Visibly Blossoming

Annabelle is the one who is supposed to know how to "keep the peace" and represent what is known as "The Land of Mimicry" to the rest of the world. When she tries to cease her emotional torment by running from "her love", she isn't aware that she's still leaving footprints behind for another to find. Her home country forgot her when she left like many of the relatives in her dynasty, but now they're going to be guaranteed to remember her after she becomes the catalyst of one of the biggest tragedies in history. She may have lost her mind, but is there still anyone left to bring the poor Princess back to sanity?


2. Settling In

Disclaimer: I DO NOT CONDONE ANIMAL ABUSE OR DOMESTIC ABUSE! IF YOU THINK THE RATING FOR THIS STORY SHOULD BE CHANGED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Enjoy, like, favorite, comment, and follow! Plus, I REALLY LOVE DOGS! I even have a cute little poodle! Thanks for reading!


Clara had to go back to England as soon as she dropped me off. I wanted to ask her a few questions before she left, but she was in such a rush that she didn’t get the chance. Now, I was in hiding in London, one of the only places in the world that were still peaceful at the time. The city was also infamous for its many dark secrets as well, like mine.


I sat on a comfortable blood red recliner across from a man with the same medium beige skin tone as mine, sitting on a white leather couch. He had dull green eyes and straightened chocolate brown hair. There was a disturbing silence between us. His eyes seemed to be studying me intensely, it was almost creepy.

  “Hello,” I finally broke the silence and his staring. He snapped out of his trance, his eyelids flickering back to reality.     “Oh, excuse me,” he said, still trying to get it together. I was already used to his English accent after being around Clara. This man is creeping me out already, I skeptically thought. Maybe I should go into hiding somewhere else before he tries anything funny. “As Clara may have told you, I am Buddy Amon. It’s nice to meet you.” He politely smiled and offered me his hand to shake. I hesitantly shook it, “Annabelle Drefan, but now I am known as Opal Amon. Thank you for allowing me to stay in your flat (apartment) as I...go through some transitions,” I piteously smirked. Clara said my stay in London would be temporary until she and her team could find a safe place for me to happily spend the rest of my life. This meant I would never be able to go back home.

          A woman with glowing creamy skin, coffee brown eyes like mine, and long, straight, jet black hair that reached her hips entered the room with a cute little baby on her hip that was mixture of both of their appearances. The sight of a baby was always reminiscent of a past I didn’t want to relive. She was a bit startled by my presence and abruptly stopped at my sight. After a moment of figuring things out, she calmed down and gave a welcoming smiled, “Hi, Ms. Opal.” She didn’t have an accent. She chuckled, “We weren’t expecting you until a little later. I’m Kaya, Buddy’s wife. This is Hakim. He’s six months old,” she referred to the baby, who just kept staring at me. “How adorable,” I grinned and waved at Hakim. He absent mindedly waved back, while he still examined me. What a precious little boy.

          Right after our introduction, the news channel on the TV on the right side of the couches in front of the window interrupted us with “Breaking News”. A lady with a beautiful hazelnut skin tone and kinky hair similar to mine was calmly reporting this amidst the chaos that was occurring behind her. Why are news reporters so eager to get news even if it endangers them? “As you can see behind me, the Royal City of Wax, Noon is rioting as usual, but this time for a different reason: their future queen, Princess Annabelle Drefan, has reportedly escaped from the country during a castle shut down. The Royal Family is very upset and has sent multiple search teams out for her. Inside, the King, Queen, and Prince are currently sharing their thoughts on the situation. I’m your National News Reporter, Sasha Carol. Nick,” she signaled her coworker, who was inside the castle. A man with peach toned skin and smooth chocolate hair took the screen. Behind him was Chance, Miles, and Nemesia stood behind him, all faking melancholy expressions. “Thank you, Sasha,” Nick said. “Behind me are King Miles, Queen Nemesia, and Prince Chance of Noon.” He turned to them, “This must be so heart-rending for you all. Please, tell us about Princess Annabelle and how you feel about her absence.” He held the microphone up to Chance’s mouth for him to speak into it. I barely wanted to listen to a word he had to say. “My love, Annabelle,” he began. I gagged, sparking laughter from Buddy and Kaya. Adorable little Hakim joined in the laughter just because, “I remember our first dance together, you were in your gorgeous red and white wedding dress, while I was in matching attire.”

  “And I stepped on your foot because you’re a corny, trifling jerk,” I spat.

  “You accidentally stepped on my foot because you were so lost in the moment of our love. But it’s okay, I was just as lost as you were. But now, you’ve left me and I’m truly lost. I’m miserably lost in my broken heart. I’m sure you feel the same way.” No, I was miserably lost in my broken heart for 12 years straight after you ripped me away from my family! And if I did come back, you’d probably whip me to death and spit on my corpse, you sick sadist! “I want to find you so we can get lost in the same love we did after our wedding.”

  “Can we please watch something else?” I requested, when that liar was done talking. How dare he call me his love after that endless nightmare he and his heartless family put me through!? I was now seething with rage. But after years of training to hide my emotions, I was able to not show it on my face. Buddy nodded his head in agreement and took the remote, “Of course.”


