He is perfect to me

Hi I am Angel Azzalina I'm 16 and I lived in Brandon Florida but my dad remarried so guess what I'm move to Sydney Australia and I'm gonna have a step brother. Let's just hope school will be a little easier for me in Australia.


4. maybe not

Ash's pov:

It was now lunch time I waked into the cafeteria. I saw angel and started walking towards her. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that she was talking to Brice. He was the one who bullied me the most he is the one who started it all. I was just a normal guy until Brice ruined my life and made me want to take it away. I saw him put his arm around her and lead her to his table. He had gotten to her no I had no chance with her Brice will convince her that I am worthless stupid and don't deserve to live. Why am I still here I can just go home and end it......I can end it for ever all of this pain will be gone.

Angel's pov:

I saw Ashton start to walk towards me but then Brice stood in front of me and Ashton stopped walking and he just stood there I couldn't read his expression but I could tell something was t right. *end of the day* I walked out and saw ash walking out as well I was about to go and talk to him but the black haired boy I saw yesterday walked up to him and started talking to him. I couldn't hear what they were saying but Ashton looked upset and the black haired boy looked scared. I saw Ashton push past the boy and start walking away. I slowly walked up to the dark haired boy.

Calum's pov:

Ashton just walked away from me. He looked upset and he wouldn't listen to me. I saw a short shy looking girl walk up to me.

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