Paul Malik the handsome Arab, inherited the laundry business from his father who came to live in England in 1948 and started life in Liverpool, He buys his first shop with six old washing machines when he moves to the Arab and Jewish community in Benwell in Newcastle. He notices how the community struggle to wash clothes by hand and sets about opening a laundrette. Des Baldwin, the racial bigot does not like Paul or any other black man or woman for that matter. He works in a garage on waterville road and does fiddle work on the side. There is a knock on his door one evening and a bony faced man in a suit asks if he will repair a friends car. the 1968 Jaguar belongs to Darren Ingles a notorious gangster from the West End of Newcastle. The car has been used in a robbery and has been damaged. Read how Des' gets involved with the mob. The story is set in 1971 and will take you to Manchester, and Tenerife and the Canary islands. This is a story of drug trafficking, Dealing and murder.


61. 61

Later she returned and Barry asked her what her favourite perfume was.

“Channel N0 5 of course.”

Give me the biggest one you have; it’s for a special lady that I’m meeting later.


After two days of trying to find Barry and his mob Eddie Sisterson returned to Colin and told him that despite all their efforts they could not find Barry Davis and the rest.

“Do you think that they may have left and gone back to England?’

“There is a strong possibility.’

“I will ring my contact at the airport he will tell me if they left or not.’

Colin picked up the phone and dialled a number that he had written down in an address book.

“Hello could you put me through to Darrell Thompson please, there was a pause until he was connected.

Darrell Thomson here how can I help?’

Hi Darrell, it Colin Sarin here could you do me a favour.’

“Anything mate what can I help you with?’

“Could you check to see if a Barry Davis has left the country for me;

“Yes, no problem,’

 “He would have been travelling with three other companions on the same flight.’

“Give me a second Colin and I will check on the system for you.’

“Where would they be flying to?’

“Newcastle airport.’

“No,’ we have nothing for Newcastle Colin.’

What about anywhere else?’

Darrell scanned the screen at his desk and then the name popped up.

“Colin there was a Barry Davis and three others who flew to Manchester Airport yesterday morning.’

“Thank you Darrell the stupid bugger left yesterday and he’s forgotten a present for his mother.’ Its okay mate I will make sure that he gets it.’ Bye.

Colin hung up then relayed the message to Darren who was surprised when Colin told him that they were flying to Manchester.

“Maybe there were no flights until later that day to Newcastle. I mean its not that far a drive is it.’

“Aye your right Colin anyway I will take care of him when we get back at least we’ve had a nice few days in the sun.’

Do me a favour mate and book Tanya on a flight back to Newcastle will you I mean we don’t want anyone stopping her at the airport if she’s with me if you get my drift.’

1st or second class; let the bitch go second it’s less suspicious. I will book my own flight later tonight. Make sure she has the package in her case.

“How much this time?’

“Six kilos of the best quality pure white stuff you can get?’

“How much?


“That’s a bit steep isn’t it Colin?’

“It’s getting harder to bring it in and anyway you can make five times that once its cut.’ Add more shit and sell it for more. The punters will still buy it.’

Darren laughed and then said okay he had Eddie bring him £30.000 from the used notes then handed them over to Colin.

He brought the cocaine and there was a test done to prove how pure the cocaine was. The liquid turned purple, a sure sign of its purity.

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