Paul Malik the handsome Arab, inherited the laundry business from his father who came to live in England in 1948 and started life in Liverpool, He buys his first shop with six old washing machines when he moves to the Arab and Jewish community in Benwell in Newcastle. He notices how the community struggle to wash clothes by hand and sets about opening a laundrette. Des Baldwin, the racial bigot does not like Paul or any other black man or woman for that matter. He works in a garage on waterville road and does fiddle work on the side. There is a knock on his door one evening and a bony faced man in a suit asks if he will repair a friends car. the 1968 Jaguar belongs to Darren Ingles a notorious gangster from the West End of Newcastle. The car has been used in a robbery and has been damaged. Read how Des' gets involved with the mob. The story is set in 1971 and will take you to Manchester, and Tenerife and the Canary islands. This is a story of drug trafficking, Dealing and murder.


4. 4

Paul left the shop and got into the black Cortina and drove away as Jenny pulled out the shirts from the drier and placed them into the basket she went into the back and brought out the ironing board and a steam iron made by Hoover. She set about ironing the twelve shirts for a young man called Timothy Stewart who was a junior doctor at Tynemouth infirmary. He was very handsome and Jenny secretly fancied him but he would never look at a laundry girl. He did give her five pounds though for ironing all of his shirts. She folded them all neatly and placed them into a special case that zipped up inside were two straps that when fastened kept the shirts in place so that they would keep folded until he got home and could then hang them up in his wardrobe ready to be worn. It wasn’t long before she had six consultants all bringing their shirts for her to wash and iron. That was £30.00 for just one hours ironing. She also brought her own families washing which she did to help her mother out.’

She slipped next door with the jug and got it filled with ice and then got some plastic cups and poured some out to people who asked for it at 20p a cup she made over two pounds. If she had a good supply of juice she could have made £20.00 that day. She reminded herself to ask Paul for more when he would call in later.’

Looking at her watch it was now five o’clock and there was still six hours to go before her shift was over. She earned over £128 per week plus the thirty pounds that she got from ironing shirts. She set about doing the next batch of shirts after taking out the rugby shirts which still had a hint of pink in them but not as bad as they were.

She threw them in the drier along with the shorts and socks then turned the dial after adding 50p. Twenty five minutes would be more than enough to dry all of those she thought at she ironed the collar of another shirt then fitted it around the board so that she could do the back and sides.

John Iddo a black kid on the estate walked in with his washing then sat down and sorted his clothes from a haversack on his back.’

He was about to put them all into one washer when Jenny stopped him.

“If you put coloured clothes in with whites then the colours will run John.’ You will have to use two machines.’

“But me mam’s only given me one pound fifty Jenny. Well they will get washed but you won’t get them dried John I’m afraid.’

She said there’d be enough and I could get a drink as well from next door.

“Well there won’t be enough for that.’

John sat down sulking until Jenny gave him twenty pence and told him not to say anything.’

He smiled and then ran out of the door to the shop next door and came back with a can of coca cola.

He winked at Jenny as he opened the can and began to drink it.’ The three old ladies were now finished and they bagged up the folded clothes from the drier and said goodbye.

Jenny carried on using the spare washing machines to do her mothers washing and when it was done and ready to be dried she added John Iddo’s stuff into the drier as well and set it away to dry.’

She wasn’t meant to do this really as it meant that the launderette was losing money but she knew John who lived not far from her in Findon Grove (Blackthorn Grove)

She had gone to the same school as John too so she couldn’t let him go home with a bag full of damp washing.’


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