Paul Malik the handsome Arab, inherited the laundry business from his father who came to live in England in 1948 and started life in Liverpool, He buys his first shop with six old washing machines when he moves to the Arab and Jewish community in Benwell in Newcastle. He notices how the community struggle to wash clothes by hand and sets about opening a laundrette. Des Baldwin, the racial bigot does not like Paul or any other black man or woman for that matter. He works in a garage on waterville road and does fiddle work on the side. There is a knock on his door one evening and a bony faced man in a suit asks if he will repair a friends car. the 1968 Jaguar belongs to Darren Ingles a notorious gangster from the West End of Newcastle. The car has been used in a robbery and has been damaged. Read how Des' gets involved with the mob. The story is set in 1971 and will take you to Manchester, and Tenerife and the Canary islands. This is a story of drug trafficking, Dealing and murder.


76. 76

“Like I said I will speak with the governor on the way out.’

 I’m going to see him now alright; I cannot promise but I will try.’

“Tanya I will see you in the car outside.’

Tanya and Darren talked quietly so no one else could hear.’

Have Barry Davis and co returned yet?’

“No but your car has been taken back to Des Baldwin’s house.’

“Very wise; tell Ernie Kay to come down and pay me a visit there’s something I need to discuss with him.’

“Shall I come down with him?’

“It’s not necessary Tanya; you’ve been here three times this week.’

“I want to see you though said Tanya.’

Look there’s things I need to discuss about the business with Ernie so you’d only be in the way.’

“You don’t want to be listening to all the boring stuff. Look I will get Ernie with a consent form giving you access to my bank account so if you need anything you can just go and get it. See the account would all need to be put in your name though understand. I mean, I can trust you can’t I?’

“Yes darling; I will tell Ernie tonight.’

“A buzzer sounded.’

“Times up; visitors make your way to the door please.’

“They don’t give you long do they?’

“No, and Darren was glad too.’

“Next month I want you to go and stay at Colin Sarin’s in Tenerife for a week you don’t want to be involved with the press do you?’ He will be expecting you and will give you a present to give to Harry Buck.’

“He is such a generous man.’ Tanya got up and kissed Darren briefly then made her way to the door as the prisoners were led out of another door.

“Jonathan was waiting in the car park in his Lotus sports car.’

“Darren wants me to go to Tenerife to pick up another present for Harry Buck next month.’

“I wish I could go with you said Jonathan but I will be working on this case but don’t worry Tanya as soon as Darren is sent down for thirty years we will have all the time in the world.

“You never guess what the stupid sod is going to do replied Tanya?’

“What?’ go on tell me Jonathan asked as he grabbed hold of her and kissed her on the mouth.’

He’s only going to sign all his bank accounts over to me.’

“Wow! You’re going to be a wealthy woman.’ Let’s go and celebrate; I can take you to dinner then we can stay over in a hotel.’

“That sounds inviting Jonny.’ What about Eric I have to tell him to come and see Darren tomorrow.’

“Do you think he suspects anything between us?

“No Jonathan placated, his mind is too busy worrying if someone is going to arse rape him to be thinking anything about us.’

“We just have to wait until he is sentenced and we can get away forever Tanya.’

“Could we?’

Yes, we could just disappear to Australia or to Canada. I can get a job anywhere in the world as a barrister Tanya. Darren would never find us.’

“Could I spend all his money?’

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