make it so we don't have to hide anymore!"

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