When I told her... [C.H]

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  • Published: 24 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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And now I stand here, looking into her beautiful green eyes... Her long brown and green hair is bit messed up, but in a way I like. She looks at the sunset. I turn her face towards me with my two fingers. She finally looks at me... I can't anymore... These feelings won't go away I need to tell her... Because I am sure... ''I love you...''


12. VIII

Michael's POV

Fuck... They are making out again... ''Get a room you two!'' or not I don't want them to do you know what, but I don't want them to make out in front of me. After we watch the movie we all go get some pizza from the kitchen. ''Are you guys coming to Jessie's party tomorrow night?'' Em asks ''I guess'' I say and others say yes as well. 

// I am going to skip to the tomorrow night //

''I probably should find something nicer to wear...'' So I put on my black Green Day shirt and some jeans on. I look at the clock and it's 7:30 so I should go. When I arrive to the party, I see people who are already drunk. Then I see Cal and Ky dancing, then Kylie kisses Calum... passionately... SHIT! I know I shouldn't feel this way about Kylie... I mean Calum is my best friend. So I go to the kitchen and I grab a drink... and then second... third... you know where this is going... I see Kylie in front of the bathroom, waiting for someone to come out. When some girl come out she starts going in and before she shuts the door, I storm in and lock the door. ''What the...'' before she can end the sentence I kiss her. She kisses me back and jumps and wraps her legs around my waist and I grab her putt. I can taste the alcohol while kissing her. I start kissing then her neck. And before I know it we are naked and you know.... 

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