Visibly Blossoming

Annabelle is the one who is supposed to know how to "keep the peace" and represent what is known as "The Land of Mimicry" to the rest of the world. When she tries to cease her emotional torment by running from "her love", she isn't aware that she's still leaving footprints behind for another to find. Her home country forgot her when she left like many of the relatives in her dynasty, but now they're going to be guaranteed to remember her after she becomes the catalyst of one of the biggest tragedies in history. She may have lost her mind, but is there still anyone left to bring the poor Princess back to sanity?


3. The First Day

    The next morning was the first day of school. I was excited because I had always wondered what it’d be like to be the average school girl. I had always been tutored by Mrs. Gent back in Noon. Now was my chance to have a shot at being ‘normal’...slightly.

    I sat up in my bed and noticed that Raymonde was gone. Maybe the agency heard me when I said I didn’t want to have a smelly dog? I thought with a little smirk. I climbed out of bed and went to my vanity, not the slightest bit worried about the dog. 

    On the dresser, lied a small cylinder the size of a pen. It was a gift from Clara when she left. I picked it up and pressed the only button on the top of it. I looked in the mirror and my appearance immediately changed. I now had a beautiful honey skin tone (similar to Kaya’s), hazel eyes, and long, black curly hair. I was now a mixture of Kaya’s and Buddy’s appearances in order to look like their child to help hide my identity. After playing around with my amazing new appearance, I went to the the kitchen for breakfast. Buddy was there behind the counter, eating an apple. He took a knife beside him and sliced a bit off, dropping it at his feet.

 “Good morning, Buddy,” I greeted him. I giggled at his laughable actions, “Why’d you drop your apple slice on the floor?” He looked up at me and jumped a little with surprise, “Oh my goodness, you scared me. I forgot you were going to change your appearance in order to hide your identity.” He then greeted me with a warm smile, “It was for your pooch, Raymonde. He’s a sweet little guy.” My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. I joined him on the other side of the counter to find the dog happily munching on the apple slice. That dog is still here! I tried to play dumb. Maybe if I pretended that Raymonde wasn’t mine, I could fool Buddy into kicking him out of the house? “My dog? I don’t have a dog.” Buddy laughed at me, “The agency sent him here to look after you. He’s one of their best animal spies. Kaya and I heard your first encounter with him last night. Haha, it was hilarious!”

 “So, you know that I don’t like dogs?” I cocked an eyebrow at him, quite irritated by his insensitivity.

 “Yes, but you’ll learn to love him. He’s friendly.” My eyebrows narrowed into a deep and dark scowl. Learn to love him? Please.You’re going to learn that I am a force to be recon with. How dare you let the agency bring that beast in here, knowing I that I hate dogs?! He saw my facial expression, but he didn’t seem intimidated by it at all. He just smiled and offered me an apple. “‘Ready for school?” he asked. I took the apple. I was tempted to shove it down his throat, but I was starving. I managed to hide my anger with a smile so wide that it seemed to scare him a bit. “Of course!” I chirped. I felt something cold and wet touch my leg. I looked down. Raymonde was wagging his tail playfully. He jumped up on me and gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek. I jolted in fear because of his mouth being so close to my face. Then, I took his paws and gently set him back down, uncomfortably laughing, “Okay, Raymonde. I love you too, boy.” Buddy smiled again and gave me a thumbs up, “That’s the spirit!” Yeah, you’re going to be a spirit when I’m done with you.


    The world was spinning! “BOOM!” “CRASH! Screams coming from everywhere! Everything was going in slow motion! My life flashed before my eyes! I stood there, alone, shaking and reliving each riot in Noon.

 “Hey, are you okay?” I blinked once and snapped out of my trance. A girl with long, fluffy red hair that was tied up into a cute pony tail and glowing peach toned skin stood before me. Her red wine colored eyes stared directly into mine. Unable to speak, due to being so shaken up by my surroundings and past, I only gulped and nodded my head. She chuckled, “I know, the hallways can be a scary place. Last year, a kid died here.” I gasped, “Really?!” She laughed at me, “No, but things move really fast around here. I’m Vannomi. What’s your name?”

 “I am Opal,” I simply said, after finally recollecting myself. “Opal Amon.”

 “That’s a stupid name.” I gave her a sad look, earning more laughter from her. “You can’t take a joke, can you, Opal?” I sighed with relief and weakly smiled, “I guess I can’t, Vannomi.” Be thankful that you were only joking because I was two seconds away from punching your face in, Smart Alec.

 “You don’t come from here, do you? You have the most adorable Amerigon accent!” she commented.

 “If you ever call me adorable again-” I gave her the most menacing look and tone of voice she probably ever saw. I realized how vicious I was acting and stopped, “Sorry, it’s a reflex.” I hated it when people saw me as a harmless, delicate flower.

 “Um, it’s okay. Do you need help with your schedule or anything?” I then realized that the schedule I had been given was confusing. Thank God for Vannomi! I grabbed my schedule from my bag and gave it to her, “Oh, yes! Thank you so much!” She started to read it, “No problem. You have English with me first! Yay!” She swung her arm around my shoulder and off we went to class, until some boy with curly, coffee brown hair, matching eyes, and golden bronze skin came over to us, took Vannomi by the hips, and pressed her against the lockers, desperately trying to put his lips on hers. “Did you miss me, baby?” he seductively whispered into her ear before kissing it. She uncomfortably struggled in his hold, “Lemme go, you jerk!” The scene was horrifying for me to watch. She obviously didn’t want this guy all over her. She wasn’t just some toy he could play with when he pleased! Instinctively, I ripped his hands from her waist and slammed him into the ground! I dug my foot in his chest. “Leave her be, you piece of garbage!” I yelled, not too loud as to attract the authorities. He gasped for air as if he couldn’t breathe, “Who are you?!” he croaked. “I am a girl who is not going to let you mistreat Vannomi!” The bell rung. I grabbed Vannomi’s hand and we rushed off to class.


    In class, while the teacher’s back was turned, Vannomi whispered a, “Thank you”, to me. I grinned, happy to help and to keep her away from some lovesick boy. Yuck!... L​ove... “Your welcome,” I replied.


    I waited behind a boy with sapphire blue eyes and wild blonde hair in the long line to get my lunch. After I received my lunch, I went to Vannomi, who was sitting at a table outside. The same boy, who had bothered her earlier walked past us, glancing at me as he went. I frowned and stuck my tongue out at him. Vannomi laughed, “Don’t mind him. He’s just full of himself. Thanks again for the save back there.” She looked to the side and seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, “I suppose you do have a right to know who he is and what he wants.” I leaned in a bit, eager to hear what she had to say, “Go ahead.” She blushed, “Well, his name is Lance. Last year I was at some dumb party and a few of us made a bet that he and I would have to be in a relationship on the first week of school. He was the only one that took it seriously because he’s so desperate for a girlfriend.” A sinister grin formed on my lips, “Looks like we’re getting revenge on someone today. It’s about time I had some fun in my life.” She looked concerned, “Revenge?”

 “Oh, yes, Vannomi,” I examined Lance as he conversed with his friends at their own table, “and I have the perfect idea for how we should carry out this revenge.”


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