  “Yes, sir, may I have your email address?... No, there is no extra fee for that.” Kaya had a job in Customer Service over the phone. People would watch infomercials on TV and order whichever product it was advertising over the phone with her. She had a small office designed just for that in the apartment, and she invited me to listen to the calls with her that evening. She got some crazy calls sometimes. She pressed a button on the computer screen before her that said, “Speaker Phone”, so i could listen in on the call. It may have been invading the caller’s privacy, but he shouldn’t have been so interesting that I’d want to listen to him. Say my logic’s screwed up all you want, but I’m just fine...I thought. “You sound like a young woman,” a husky male’s voice commented on the other line. “You must be as beautiful as you are smart and polite. Are you married?”

  “Yes, sir,” she giggled, “I’m married and I have a baby too.”

  “Awe, come on! Well, if you ever decide that your current man isn’t enough, you see my number on the screen, love.” She laughed, “I’ll keep that in mind.” after saying goodbye to the man, she hung up and turned to me, beside her in a spinning and elevating chair like hers. The thought of love made me want to dunk my head in a toilet, but I gave a hearty laugh just for her. “Do you really get these kinds of calls everyday?” I asked. “Oh, yes, many,” she chuckled, “but I just wish they didn’t take so long.”

  “They seem like quite the handful.”

  “I know, right? Thankfully, that was the last call today. Anyway, Buddy should be cooking dinner now.”


    Kaya and Buddy were conversing in the kitchen as Hakim and I were playing on the living room floor.

  “Hi, baby,” I happily greeted him. He fiddled around with my necklace and wavy hair that went to my shoulders. I wanted Kaya and Buddy to come back horribly. I wasn’t around little kids much, well I could’ve been if I could’ve stayed in Amerigo. I would’ve been an amazing big sister. I guess I had missed that opportunity and it was too late to make up for it now. I reached for his rattle next to me on the deep purple carpet we sat on and noticed my hand was shaking. Hakim noticed it too and comfortingly patted my hand while babbling something cute. “It’s not you, little one. It’s me. You just really resemble another baby I used to know,” I whispered. He stared at me wonderingly for a moment before he took his rattle and bopped me on the head with it. “Ouch!” I smirked, rubbing my head where he’d hit me. He fell back laughing in amusement. “And I thought you were the sweetest little guy,” I mumbled.


            That night, I was getting comfortable in my pretty blue bedroom Kaya and Buddy had decorated just for me. I was very gratuitous to them, since they took me in and treated me so well. They were such an admirable family. I’d never seen such a regular family. King Miles would beat his wife, and she was an alcoholic. Chance. Chance was actually nice, when he wanted to be. The truth is, he was neurotic. I’d sometimes catch Mrs. Gent giving him pills to soothe his neurosis. One day, he was nice, the second, he was vicious, the third, he was...romantic-uncomfortably romantic. I had to make up multiple excuses just to get out of those highly unwanted make-out sessions. My best solution was to avoid him when I could. But seeing his chaotic kingdom and insane parents, I could see why he acted the way he did. I actually pitied him sometimes.


            As I drifted off into a deep sleep, I heard low pitched barks from outside on my balcony. I got out of bed and went to investigate the noise to a find a large and atrocious Siberian Husky standing there, excitedly wagging its tail. I almost screamed at the top of my lungs, but I covered my mouth. How did that monster get up here?! I thought, petrified by the sight of the mutt.

           Five years ago...

  “Maybe you’ll learn to be an obedient little princess if I left you with my dog for the night?”

  “No, please!” Chance closed the door of the castle dungeon, leaving me in the pitch black darkness with an intimidating low pitched growl that kept getting louder. That was one of the worst nights of my life. I received stitches on my leg in the morning, and I hated dogs ever since.


         I grabbed the pistol Clara had given me that was under my mattress, slowly opened the balcony glass door, and aimed it at the dog. “Die, you beast,” I muttered to the dog. “I’ll make you suffer for the way your little canine brother almost tore me to shreds that night.” The dog lunged at me, pushed me to the ground with his heavy body, and snatched the gun from my hands while I was down. I trembled and tried to back away from him, but he shook himself a bit until a note fell from his red collar. I reached for the note and read it.

          Hi, my name’s Raymonde. I’m here to protect you from harm. I’m very nice and I love chasing rabbits. Please, take good care of me and I promise I’ll do the same for you.

          I studied Raymonde for a moment, “You must be from the agency. I’m going to have to send you back because I hate you.” I stood back up and took Raymonde by the collar, guiding him inside my room and into my closet. “You’re staying in there until I can get Clara to come and take your mangy butt back,” I hissed to him from the other side of the door. I heard him whine and went back to bed, quite satisfied with myself. Minutes later, I felt the weight and warmth of another body climbing into my bed. I sat up abruptly, “How in the world did you get out?!” I yelled.

“Opal, is everything okay?” Buddy called from his and Kaya's room.

“Yes!” I replied. I turned back to Raymonde, “They must’ve trained you well. Too bad, because you can’t stay.” He licked my hand and touched his disgustingly wet nose against mine. Then, he lied down at the foot of my bed and started to lick his private parts. “You’re going to be a lot to handle, aren’t you?” I sighed with aggravation.  


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