He is perfect to me

Hi I am Angel Azzalina I'm 16 and I lived in Brandon Florida but my dad remarried so guess what I'm move to Sydney Australia and I'm gonna have a step brother. Let's just hope school will be a little easier for me in Australia.


3. hello

Ash's pov:

Crap crap crap crap. Calum walked out of my bathroom holding up a blood soaked towel and said "Ashton what the hell happened?" I lied and said "oh I just fell and cut my thigh on something." He nodded and put the towel back. I took a sigh of relief. I hope he is going to be ok when I'm gone.

Angel's pov:

I flopped on my bed and looked out my window I saw two guys in a room in the house next to mine it was that one boy I saw on the street and a cute boy with dirty blond curly hair and glasses and hazel eyes. The Asian looking boy said something and it made the curly headed on giggle and his dimples popped out. I grabbed my computer and went in YouTube and watched videos until I went to sleep.

~next morning~

I woke up and got dressed in light denim skinny jeans and a n all time low shirt. I put on my boots and walked out of the house I did not want to see Brice again. I started walking to my me school. When I got there I went to the office and got the information I needed.

Ash's pov:

Today was it when I got home I would leave this terrible place and go home. I got dressed and grabbed my back pack and ran out of the door. I walked into the school and I saw a girl walking around she looked lost. I looked at her she was really cute she had brown hair and brown eyes and the way she pushed her glasses up on her nose was so cute. I smiled. She walked over to me and said "um excuse me where is room 3B?" I said"oh that's my home room follow me." "I'm angel" "I'm Ashton" she smiled and her dimples popped out. She was adorable and the small smile she had in her face brightened up my day. I asked "are you new here?" "Yeah I just moved here from Florida." "Oh really that's cool." After a few minuets of silence I said " here let me see your class schedule." She handed it to me and I looked at it "wow we have all but one class together" she smiled. I thought to my self. Maybe I'll stick around.....for her.

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