Visibly Blossoming

Annabelle is the one who is supposed to know how to "keep the peace" and represent what is known as "The Land of Mimicry" to the rest of the world. When she tries to cease her emotional torment by running from "her love", she isn't aware that she's still leaving footprints behind for another to find. Her home country forgot her when she left like many of the relatives in her dynasty, but now they're going to be guaranteed to remember her after she becomes the catalyst of one of the biggest tragedies in history. She may have lost her mind, but is there still anyone left to bring the poor Princess back to sanity?


4. Pranksters

    Vannomi invited me to her house after school. But for what I was planning, we had to go my flat. It was only a few minutes away, so we walked there. The scenery and neighborhoods around the school were so beautiful and peaceful-the exact opposite of how things were in Noon. For once, I think I felt pure serenity.

 “So what’s the plan?!” she excitedly squealed, rudely interrupting me as I listened to the soothing melodies of the calm winds that passed us. I held my finger to my mouth and shushed her, looking behind us to make sure nobody could hear us. A boy with messy blonde hair was walking behind us at a distance. I scowled at him, “Hey!” I called to him. He cocked an eyebrow up at me in confusion. “‘You hear anything, you keep it to yourself!” I yelled. “‘You repeat it, you DIE!” Vannomi clapped her hands over my mouth. “Opal, it’s okay; I’m pretty sure he can’t hear us.” I innocently giggled in a way that seemed to scare her just a bit. “Just making sure I won’t have to rip anyone in half today!” I chirped.


 “Raymonde!” I called after we entered my flat. I received no response. “Raymonde, where are you?!...stinky little dog.” There was scratching at the front door behind us. I opened the door again to find him patiently sitting there, happily wagging his tail. He entered the flat and jumped on me, trying his hardest to shower me in as much affection as he could.

 “Um, hi, Raymonde. How'd you get out there?” I awkwardly greeted him. He gave me another wet sloppy kiss on the cheek. I blushed, “Thank you, I guess.”


 “You have a puppy?! Oh my goodness, he’s so precious! Awwww!” Vannomi was head over heels for the dog. “Come here, little fellow!” She knelt down so he could excitedly greet her as well.

 “Do you want him?” I asked her.

 “Of course! He’s so nice!”

 “You can have him.” She looked up at me with the most ecstatic look on her face. “Really?!” I laughed at her reaction, “Yes-”

 “She’s joking, Opal’s friend!” Buddy waltzed in the room laughing at my serious proposal. He gave me a scolding look. “Raymonde’s ours, but maybe you can have some of his puppies if we breed him?” He held his hand out for her to shake, “I’m Buddy.” She politely smiled and shook his hand. “Hello, Buddy. I’m Vannomi.”

 “I’m happy to see my daughter has found such a wonderful girl to be friends with.” She blushed, “Thank you. She’s really something!”


    After Vannomi and Buddy became acquainted, Raymonde, she, and I went to my room to discuss our revenge plan.

 “I think you’ll be happy to know,” I said to her, “that Raymonde shall be included in this strategy.”

 “Oh, yay!” she cheered. I bent down to eye level with Raymonde. “Attack!” I commanded him. He just wagged his tail. “Kill!” “Bite!” “Danger?” Nothing. Many bad words to describe him were swarming around in my head.

 “He’s too sweet to be an attack dog,” Vannomi chuckled. I sighed, “How about we just go with Plan B then?”

 “What’s Plan B?” I deviously smiled, “A little something I like to call: Operation “Dirty”.”


    The next afternoon, the boys were outside on the field for their fútbol practice. Vannomi and I were inside the gym. When the gym teacher cleared the place, Vannomi and I made a run for the boys’ locker room. She looked nervous after we went inside. “I'm scared,” she mumbled. “What if we get caught?”

 “Like I care.”

 “I'm sure he'll leave me alone sooner or later.” She tried to leave, but I grabbed her hand. “This is what you wanted, isn't it, Vannomi? You have to go through with it now.” She sighed and grabbed a foam cup from the stack next to the water fountain. She then went to the showers and filled it with warm water before sitting it down on the bench next to the lockers.

   We heard the loud laughter and yelling of the fútbol team coming back inside and immediately hid inside the empty lockers. Vannomi had told me that Lance was usually last coming out of the bathroom after we had spoken with his friends earlier that day. And as expected, he was the only one in there after a few minutes. Vannomi opened her locker door, causing him to jump back in surprise. He was on the other side of the locker, so he couldn't see who was inside.

 “Who's there?” he asked.

 “Why don't you come and see, Lance?” Excited by her voice, he quickly went to see her. “Vannomi?” She stepped out of her locker. “I came here just for you,” she said. She flirtatiously played with her hair. “Since my friend doesn't want me around you, that only makes me want you more!” She pressed her lips against his and allowed him to wrap his arms around her waist. As they were lip locking, she reached for the cup of warm water on the bench next to her and carefully drizzled it on the his bulky pants so he couldn't feel it too much. He pressed her against the lockers and deepened the kiss. He then parted the kiss and smirked.

  “You're a frisky one,” he whispered with a soft chuckle. She forced a giggle, “Yeah. Let's get out of here; it stinks.” He planted another small kiss on her cheek and held her now empty hand. They left the bathroom and I followed close behind them.


    The other fútbol players were relaxing in the gym and bursted into laughter after they saw what Vannomi had done. I grabbed Vannomi’s other hand and pulled her away from Lance, who was very confused at the moment. We were laughing as hard as we could.

 “I can't breathe!” Vannomi cried, tears running down her cheeks because she was laughing so hard.

 “Me neither!” I replied, in the same condition.


 “Uh oh, wittle Lance-y-poo had an accident!” the boys teased him; Vannomi and I had planned for it to look like Lance's had wet himself and definitely worked!

 “Someone change his diapy!”

 “Why are you at school–you should be at a daycare!”


      Lance turned to look back at us, his cheeks looked like tomatoes and his eyes were staring daggers at us. Vannomi turned around and spanked her butt in his direction as a way of mocking him even more. She high fived me, and then we left.


 “Opal, you're the best!” She almost tackled me to the ground in a bear hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”

 “No problem,” I laughed. All the way home, we continued to laugh and celebrate our amusing prank on Lance.


       We went to her house for a victory dinner. But before dinner, she introduced me to her family: her two older siblings. First, was her older brother, who was playing video games in his room. 

       His door was locked when Vannomi tried the knob. 

  "Open the door if you want mercy!" Vannomi playfully threatened.

  "Go away!"

  "I'll tell Bianca you're cheating on her!"

     A moment later, the door opened and her irritated older brother stood there with a video game headset on his curly strawberry blonde hair. He looked very similar to his sister, minus the hair.

     One of his supposed friends sat on the bed, holding a controller. He had a nice caramel complexion, short and curly black hair, and hazel eyes that were closely examining me. It made me very uncomfortable.

     Keep your eyes off of me, you jerk! I angrily thought.

  "What do you want, Vannomi?" Vannomi's brother asked.

  "I know you took my headphones," she said. "I want them back." He rolled his eyes and went to go get her headphones.

  "Why do you need them now-you have a guest." He motioned towards me. "You have to entertain her, or maybe you're just here to pester me again?"

  "You guessed it!" She gave him the thumbs up. "Okay, Opal this is my big brother, Daniel, and Daniel this is my friend, Opal."

  "Hello, Opal," he greeted me without much interest. I smiled and offered my hand for him to shake. "Hi, Daniel." Daniel gave Vannomi her headphones off of his head and we left him alone with his friend. Then, we went to see her oldest sibling, who was cooking in the kitchen. She was a redhead like Vannomi, but unlike many redheads, she didn't have freckles.

  "And this is Christiana," Vannomi said. Christiana looked up from her cooking.

  "Hi!" she chirped.

  "Hello, my name is Opal," I replied. "Your sister has a nice family."

  "Thank you! I wish she was this nice." Vannomi rolled her eyes. "Haha, very funny."

      Daniel and his friend joined us in the kitchen for a snack. I felt his friend's hand swipe across my back as he passed me, a cocky grin on his lips. I shivered at his touch and scowled at him, diabolical plans already forming in my head as Vannomi led me up to her room. 'You think what I did to Lance was bad? Tch! Please! That's child's play!


What's Annabelle gonna do to Daniel's disrespectful friend? As you may have seen before, she doesn't take love very kindly! Like, favorite, comment, and follow! Cheers! <3



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